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Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables

Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt with Free Printables


This fun and free printable for a Disney Easter scavenger hunt can be done indoors at home, on vacation or inside of a hotel room. I’ll share several ways to maximize this six clue egg hunt including tips for toddlers, best Easter gifts and creating the ultimate Disney-themed basket!

Little girl with Easter basket and Minnie toy

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Indoor Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt

My indoor egg hunt includes two files, one with the scavenger hunt clues. You’ll print and cut these out, then hide them around the house or hotel room.

The other file is an optional “Happy Easter” sign to include with the final prize. There are many ways you can customize this indoor scavenger hunt this Easter for your family.

Printed Disney Easter scavenger hunt clues

These are a few options you could choose to do with the clues:

  • Start your child off with an empty Easter basket. Leave a gift at each clue location for kids to collect goodies along the way. If you are playing this game with multiple children, be sure to label each of the gifts so they know which item is theirs.
  • Have filled Easter eggs at each clue stop for kids to collect. There are ideas for what to put inside eggs later in this article.
  • Make the clue lead to the actual prize. For instance the “shoe clue” could lead to a new pair of Disney flip-flops. The “dinglehopper clue” could gift the child a new hair brush.
  • You also have the option not to leave any prizes at clue locations. Have the filled Easter basket with gifts at the final stop. This is a good option for younger kids so they aren’t dragging the filled basket throughout the house.
Happy Easter sign next to basket filled with toys and a Minnie plush

Why Have an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt?

I created this Disney Easter scavenger hunt to be done indoors for several reasons. Last year, my family had planned to have a big outdoor egg hunt and got rained out!

We still hunted for eggs (in the living room) but I’d wished at the time that we’d had an indoor scavenger hunt to go along with it.

The second reason I chose to create this Disney Easter scavenger hunt to be done indoors is that I know many families travel. Therefore you might be staying in a hotel room on Easter Sunday.

This Disney-themed egg hunt is ideal for traveling with kids, especially appropriate if you’re on a Disney vacation!

Little girl on a bed holding an Easter basket filled with gifts

Keep reading for ideas on what to stuff inside your eggs and ways to gather the ultimate Disney Easter basket stuffers! Lots of tips here on how to run a fun scavenger hunt indoors for all ages. Keep reading to get your free Disney scavenger hunt printables.

Printing Scavenger Hunt Cards

I do a lot of printing at home and appreciate having a great printer and a full cartridge of ink at all times. Having bright and colorful pages is vital for these Easter printables, so make sure your color ink cartridge is up for the challenge!

Sign up for HP Instant Ink, a mail-order subscription service for printer ink so you’ll never run out. Sign up and receive a free month on the program!

Just keep swimming Easter hunt clue features the Little Mermaid

The printable comes in two PDF files. The first one is the actual scavenger hunt clues. The other is the final sign you place with the last surprise. Once you have both the pages printed, cut them carefully along the dotted lines. Keep reading for tips on placement.

Little girl holding a "Happy Easter" sign

A Fun Scavenger Hunt for All Ages

I created this Disney Easter scavenger hunt so it doesn’t matter in what order you do them. I’ll share an example of how we did the hunt at our house. We have both preschoolers and teenagers at home so it’s important that I have activities that appease all age levels.

While your teens might balk at participating in a “kiddie” egg hunt, if you make it worth their while, they might even crack a smile (ie: give them gifts they really want!)

Disney themed Easter basket filled with goodies

Kids who can read on their own will likely be good with figuring out the clues and doing the indoor scavenger hunt by themselves. For toddlers or younger children, you’ll need to read the clues and offer suggestions on where to search next.

Some of the cards have images that offer a hint on which location is next. Others are more subtle and may need explanation.

For instance, kids unfamiliar with The Little Mermaid might not know that a “dinglehopper” is a fork/hairbrush found inside the bathroom! For more tips with little ones, read Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers.

Setting Up the Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt

When placing the scavenger hunt cards, set aside your first clue. You’ll be handing over the first clue to the child for them to start the game. Place the cards in order of how you want the hunt to play out. You don’t have to do them in order of how they’re printed on the sheet.

Back of little girl's head holding a paper clue in Easter scavenger hunt

The second clue card will be placed in the house/room based on the first card you gave to your child. For instance, I gave my daughter the “shoe” card to start, so the second clue was placed near her shoes.

Small basket with plastic Easter eggs next to a pair of shoes

From there, place the clues in the various locations that will lead your child to the next spot. Choose the final clue based on where you’d like the last gift to be. The “Happy Easter” printable can be placed with that last gift.

Best Easter Gifts to Give

If you’re doing this Disney Easter scavenger hunt at home, you won’t be as limited by the size and/or quantity of basket stuffers or gifts. However, when traveling consider keeping items smaller in size and number.

We went on a road trip on Easter Sunday one year and our kids didn’t expect the Easter Bunny to leave them baskets outside of the hotel room door! It took some doing (and concealment of presents inside the luggage) but it was well worth it to see the kids’ surprised faces.

Disney Princess coloring book

As you can see in the images I’ve shared I chose a few Disney-themed items and a few non-Disney gifts (like candy). Coloring books like this Crayola Disney Princess Coloring Book are always welcome!

Gifts for the Scavenger Hunt

These are a few good Easter basket gifts, all in keeping with the Disney theme of course!

  • These petite, plush and poseable nuiMOs are simply adorable! Click over and see the new Princess collection, they are too cute.
  • Lipsmacker Disney lip balms re-hydrate dry lips.

Top Disney Vacation Easter Goodies

If on a Disney vacation during Easter break, remember before shopping how you’ll get gifts to & from your destination. Choose items you were going to pack the kids for Disney anyway. Consider some of these park-worthy gifts for kids to hunt:

Easter hunt clue inside of pantry with Disney Goldfish crackers
  • Mad Libs are one of our park favorites to use when standing in line! There are so many varieties including Frozen, Star Wars and The Incredibles Mad Libs.
Easter scavenger clue next to a pair of Mouse Ears

For tons more ideas, including thoughts for toddlers and teenagers, check out the additional tips on Disney Easter Basket Ideas for all budgets.

What to Put Inside Disney Themed Easter Eggs

Candy is great but too much can be too much of a good thing! We used jelly beans inside our eggs for the Disney Easter scavenger hunt but toys, jewelry and other small things are better than all candy.

Find larger sized plastic Easter eggs to fill yourself or choose pre-filled to make the process easier. These are some additional ideas on what to stuff in your plastic eggs:

Image credit: My Peg Doll Village on Etsy
  • What kid doesn’t love stickers for decorating water bottles, notebooks, etc?! This Disney/Pixar Sticker Pack will keep them in good supply – stuff a few inside a few bigger eggs!
  • Ear buds are ideal for kids who love music. These Star Wars BB-8 Earbuds are awesome!
Little girl sitting with Easter basket and Minnie Mouse plush toy

Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt Printables

Here are the FREE PRINTABLE Disney Easter scavenger hunt files. Looking for more printables for your Disney vacation? Be sure to search “printable” on this site. Click these links to open the Disney egg hunt PDFs:

Printable Disney Easter scavenger hunt clues

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