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10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day

10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day


Sometimes it rains in Southern California. Yes, really! It doesn’t happen all that often so I can catch us off-guard and total unprepared for even the slightest shower. Don’t let the rain put a damper on your day! I’ve been to Disneyland during many heavy downpours. These are my insider tips for surviving a Disneyland rainy day.

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Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

If you’ve never been to Disneyland when it’s raining, you might have a few questions. Here are the answers to the top questions about Disneyland rainy days:

  • Do the rides at Disneyland close when it rains? – Yes, some of the outdoor rides and roller coasters close when it’s rainy.
  • Is there a Disneyland rain refund? – No, there is no Disneyland rain policy and no refunds for rainy days.
  • What gets cancelled at Disneyland if it rains? – Parades, fireworks, and some outdoor shows are cancelled when it’s raining. Occasionally there is an abbreviated version of the parade when it’s rainy, that features some characters riding inside the Main Street U.S.A. vehicles.

Keep reading for more tips on how to do Disneyland when it’s raining!

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

1. Check the Forecast

Should you bring extra sunscreen or a poncho? Always best to know ahead of time by checking the weather forecast for Anaheim before your trip. Keep in mind that when it rains in Southern California, it’s usually accompanied by cooler weather which might be the opposite of what you’re used to if you frequent Walt Disney World (where it might be warm and humid).

2. Be Prepared

Wear sensible shoes like rain boots or sneakers that have been treated with Scotchguard. Bring what you need for a rainy day in the Park and don’t rely on purchasing there. Rain parkas are available but the price will be at a premium and you can buy them ahead of time for quite a bit cheaper. The Dollar Store has them. Or you can buy cute Disney themed ones online.

Rain boots would be an awesome idea, particularly if it’s expected to storm for days. Umbrellas are iffy. They are hard to wield in a crowd and might poke someone. I brought an umbrella to Disneyland once and it turned inside out during a gust of wind! That being said Southern Californians tend to be more of the umbrella-carrying type than the poncho-wearing type.

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3. Lock Up ‘Yer Valuables

If you don’t want it wet, put it in a locker for the day. Or use gallon-sized plastic zip bags for precious cargo like your wallet and cell phone.

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

4. An Extra Set of Clothes

At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you brought extra clothes. I always seem to get the hem of my pants soaking wet on a rainy day and a dry pair is so nice put on! A pair of leggings are small and lightweight to pack in with you. Bring a few extra pairs of socks too. Pack extra clothes in large zip-close plastic bags. You’ll be able to stuff wet clothing inside for storage.

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Use and reuse zip-close bags for travel

5. Seek Shelter and People-Watch

When all else fails and the rain is relentless, find a covered area. There are some outside areas with overhanging porches. Grab a snack and take a break until the rain eases. And of course it’s fun to watch the tourists in flip-flops scurrying through the rain!

A wet & foggy morning (but you’ll notice little Elsa didn’t want a jacket – the cold never bothered her anyway!) Photo Credit: Disney Photopass

6. Eat Indoors & Dine Leisurely

Many of the restaurants around Disneyland offer both outdoor or indoor dining. On a rainy day skip the patio and go inside for your meals. I recall a particularly soggy day when my son and I sought respite inside Cafe Orleans and it was great to sit inside where it was warm and dry. By the time we got to the dessert beignets my coat that had been sopping wet was dry.

With rain in your forecast, this is a perfect time to get an Advanced Dining Reservation for a Character Meal. Take your time eating and getting autographs and photos. Book that ADR before your trip!

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

7. Souvenir Shopping

Slowly walking through the shops while you wait for the clouds to clear is a fun pastime. Emporium, Elias & Co. and World of Disney are loaded with goodies. Or stop in at the Mad Hatter to see which chapeau works for you!

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

8. Indoor Entertainment

Rain or shine, taking in the entertainment at Disneyland is always a great choice. Little ones will love the Disney Jr – Live on Stage! show. The show Frozen: Live on Stage at the Hyperion takes place at Disney California Adventure Park and that soaks up about an hour of time.

You can also spend hours inside the Disney Animation Building. Take an art class at the Animation Academy, chat in Turtle Talk with Crush, see the Beast’s library or create animation in the Sorcerer’s Workshop.

Some outdoor rides close when it’s raining.

9. Disneyland Rides Inside

Some of the outside rides close down during a downpour but there is still plenty that remains open. If the Park isn’t particularly busy, ask if you can ride multiple times without getting out of your seat. Rides like Pirates of the Caribbean, Little Mermaid and Haunted Mansion are ideal indoor rides. “it’s a small world” has a lengthy indoor section of the ride, but your boat will also take you outside, so have your umbrella ready! We’ve taken on Zurg over and over inside Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters on a rainy day!

Check out my Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day!

10. Fireside at the Grand Californian

A quick walk through Downtown Disney and you can enjoy the lobby at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort & Spa. Get a drink at the lobby Hearthstone Lounge and warm up by the fireplace. At certain times, live piano music is played.

If All Else Fails….Retreat to your Hotel

So despite the good efforts, you’re soaked through? Time to retreat and head back to the hotel and wait out the storm. Take a hot shower, change your clothes and consider returning to the Parks later in the day.

10 Tips for Surviving a Disneyland Rainy Day

Ahhh, take off your wet clothes and slip on a nice warm robe.


  • Outdoor shows may be cancelled.
  • Some outdoor rides are closed during rain.
  • Harder to take photographs.
  • Parade is abbreviated or cancelled outright.
  • No fireworks spectacular.

The biggest benefit to a rainy day at Disneyland is that crowds are considerably thinned out. With certain attractions rained-out you’ll also have the ability to think outside the box and experience things you might not have otherwise!

Raining at Disneyland? These are the 10 must-read tips if there's rain at Disneyland! If rainy weather is in the forecast during your California Disney vacation, you might be wondering what rides stay open, crowd-levels and what to wear when it's wet. Find out where to go and dry off, shows and attractions that happen in the rain and how to dress for Disneyland in the rain. #Disney #Packing #Disneyland #RainyTravel | Disneyland Rain | Rain in California | Winter Travel | Spring Showers


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Rosanne @ The Disney Point

Friday 20th of March 2015

Oh man, fireside at the Grand Californian sounds like a great tip for ANY day, not just a rainy day! Great tips!

Leslie H (tripswithtykes)

Thursday 19th of March 2015

We've thus far dodged all rain when traveling to Disneyland with kids. I'm sure we had rain once in awhile during our pre-kid travel days, but isn't so much of a hassle with two 20-something adults. Where we did have crazy rain was Hong Kong Disneyland - it's semi-tropical and thunderstorms would just come out of nowhere. We bought lots of cool Hong Kong Disneyland umbrellas at least - they have been great souvenirs!

Julie Bigboy

Thursday 19th of March 2015

That sounds like more of an "experience" than a nuisance, for sure! Very cool, Leslie!


Thursday 19th of March 2015

Great tips! Zip lock bags are great for the rain and for water rides. I never go to Disney without them.

Lisa @Home is Where the Mouse is

Thursday 19th of March 2015

We've never been to Disneyland so there are great tips for us to know. We usually visit WDW in the summer so we're always prepared for the daily afternoon rain. Now we'll be prepared should we ever venture out west.

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