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Creating a Teen Period Kit

Creating a Teen Period Kit


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Putting together a period kit for your teen can help ease any uncertainty about having her period. It’s a relief knowing that she has all the things she needs for her monthly flow in one convenient place! Find out what to include in a period kit, teaching monthly calendar tracking, and what products are best for a teen.

Teen period kit with cleansing products and pads coming out of a pink bag

Have the Period Kit Ready Before She Needs It

Even though you’ll never really know when a first period will arrive, there are signs to look for in your tween or teen. Most people with a uterus begin their first menstruation between the ages of 10 and 15. Indications before a first period includes beginning to develop breasts and emergence of pubic hair.

Have a period kit put together and ready before she needs it. In fact, create several period kits to keep in various locations. Have your child keep one with them just in case, like inside the car, gym bag and in her backpack. If your tween or teen hasn’t carried a purse before, this could be a good reason to start.

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What Is a Period Kit?

A period kit for teens is everything you’ll need for a period, in one convenient place. Some teens may have anxiety about starting their monthly flow at an inconvenient time (like at school, during sports, or at a friend’s house). A period kit is a care package of sorts, to help teens feel comfortable and empowered during that time of the month. Fill it with all the things she’ll need when she has her period, and have multiple period kits stocked and ready for when she needs them.

Woman in blue shirt holding a teen period bag with pads

The period kit bag itself could be inconspicuous. Choose something washable, like a pencil case, makeup bag or a travel organizer. The bag should have a zipper to close and not spill contents each time it’s opened. A loop is a good idea so that it could be hung on the back of a public bathroom door while your child takes care of her business.

These are some of the things that are ideal to keep inside each period kit:

  • U by Kotex® Teen Pads – uniquely sized for teens, these are more absorbent to help protect teens from leaks†
  • Extra pair of underpants
  • Wet Ones wipes
  • Zip close bags to hold anything that might become soiled
  • Cleansing wipes, like OMV! by Vagisil® No-Sweat Wipettes – effective vaginal wipes that can be thrown away.
  • Ask your teen if there is anything else that they would find helpful to keep inside their bag.
Pink bag with period supplies coming out including pads

What to Have in an At-Home Teen Period Kit

Heating Pad



Overnight Leakproof Underwear

Menstrual Cup

The Period Talk

If you’re ready to have the period talk with your preteen, have the period kit put together to share with your child. Have a script if you think it’s more helpful to remind you of speaking points. You want your daughter to feel empowered and to know that period or not, she can still do everything she wants to do. Periods don’t get in the way of any woman’s progress.

When I had the period talk with my oldest, I kept it brief and didn’t overwhelm with too much information. Be sensitive to any questions that come up and don’t dismiss any concerns she has. I covered the basics and had the prepared period kit handy, so they could see the products as I discussed them. It’s okay to talk frankly about blood flow, what your child can expect, and how to properly use everything in their period kit.

The Period Book

Best Product for Teens to Have at Home

Keep a steady supply of products on hand so that your daughter has them when she needs them, for both at home use and to restock her period kit. Typical teenagers – they might forget to remind you when they run out, so check stock in the home frequently. I found everything I needed at Walmart! You’ll be able to shop either in-store or online using Walmart Online Grocery service for delivery or pickup for these period kit teen products. Right now earn an additional $1.00 when you redeem a U by Kotex® offer and any one OMV! by Vagisil® offer.

Cell phone on table with Walmart shopping link on screen

U by Kotex® Teen Pads is the only uniquely sized pad for teens in market*. The X-press DRI Core locks in liquid to keep her dry, while still being super soft for comfort (important for those that are new to wearing a pantyliner or pad). For bedtime, offer U by Kotex® Teen Overnight Pads to keep away leaks while she sleeps.

Box of U by Kotex Teen on a bathroom tile counter

Encouraging Cleanliness

For pre-teens that might have skipped daily showering in the past, it’s important to encourage an increased level of cleanliness once they start their periods. New smells are normal when you’re a teen. Minimize odor by offering these gentle formulas that are gynecologist tested & pH balanced. Daily cleansing is one of the items I’ve added to my daughter’s daily checklist routine.

Bottles of OMV cleanser on bathroom counter

OMV! by Vagisil® is the first line of intimate care products designed by teens and for teens with the experts at Vagisil. Products are specially formulated to be ultra-gentle for intimate areas with washes that are safe to use all over the body for everyday cleansing. Stock the shower withOMV! by Vagisil® All-Day Fresh Wash that is free of dyes, parabens and MIT preservatives.

For teens that are shaving or waxing their bikini area, offer the OMV! by Vagisil® Bikini Anti-Itch Serum. It’s formulated with soothing colloidal oatmeal, Vitamin E, and chamomile, which calms intimate areas that are irritated from shaving or chafing.

Keeping Track of Periods

At first, periods can be sporadic, skipping weeks until finally settling into a more regulatory routine. Have your teen track their period right from the start. Period tracking is an easy way for teenagers to have more control over their monthly flow and experience fewer “surprises”. For me personally, tracking my period and what happens in between my flows helps me to better understand my body and emotions.

Tween holding a pink bag with period supplies including cleansing wipes and pad
  • Choose a pocket-sized calendar that can be kept as a period log and journal.
  • Show your daughter how to circle the day of the month that their period arrives. Circle each day they experience a flow or spotting. They’ll start to notice a pattern of how long their periods usually last as well as be able to count out the days until their next expected period. Some women can count out 28 days until their next period, but it does vary.
  • Use the note section or margins to write down anything of importance. This could include when they experienced cramping and what day their flow was the heaviest.
  • In between their periods, have your teen write down other notes including changes to their mood, weight fluctuations like bloating or discomfort.
Pink bag with period items including U by Kotex Teen pads

Period charting, prepping a period kit and having the best teen products like U by Kotex® Teen Pads and OMV! by Vagisil® available will help ease your child into the monthly routine while also helping them feel more empowered and confident!

†vs. U by Kotex® Cleanwear® Regular Ultra-Thin Pads

*based on dimensions of Teen variant vs. regular absorbency pad

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