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50+ Cake Pops and Cookie Truffle Recipes

50+ Cake Pops and Cookie Truffle Recipes


With a few simple pantry items, anyone can make a yummy dessert! From cookie truffle balls to cake pops on a stick, these oven-free recipes are a no bake treat. Get the tips on how to assemble them quickly with decorating ideas for making these amazing cake pop and cookie truffle recipes at home.

Chocolate Cookie Dough Truffles – Image credit: The Kitchen is My Playground

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These recipes offer up sweets with a limited number of ingredients, using crumbled cake or broken cookies as a base. Extra ingredients might include frosting or cream cheese, then special flavors to make each truffle recipe unique. Best part? This is a no bake dessert, so you don’t need an oven!

Toasted Coconut Truffles (found in sophisticated sweets section) – Photo credit: What the Fork Blog

Are Cake Pops and Truffles Hard to Make?

After trying to make cake pops for the first time at home, I realized why those deluxe cake pops at Starbucks cost so much! There might a learning curve to get these no bake cookie balls to look perfect. But with practice, you’ll be serving up these delicious mini-desserts in no time!

My first mistake was making the balls too big. Second, I dipped my truffles in chocolate that wasn’t thin enough, adding to the heaviness of my cake pops. Third, I hadn’t done my proper research in advance on how to make the cake pops. This resulted in sad looking cake balls that fell off the stick before my party even began!

Subsequent attempts at cake pops and truffle balls has gone much better with more know-how. And I can attest that even when your cake balls don’t look perfect, they’re still going to be delicious!

Browniesicles recipe found in “Party Desserts” section – Photo credit: Frugal Mom Eh

Whether you’re making a dessert for a party or just to have for a bite-sized goody, cookie truffles and cake pops are a great option. They are ideal finger food that doesn’t require a plate. Consider batch preparation then freeze them to have at the ready when you need a sweet treat!

I first read about cake pops and truffles from Bakerella way back when. She’s the creator of the cake pop and her designs are incredible.

This round-up of recipes come from fellow bloggers who offer up their tested tips on how to make the best oven-free cookie or cake truffles. Follow the expert guidance before you whip up the ingredients to ensure your desserts will be Instagram worthy!

Mint Oreo Truffles (keep reading for link)- Photo credit: Bellyfull

Items to Help with Truffle Making

These are a few things that will help make the cake pop and truffle making process a little smoother! Do you need to have all of these things to make the cake pop or cookie truffle recipes? No, but a few of these tools will help speed up the steps and make your desserts look more professional.

Food processor – to get those cookie crumbs finely chopped, a high quality processor or blender is an excellent all-around kitchen appliance. My Vitamix gets the job done swiftly and efficiently.

Cookie Scoop – A one-tablespoon spring-loaded cookie dough scoop is a great help when creating a uniform truffle size. The soft grip ergonomic handle allows you to scoop mixtures without discomfort.

These Biscoff truffles look as good as they taste! -Image credit: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Wilton Candy Melt Dipping Pot and Tools – Many bakers sing the praises of this candy-dipping station and how it eases the process when making these cookie truffle recipes.

Melting Chocolate – Wilton Candy Melts are the standard when making cake pops but for an elevated flavor, try Ghirardelli dark, white or milk chocolate wafers.

Edible Decorations – Take your cake pop and cookie truffle recipes over-the-top with drizzled icing and celebratory sprinkles, like this Wilton Rainbow Sprinkles Mix.

Photo credit: Wilton

Wire Rack – Regular parchment paper is fine after dipping though excess chocolate may pool at the base of your truffle balls. This baking sheet with wire rack insert takes the mess out of candy making by allowing extra coating to drip off.

Cake Pop Display – A block of Styrofoam works well as a cake pop holder. However this tiered wooden cake pop stand offers a more stylish presentation for parties.

Use colored decorations to coordinate with holidays – Photo credit: This Mama Cooks (recipe in next section)

Cake pops and truffles are safe to eat because they’re made without raw egg or raw flour. Ingredients usually consist of crumbled cookies or cake crumbs. Use homemade, store-bought or a boxed mix!

Add in store-bought or homemade icing or cream cheese to create the creamy center of each cake pop or truffle. You’ll want to use a high quality product, like full fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese for the best results. Once you have the mixture, these are the must-know tips for using melting chocolate to coat and decorate.

  • Do videos help you better understand how to make something? Check out the video tutorial on making cake pops from Pint Sized Baker in this Cake Pop Tutorial.
  • Fresh April Flours offers up the complete guide in a Cake Pops 101, including how to avoid cracks in the candy coating.
Rolling cake balls by hand – Photo credit: Fresh April Flours

Need a tutorial on using almond bark and candy melts for a flawless coating? Check out these ideas from This Mama Cooks Oreo Balls Recipe.

Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream serves up this recipe for Cakesicles, with troubleshooting tips on using melting chocolate wafers. Plus, aren’t these unique treats adorable?!

Try a new cake pop shape! Photo credit: Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream

Seems like there’s a new Oreo flavor being released every time you check the grocery aisle! This is the original chocolate sandwich cookie recipe – with a twist. Get creative with the basic cookie truffle recipe and try one of the newest Oreo flavors!

Oreos with a twist! Photo credit: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen

Fruit Flavored Desserts

Looking for a light and lovely mouthwatering morsel? These fruity cake pops and truffles serve up real fruit flavors in a single bite.

  • Made from scratch with fresh berries, these Strawberry Cake Pops from Tao of Spice are worth the extra effort for a special occasion.
  • Princess Pinky Girl Lemon Truffles combine white chocolate with lemon zest for a light and refreshing bite sized delight. Bonus for the easy powdered sugar exterior.
Light lemony bites – Photo credit: Princess Pinky Girl
There’s a surprise center in these truffles! Photo credit: The Kitchen is My Playground

Cake Pops and Truffles That Kids will LOVE

These desserts are tailor-made for kids, who will appreciate the fun flavors and colorful decorations! Serve them up for a party or as a sweet after-school surprise.

Use birthday cake Oreo cookies to make these festive Birthday Cake Oreo Balls from Princess Pinky Girl.

Perfect for a party or special surprise – Photo credit: Princess Pinky Girl
  • Need a treat that’s as fun on the inside as it is on the outside? Try the recipe from Boston Girl Bakes for No Bake Funfetti Golden Oreo Truffles.
  • The lunchbox classic Twinkie gets a make-over! Kids will love helping you make (and eat) these two-ingredient Hostess Twinkie Truffles from The Three Snackateers.
  • Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks Golden Oreo Truffles recipe uses marshmallow fluff instead of the usual cream cheese for an enticing twist.

Make your next party a success while keeping funds low! These cake pops and cookie truffle recipes are a bargain to make and perfect for a birthday party on a budget.

Go beyond the basic Oreo and try making truffles out of one of these store-bought cookies.

  • Those pink and white frosted animal cookies are a classic! Whip up your own Circus Animal Cookie Truffles from The Three Snackateers.
  • Persnickety Plates gives us the chocolate and peanut butter combo everyone loves with this easy recipe for Nutter Butter Balls.
PB & Chocolate…mmmm!! – Photo credit: Persnickety Plates
  • What do you get when you combine crushed Biscoff biscuits with cream cheese, milk and white chocolate? If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen offers up No-Bake Biscoff Truffles that taste like cookie butter!
  • As if we needed another reason to buy more Girl Scout cookies?! Hezzi-D’s Books and Cooks shares how to get the minty green flavor everyone loves in this tutorial for Thin Mint Truffles.
  • Make the Bellyfull recipe for Sugar Cookie Truffles using store bought or homemade cookies, then read her advice on getting the smoothest surface of chocolate coating possible.
Sweet goodness inside and out – Image credit: Bellyfull

Making homemade cookies? Try one of these 100 holiday cookie exchange recipes!

Holiday Truffles and Treats

No matter the season, these holiday themed desserts will add joy to your celebration. From a Halloween movie night snack board, Christmas gathering, St. Patrick’s Day event or Valentine’s Day party, these fun sweets are a delicious addition.

Coordinate the sprinkles used on these Sugar Cookie Truffles white chocolate balls from If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen to match holiday colors.

Use different colored sprinkles for different holidays – Photo credit: If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen
  • This is Halloween! Make the season spooky with this Jack Skellington Cake Pop tutorial from Pint Sized Baker.
  • The combination of mint Oreo cookies and crushed candy canes in these Peppermint Oreo Truffles from Boston Girl Bakes are a wintery delight!
  • Think you don’t like fruitcake? These Bake School Christmas Cake Balls turn leftover fruitcake into delightful treats everyone will love.
Use leftovers to create this charming treat – Photo credit: Bake School
  • No need to reserve this Create Kids Club recipe for St. Patrick’s Day Cake Pops just for spring. Swap out the colors and sprinkles and match them to any holiday you wish.
  • It’s a sweet Valentine’s Day with these scrumptious Red Velvet Cake Pops from Dessert for Two. Includes the recipe for homemade red velvet cake.
Romantic red velvet cake balls – Photo credit: Dessert for Two

Looking for more Valentine’s Day treats for kids? Check out these 50+ homemade recipes.

Desserts on a Stick

Truffles and cake balls can easily be made into a finger-free treat just by simple insertion of a colorful cake pop stick.

