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Back to School Breakfast Party for a Special First Day of School

Back to School Breakfast Party for a Special First Day of School


Celebrate going back to the classroom with a simple but entertaining back to school breakfast party. Tips on how to decorate for this festive event, what to serve for the meal and practical gifts for kids to kick off their school year!

Back to School Breakfast Party

My high schoolers are starting their senior year after over a year of distance learning at home. My son is heading into 4th grade, after virtual school last year. And my 5 year old daughter is going to school for the first time. This little gal is going to full day kindergarten – and she couldn’t be more excited!

Young girl holding a back to school interview page on a clipboard
So ready for the first day of kindergarten!

After the strangest school year ever, these kids deserve a big celebration for the first day of school. This back to school breakfast party is a best ways to make the first day of school special. Celebrate the kid’s first day back in class with some of these easy do-ahead tips!

Everything in this back to school breakfast party can be done the night before. All of the recipes are make-ahead so you can prepare at your leisure. I aim to make this back to school breakfast party a festive (but still easy) part of our first day of school rituals!

Decorating for a Back To School Breakfast Party

Keep the theming simple and this will really be an easy (but still special) annual event. No need to go crazy or to break the bank on decor. I chose a black and white base, then mixed in a rainbow of colors in the school supply accessories to decorate the table tops. Naturally, everything here will be used as school supplies throughout the year for the kids!

School supplies on tabletop
Let the colorful school supplies be the star of your tabletop!

To ease the stress of the first day of school, aim to decorate the night before. Keep this party as simple or elaborate as you want. Most kids are truly happy with anything, especially if yummy food is involved! These decorations are just extra sprinkles on the doughnut, so to speak.

Black tablecloth – An inexpensive black plastic tablecloth doubles as a “chalkboard”. To take the look a step farther, use a white Sharpie marker to decorate the table covering with simple school inspired graphics, inspirational quotes or kid’s names.

Letter Board – Announce the party with a marquee that doubles as a photo op memento of the first day of school.

Sign that says First Day of School - Kindergarten next to yellow flowers

Serving displays in varying heights – It’s a colorful back to school party when snacks and school supplies are placed at different levels. Use what you have around the house to display foods and treats. I used inexpensive wire mesh desk storage cups for pens and pencils.

I put together this simply sweet school inspired vase using rubber bands and Ticonderoga pencils. Loop a large, sturdy rubber band around a vase and slide in the pencils. Tie a ribbon around the vase to cover the rubber band and insert a colorful potted plant for an adorable centerpiece!

Potted plant inside a holder decorated with yellow pencils

Stacks of books add interest and color! I used colorful notebooks and folders under each kid’s plate to set the scene. Plastic bins held new crayons, Post-It notes, and index cards. These bins will be recycled into desktop containers for school work after the party! Keep reading on how I customized these inexpensive storage bins using my Cricut Joy.

First Day of School Gifts

These “gifts” are practical items you would have been giving the kids anyway. Why not make the first day of school special by gifting them their school supplies at this back to school breakfast party!

School supplies double as decor – Fill up containers with colored pencils, markers, highlighters and twist-up crayons. Let your children “shop” for their necessary school supplies by adding items into their personalized pencil boxes.

Little girl choosing school supplies from a bin

Lunch Boxes and Backpacks – What kid doesn’t love receiving a new backpack or lunch box? Lands’ End is my favorite place for backpacks and my son received the cool new Lands’ End Galaxy design.

With my daughter packing lunch for the first time, I’m so glad I found these Rubbermaid LunchBlox containers. The Blue Ice snaps into each container so they stay together inside the lunch box. Plus my kids can easily open the boxes without help.

Lunch box goodies are a perfect back to school gift

Personalized Labels – With my kids returning to the classrooms for the first time in forever, I’d expect their routine to be a little off. I’m expecting they’ll forget to pack items into their backpacks, including jackets, face masks, and notebooks.

