42+ Best Gifts for Women – Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Shopping for women this season is a cinch if you follow this holiday gift guide for the best gifts for women. In categories that include healthy living, self-care, clothing, stocking stuffers and practical gifts, you’re sure to find something that’s guaranteed to please the ladies this year!       Mom Rewritten uses affiliate links […]

100+ Holiday Cookie Recipes – Hosting a Cookie Exchange in 2020

Cookie exchange parties have been a popular winter tradition for a long time. But in these times, mingling indoors with other friends is discouraged. Maybe the usual parties aren’t happening, but there are still ways to safely trade treats. There’s no reason to stop hosting a cookie exchange in 2020! There are many creative ideas […]

North Pole Breakfast – Elf on the Shelf Breakfast Ideas

 Celebrate the return of the winter holiday season by hosting your own celebratory Elf on the Shelf breakfast! Even if you don’t have an Elf on the Shelf, you can create a memorable North Pole breakfast tradition to ring in the season!. Keep reading for ideas on how to decorate, what to serve and activities […]

Cultivating and Creating Family Holiday Traditions in 2020

Now more than ever, many look towards creating family holiday traditions that are both meaningful and simple. There’s nothing extensive or expensive needed to make the holiday season bright! And you don’t even have to leave the neighborhood for most of these. Just a few easy ideas to create family memories that will last year […]

Complete Guide to Period Panties and Leak Proof Underpants

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to pads and tampons, menstrual underwear can be a lifesaver during that time of the month. These reusable period undies are a blessing in other ways and I’ll outline the many reasons you might want to try them. I’m offering an extensive review here on 5 popular brands […]

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