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6 Tips for Buying Children’s Resale Clothing Online

6 Tips for Buying Children’s Resale Clothing Online


Shopping for children’s resale clothing online can be a great way to find bargains across the country on coveted brands. But it’s important to know what to look for and be aware of a few money-saving words of advice first. Get details on where to shop and tips for purchasing new and gently used clothing for boys and girls, aged newborn to size 14.

I received a free clothing gift card from Three Little Peas in exchange for this post. No other compensation was made. Mom Rewritten uses affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links in these posts. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the Privacy Policy and Disclosures tab.

Buying Children’s Resale Clothing Online

Shopping for hand-me-downs via children’s clothing resale online is a budget-friendly way to restock needs for children. And it’s not always just clothes – from baby essentials, shoes and even books or toys, it’s an environmentally wise way to pass down gently used items.

Girl's resale clothing flay lay

For families that shop upscale, higher end brands, selling their gently used items is a way of making something back on their initial investment. And for those bargain hunters looking for high quality at a discount, buying children’s resale clothing online is a way to satisfy that need.

Deciding Where to Shop

I was happy to discover Three Little Peas, an online upscale resale store and boutique. This Michigan based business sells children’s clothing and accessories for newborns up to size 14 youth. The owner, Laura explains that her “biggest reason for starting this company is to recycle, reuse and to expand a community… I am a small business and everyday we are growing bigger and bigger.

Label on bag from Three Little Peas resale shop

Three Little Peas is well stocked with brands including Matilda Jane, Gymboree, Tea Collection, Hanna Andersson, Janie & Jack, and Mini Boden. New inventory is added on a weekly basis, usually on Sundays and Mondays. Pay note to “sold out” tabs as these items are archived from the site every 30 days.

Shoppers bargain hunting for babies and toddlers will have the best luck, as stock leans more heavily on these sizes at Three Little Peas. Items are sold without stains, holes or major defects. Clothing is labeled as new with tags, new without tags, excellent used condition, very good used condition, and good used condition.

Little girl twirling in Matilda Jane skirt

Buy Ahead for Future Seasons

My daughter is nearly 5 years old and wears a size 4/5. Stock in her size was limited when I was shopping (I’m going to guess that it’s likely one of the more popular size categories). Rather than stay only within those size parameters, I looked at clothing in 1-2 sizes up.

For bargain hunters, it’s key to shop ahead into future seasons. Watch for sales on end of season clothing in a size up, then set the items aside until you need them. I do this consistently when shopping for next year’s wardrobe and am always rewarded with lower price tags.

As a result I discovered this adorable find, a Matilda Jane Voyager Insects Top in size 6. While it’s a little too big right now for my girl, I know this shirt will find a good home in her closet soon. In the meantime, I have it safely stored with clothing to grow into!

Little girl wearing Matilda Jane t-shirt

Shop for a Special Occasion

Special occasion and dressy holiday wear can be costly when purchased full price in retail shops. Think ahead to any special occasions you have on the calendar for the year. Whether shopping for an Easter dress clothes, summer swimwear, vacation outfits or winter holiday wear, look ahead to fulfilling your children’s needs.

You’ll be able to find these special occasion items in online retail stores. Some shops even carry Disney outfits for kids traveling on vacation (Gap, Hanna Andersson, and H&M offer Disney merchandise). As mentioned earlier, purchase ahead, sizing up appropriately and be rewarded with a lower price.

Look for Individual Pieces

When buying children’s resale online, I look at individual pieces, rather than trying to create a complete outfit. Because resale shops often sell pieces as separates, it’s possible that you might only be able to buy the bottoms without the top (or vice-versa).

Little girl wearing a Matilda Jane skirt

In the case of this Matilda Jane Floral Skirt I purchased from Three Little Peas, coordinating tops weren’t available. However looking at this piece individually, there are various colors of which I could find a solid tee to coordinate. Mixing and matching between brands is totally acceptable and will add a unique style to your child’s wardrobe.

Little girl's Matilda Jane skirt
This top came out of my daughter’s closet and matches the skirt perfectly!

Flay Lay vs. Models

When shopping for children’s resale clothing online, pay attention to photos. While websites share the condition of the garment, there are a few things that aren’t outlined outside of the size tag. It can be hard to determine actual sizing when items are laid flat or hung on a hanger.

When I purchased this Mustard Floral Flutter Sleeve Dress from Three Little Peas, I was thinking ahead to my daughter’s upcoming year at kindergarten. In my head I pictured this adorable dress paired with a blouse and knee-socks for her first school pictures!

Little girl wearing retro mustard yellow floral dress

However, as you can see this dress is extraordinarily short on my daughter. Could be that this retro style of dress is more of a vintage pattern. Or my daughter just has really LONG legs! While the dress fits in the bodice (it was stated as a size 5), I’m thinking we’ll have to pair this piece with leggings, jeans or undershorts.

When purchasing items online without the benefit of a model, you might not have an idea of actual sizing. If you have concerns, stick to clothing lines where you’re well familiar with their sizing to be assured that all the pieces you purchase will fit.

The Price of Buying New vs. Resale

Before you dive into the world of children’s resale clothing online, it’s important to know your usual shopping style. This includes what clothing you generally choose for your kids, personal style choice and the price range you’re most comfortable spending per item.

While online resale items are usually higher end brands, you might end up spending the same price on the resale item than on a brand new, lower-end brand item off the rack. If you’re a bargain-basement shopper who gravitates towards cheap discounts and isn’t swayed by brand names, then you may not want to spend $25 on a previously worn kid’s outfit (even if it was $80 brand new).

Close up of Matilda Jane tag on a t-shirt
If the label is important, shopping resale is a great way to score a bargain.

On the other hand, it can be appealing to dress your child in the upscale boutique style, especially when you’re getting a significant discount off the price. Higher-end brands usually cost more for a reason (quality construction, better fabrics, unique designs). And if well-cared for, they can also be resold again by you after your child is done wearing them!

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