  • The combo of pound cake, fluffy frosting and fresh strawberry is like summer on a stick. Get the recipe for Strawberry Shortcake Cake Pops at Life Love Liz.
  • Need tips on how to get the cake pops to stay on the stick? The Cookie Dough Diaries shares her expert tips and recipe for Chocolate Cake Pops. The recipe also includes modifications for making a vegan or gluten free dessert.
Everything tastes better on a stick! Photo credit: The Cookie Dough Diaries
  • Sweets made swiftly, with the help of store-bought ingredients from Swirls of Flavor No-Bake Vanilla Cake Balls include pound cake, canned frosting and white chocolate chips.
  • For step-by-step help in making cake pops, visit Baking Sense for photographs and recipe for Edible Cookie Dough Cake Pops.
  • The Kitchen is My Playground shares her top tips on getting the truffles to stay on the stick. Grab the yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffle Pops recipe while you’re there!

Best Treats for a Party

Who needs cupcakes when you can have these bite sized party truffles and mess-free cake pops on a stick! For birthdays, celebrations or any party, check out these recipes for the best grab ‘n go party sweets.

  • Are leftover cake scraps a problem? Bake School shares how to make yummy Birthday Cake Truffles.
  • If a Disney themed party is in the works, these adorable Play Party Plan Mickey Mouse Cake Pops from my friend Britni will have kids chEARing!
Mickey Ears Cake Pops – Image credit: Play Party Plan
  • Create one of these whimsical flavors for a winter holiday kickoff at an Elf on the Shelf breakfast.
  • The look of ice cream popsicles but without the melting drips! Frugal Mom Eh offers up this tutorial for super-cute Brownie Cake Pops. The photo for “Browniesicles” appears at the top of this article.
  • Just three simple ingredients and you’ll have yourself Funfetti Cake Truffles, no-bake cake batter truffles from Dancing Through the Rain.
  • Serve up bite-sized Cookie Dough Truffles from Princess Pinky Girl. This egg-free recipe is safe to eat and perfect for the party dessert table!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough party bites – Photo credit: Princess Pinky Girl

Sophisticated Sweets

Hosting a girl’s night gathering or a couples evening? Pull out the stops with these romantic nibbles that feature refined flavors that go beyond basic.

  • The bubbles of sparkling wine, creamy chocolate ganache and a crunch of sugar. Where is My Spoon combines all three in the recipe for elegant Champagne Truffles.
  • Peanut butter isn’t fancy but when coated with a wrap of smooth white chocolate, these Peanut Butter Truffles from Princess Pinky Girl become an elevated pleasure.
Peanut Butter Truffles – Photo credit: Princess Pinky Girl
  • What the Fork Food Blog nails the tropical vacation vibe that merges coconut, coffee and chocolate into a petite eat. Find the Toasted Coconut Truffles photo at the beginning of this article.
  • S’mores Truffles from Boston Girl Bakes brings the nostalgia home with a rich blend of the campfire classic – graham cracker, chocolate and marshmallow.
  • Only 3 ingredients for Biscoff Truffles and the reward is a cinnamon and brown sugar delight. Find the recipe at The Short Order Cook.
  • Impress your friends with these Bake School Booze Balls with Dark Chocolate and Amaretto. The sweet liqueur combined with vanilla cookies, nuts and dark chocolate are elegant.
Booze balls are a grown-up treat – Image credit: Bake School

Serve up these tasty cake pops or cookie truffle recipes at a spring brunch using these additional ideas to round out your party menu.

Special Diet Recipes

Just because you have dietary requirements, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in one of these cake pop or cookie truffle recipes.

All the fun without sacrificing flavor – Photo credit: Aubrey’s Kitchen
  • Gooey on the inside, but without the gluten. What the Fork Food Blog offers up these Gluten Free Oreo Cookie Truffles that everyone will fall in love with!
  • Looking for a sugar free dessert? Try these Fit to Serve Keto Cake Pops that are sugar-free, gluten-free, low-carb and still packed full of flavor.
  • Who says only kids love cake pops? These Gluten Free Cake Pops from Fearless Dining will bring out the kid in any adult who appreciates a fun treat.
All the fun, none of the gluten! – Image credit: Fearless Dining

Chocolate Covered in Chocolate

Chocolate lovers will gather ’round the treat tray with these chocolatey confections. Starting with Chocolate Mocha Truffles, coffee fans will appreciate this recipe from Mommy Evolution.

These truffles are rolled in cocoa powder for a high level of chocolate flavor – Photo credit: Mommy Evolution
  • Oreo Balls take on a whole new level from Joy Food Sunshine. The addition of vanilla and sea salt takes this basic recipe over the top!
  • Cookies and cream candy bars and a boxed brownie mix combine for the ultimate sweet tooth buster, Brownie Batter Truffles from The Three Snackateers.
  • With a ganache-like center and a rich chocolate outer coating, the Little Sunny Kitchen Chocolate Oreo Truffles recipe is a must.

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