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Disney on Ice Review and Tips for Taking Kids (2024)

Disney on Ice Review and Tips for Taking Kids (2024)


Is Disney on Ice coming to your city? This Disney on Ice review will explain what you need to know before you go, what to expect of the show and where to purchase tickets. Keep reading for the best tips on attending this ice show tradition with kids!

Photo credit: Disney on Ice

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I received complimentary tickets for my family to attend Disney on Ice in exchange for this review. I have included my own personal details about the Let’s Celebrate show in San Diego after attending.

Disney on Ice Review

Disney on Ice has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years! If you watched this traveling production as a child, the nostalgia is there to take your own kids for their first time.

There are several productions of Disney on Ice running simultaneously across the country, operated by Feld Entertainment. This includes the shows Road Trip Adventures, Find Your Hero, Frozen & Encanto, Into the Magic, and Let’s Celebrate.

Photo credit: Disney on Ice

Disney on Ice promises, “All the magic and adventure of Disney’s tales through world-class figure skating. Audiences will be transported to exciting worlds where heroes of every kind seek to fulfill their dreams at a live experience families will never forget!”

My kids and I do Disney a lot. As in, we frequent Disney theme parks and plan Disneyland vacations several times a year. Seeing Disney characters isn’t a unique event for my children.

That said, Disney on Ice is an unparalleled presentation and one you won’t see within other Disney events.

Photo credit: Disney on Ice

San Diego Disney on Ice

Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Search Party for seven performances, April 11th-14, 2024. The Disney on Ice ticket price range is between $20-$110 each.

This ice skating show is held at Pechanga Arena San Diego – 3500 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110. Filter the website to see which Disney on Ice productions are taking place across the country.

Coco segment at a previous Disney on Ice production

“Let’s Celebrate” with Disney on Ice

Let’s Celebrate features favorite characters from Disney movies including Mickey, Minnie, Buzz & Woody from Toy Story, and Snow White. Expect to see more beloved characters from The Lion King, Elsa from Frozen, Rapunzel, and Genie from Aladdin.

Keep reading for Disney on Ice tips in regards to taking kids to the show. I also share my Disney on Ice review of “Dream Big” and “Let’s Celebrate”. I attended the opening night shows in 2022 and 2023 with my two youngest children and am reporting my honest thoughts.

Disney on Ice is a guaranteed spectacle of favorite characters!

Where to Buy Disney on Ice Tickets

Tickets for shows in your area can be purchased directly on the Disney on Ice website. Search using your zip code to find out which show is available.

Will I receive an actual Disney on Ice ticket?

No, you will not receive a physical ticket. All Disney on Ice tickets are accessed through a mobile app, like AXS or Ticketmaster. You’ll need to ensure that this app is added to your smart phone before your visit to view tickets and enter the arena.

Ariel the Little Mermaid and Prince Eric (Photo credit: Disney on Ice)

Which Disney on Ice show time is best for young children?

Matinee shows are better for those with toddlers and preschoolers. Even older children may struggle with the evening show time, as the program doesn’t begin until 7:00 pm.

My five-year old daughter wanted to cuddle on my lap in the final 15-minutes of the show. Her usual bedtime had passed and she began to tire.

How long is Disney on Ice?

The show runs around an hour and a half, including the short intermission.

Is Disney on Ice okay for Babies and Toddlers

Yes, Disney on Ice is appropriate for a baby or toddler. Children 2 and under do not need a ticket, but must lap sit with an adult. The show length may be too long for younger children to sit through.

Princess Tiana with Prince Naveen (Photo credit: Disney on Ice)

What to Wear to Disney on Ice

All guests are encouraged to dress in Disney themed attire or in comfortable Disney outfits.

My kids opted to wear coordinating Mickey and Minnie t-shirts from shopDisney, along with jeans and jackets. The Mouse Ears were a nice added touch!

Lots of guests in Mouse Ears and Disney attire!

Can Kids Wear Costumes at Disney on Ice?

Since this is a Disney event, you’ll find kids wearing their favorite Disney costumes. Both little girls and boys may dress up. Only guests 14 years and younger may dress in costume during the show.

Keep in mind that the arenas are usually cold so dress accordingly. Bring a sweater or jacket to wear over lightweight princess dresses. My daughter wore her Elsa dress with a sweater over the top.

READ MORE – Shopping for Disney dress up? Find out the best places to buy Disney princess dresses.

My daughter met Mickey and Minnie in a preshow greet for media guests

What to Bring to Disney on Ice

Keep in mind that certain locations have limits on the size and contents of the bag you bring into the arena. Each venue may vary, so be sure to check their website ahead of your visit.

Pechanga Arena does not allow oversized purses or backpacks so it’s recommended to pack only a small wallet. Pechanga Arena is also completely cash free, so be sure to bring a credit or debit card. Pack it all in a clear bag for a quick pass through security.

Here are the essentials to bring to Disney on Ice:

  • Photo identification for anyone 18+
  • Jacket
  • 1 unopened plastic water bottle per guest (1 liter or less)
  • Credit or debit card, no cash.
  • Facial coverings, optional

Disney on Ice Reviews

Just like any Disney programming, Disney on Ice is top-notch. Expect a high quality performance, stunning set designs and gorgeous costuming. These shows are appropriate for all ages and include lots of action and thrills (not just ice-skating princesses!)

Photo credit: Disney on Ice

How Long is Disney on Ice?