I’m in love with Name Bubbles. We’ve already tested them out this summer at camp by adding these personalized labels to the kid’s tote bags, water bottles, hats and lunch containers. Name Bubbles customized labels stick and don’t come off, even through washing! Using Name Bubbles is a great way to get organized for back to school.

Name Bubbles labels on school folders
Name Bubbles are going on ALL of my kid’s school essentials this year!

Cricut Crafts for Back to School

Ever since I added the Cricut Joy to my crafting, I’ve been excited to incorporate it into all my at-home events! Naturally I had to make a few things for my kid’s first day of school party. These handcrafted back to school designs and personalized items add a touch of creativity.

Custom Cricut T-Shirt for School

Craft your own back to school t-shirts using the Cricut Joy and Cricut Smart Iron On Vinyl. I designed this easy to make School Subjects T-Shirt for my son to wear on his first day back in class. This unique Cricut Design was created by me and can be found in Cricut Design Space for your personal use.

Cricut t-shirt with school subjects
This Cricut design is a fast and easy back to school project

I used cotton basics from Primary, my favorite place for kid’s clothing. Use the code AFF20PCT for 20% off your first order! My son is wearing classic t-shirt in cantaloupe and my daughter has on the striped flutter sleeved dress in cantaloupe and flamingo.

Kids sitting at table for back to school breakfast party
My kids in their coordinating outfits from Primary

Personalized Cricut School Supplies

The kids and I recently created these hand painted Wooden Bookmarks with Cricut personalization. What a fun and creative craft to make with the kids! And perfect for a first day at school gift. My son made this one for his teacher!

My daughter’s personalized pencil case was another super easy project using Cricut Removable Smart Vinyl. Now she’ll never get her pencil box mixed up with another student. And it only took me a few minutes. The smile from my daughter was worth it!

The white cubby bins are budget-friendly and easy to customize with Cricut vinyl. I found these designs in Cricut Design Space and resized them to fit the project. I love the colorful and inspirational words that will brighten up our homework area after the back to school breakfast party.

School supplies in a bin at a back to school breakfast party

Breakfast Foods That Kids LOVE

Choose a healthy balance of hearty foods that kids will love for their first day back in the classroom. All of these items (save for the smoothies) can be prepared in advance. Freeze then defrost the night ahead of your event. The overnight French toast only needs to be baked on the morning your plan to serve.

Overnight French toast with berries on a plate in front of yellow flowers
Overnight French Toast is an easy breakfast for busy mornings
  • Overnight French Toast recipe – super easy to make ahead and bake in the morning for a fast breakfast!
  • Protein Balls
  • Fruit Smoothies
  • Quiche
  • Fruit-filled Cream Cheese Coffee Cake – another kid-favorite breakfast that’s fun for special occasions.
  • Mini Muffins
  • Fruit Salad
  • Yogurt Parfaits – I added whipped cream and sprinkles to add to the party fun!
Breakfast plate on top of school folders

Back to School Party Activities

If you have a leisurely morning or you’re holding your party on the weekend, incorporate a few of these simple activities that are sure to ease first day of school jitters.

Read a Back to School Book – Especially great for younger kids, The Kissing Hand is a sweet way to send off little ones on the first day of school. First Day Jitters is ideal for elementary aged kids, who will enjoy the cute story plot twist!

First Day of School Photo – Try taking the photo in the same place year-after-year to track your child’s growth!

Back to School Questionnaire – This free printable First Day of School Interview is a cute way to document their first day at school. Older kids can write in the answers themselves. Help younger kids fill in the blanks. Keep this memento year after year to document their changes.

A First Day of School to Remember!

  • Host the back to school breakfast party on the weekend as a gathering of friends. Set up tables and chairs outdoors where neighborhood kids can safely mingle. Request each family to bring a potluck dish to share.
  • If other family members have already left for work earlier in the morning, consider having this back to school breakfast party on a weekend. This way everyone can participate in the fun!
  • Consider making this a “breakfast for dinner” celebration. Serve up these yummy brunch items for dinnertime instead.
  • As the head of the class, room parent or PTA leader, create this back to school breakfast party for teachers.
Kid's back to school interview pages

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