Shows last between 90-120 minutes long with a short intermission. You’ll see costumed characters, choreographed dancers and Disney princesses, all on ice skates.

Elaborate floats, storytelling and dramatic music make the movies come to life in these live productions. There are special effects including strobe lights and pyrotechnics.

Several sections from Frozen were acted out on the ice.

The Disney on Ice Let’s Celebrate production is broken out into sections. Mickey and Minnie Mouse introduce some of the scenes, sometimes accompanied by Goofy and Donald Duck.

There are some sequences that feature a lengthier storyline (including Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen). These sections include multiple songs from the film.

In between there are shorter acts including solo skaters or a single song from the movie, including Tiana & Naveen from Princess and the Frog and Cinderella with her prince.

For the finale, most of the characters return for a final spin on the ice, accompanied by dramatic lighting effects and pyrotechnics (sparklers that fall down from the ceiling).

The skating skills shown in the presentation are phenomenal, with daring and dramatic jumps and spins to thrill the crowd. Sections are short enough to keep the attention of children. The crowd enjoyed singing and clapping along to the familiar musical soundtracks throughout the presentation.

What to Do with Kids During Intermission

There is a brief intermission (approximately 15 minutes). Naturally wait times for the bathrooms, dining and souvenirs will be longest during this break! If you can, step out just ahead of the official intermission to beat the crowds.

Some kids will get very antsy towards the end of the show. If you know ahead of time that your kids need to burn off a little energy before the second half of the show, take a few brisk laps around the lobby during the intermission. Or aim to leave the show early and avoid the crowds leaving the parking lot.

Souvenirs at Disney on Ice

Souvenir shopping is the big feature in the lobby. Look for t-shirts, dolls, plush, action figures and light-up toys. I found the Disney on Ice pricing on souvenirs to be higher than at the Disney parks itself, so keep that in mind.

Souvenirs in the lobby

If having a souvenir is an important part of the evening for you and the kids, consider the preordering feature. Ticket holders may order Disney On Ice merchandise ahead of the event for pickup at a convenient location right at the venue.

Certainly a time saver, to avoid waiting in lengthy lines at the show. Also a great idea for indecisive children who like to mull over the process of picking the right items.

My suggestion when it comes to souvenirs? Buy them ahead and gift them to your child. You’ll save a bundle and be able to steer clear of the pricier souvenirs sold at the event. Be sure to check the venue rules about what items can be brought inside the arena.

Disney on Ice Character Experience Upgrade

The upcoming Disney on Ice shows in 2024 will offer an upgraded character experience as an add-on activity. Check the website to know which experience will be available during your visit. Join Mickey Mouse and other Disney favorite characters in a special greeting before the show!

  • Wayfinding with Moana (and Mickey Mouse)
  • Anna and Elsa
  • Elsa & Mirabelle

Children and families who upgrade to this pre-show activity arrive one hour earlier for a dance party, craft and interactive opportunity with these two characters. There will be the opportunity to meet ‘n greet for a photo session (pictures taken with your own device).

Every guest aged 2 and up must have both a character experience ticket and a Disney On Ice show ticket to attend. This 45-minute preshow experience costs $55 per person. This is in addition to the ticket cost for the Disney on Ice show.

Food and Snacks at Disney on Ice

Depending upon the venue, expect to find the usual dining options during a Disney on Ice show. Quick service meals are generally available, as well as kid-friendly snacks. General treats including cotton candy, ice cream and snow cones are for sale.

Disney on Ice Review – Is it Worth the Cost?

Can you do Disney on Ice on a budget?

The tickets for Disney on Ice are quite reasonable, with decent seats around $20-35 per person. In regards to ticket pricing for family entertainment, that’s a modest cost.

Don’t forget to budget in the price of parking (example: cost of $20 per vehicle at Pechanga Arena).

For families on a budget, I’d recommend dining ahead of your visit. Skip additional charges, like the character greeting experience. Then steer clear of the souvenirs, which can cost more than the ticket itself.

Cinderella’s carriage is a lovely addition to the show.

Do you need to be a big Disney fan to enjoy Disney on Ice?

Not at all. Guests do not even need to be familiar with the characters or films in order to enjoy the show.

While Disney on Ice is a themed show, the presentations are more about showcasing the lively movie soundtracks, the costuming and the phenomenal ice performance than about following a storyline.

Is Disney on Ice Worth It?

For those that can’t get enough Disney stuff, watching the Disney on Ice show when it comes to your hometown is absolutely worth it! My kids and I have loved watching prior Disney on Ice productions. And Let’s Celebrate was no exception, it was fantastic.

As far as the shows go, a great time is guaranteed for the whole family. You’ll experience all the Disney magic in the Disney on Ice shows that you’ve come to expect at the theme parks. This great show is an excellent value and awesome entertainment all around!

Safety Protocols for Disney on Ice

Before attending Disney on Ice with kids, review the rules and policies of the individual location. At the Pechanga Arena in California, attendees are encouraged to be fully vaccinated and/or obtain a negative Covid-19 test. This is no longer required to enter the show but recommended by the venue.

While we did have other attendees in front and behind us, there were still empty seats in the arena. Once the show began and we realized that nobody was going to be sitting in the seats next to us, we moved over to allow for more personal space around us.

Facial coverings are strongly suggested indoors, but not required. It’s your family’s personal choice to wear a mask or not.

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