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Disney Springs Raglan Road Irish Pub Brunch with Kids

Disney Springs Raglan Road Irish Pub Brunch with Kids


If a Walt Disney World visit is in your future, definitely look outside of the theme parks when scheduling your family dining. Raglan Road is an authentic Irish pub at Disney Springs with fantastic brunch, lunch and dinner options. Raglan Road is family-friendly, offers unique meal and drink choices as well as live entertainment in the way of Celtic music and dancing. This is my review and guide of the Raglan Road brunch menu and entertainment, called the Rollicking Raglan brunch.
Raglan Road Disney Spring exterior building

Raglan Road looks like an authentic Irish pub, inside and out.

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Is an Irish pub a good place for kids? If it's the Raglan Road Rollicking Raglan Brunch at Walt Disney World Disney Springs, then YES, it's perfect! Find out what there is to eat & drink at brunch, how kids can get on stage for an Irish dance lesson, what to expect and even what NOT to order off the menu! #RaglanRoad #IrishPub #DisneySprings #DisneyTips | Travel with Kids | Family Travel | Restaurant Dining | Orlando | Florida | Eating Out

Raglan Road Brunch Review

My family of four (myself, husband, 7-year old son and 3-year old daughter) attended the Rollicking Raglan brunch on a Saturday afternoon. This Raglan Road review includes my thoughts on the food during the brunch, entertainment and guide to how families can best enjoy a visit to this authentic Irish pub at Disney World! You should set aside about 2 hours to leisurely enjoy the brunch. We would have easily stayed longer but had a plane to catch!

Raglan Road stage

Raglan Road is a family-friendly restaurant and show

I’ve included some tips on where to park, best times to visit with kids, what to say when booking your advance dining reservation, Irish dance lessons, and what you shouldn’t order off the Raglan Road menu!

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The Raglan Road Irish Pub

Where is Raglan Road?

Raglan Road is a full-service dining restaurant located in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. The restaurant is positioned in The Landing section of Disney Springs.

Raglan Road Disney Springs Orlando Florida Walt Disney World

Raglan Road is located in Disney Springs, Walt Disney World

We parked in the Orange garage at Disney Springs, which turned out to be a bit of a hike. Not so bad on the way to the restaurant but oh, afterwards – Try walking fast to the car to hightail to the airport with a full stomach of Irish food in the Florida heat! I suggest parking in the Lime garage when visiting Raglan Road instead, it’s definitely closer.

Raglan Road Atmosphere

You can’t miss the Irish pub look of Raglan Road, even from the outside. Inside, you’ll find the dark wood expected, with bright spots of color streaming through the high stained glass windows. 4 of the Raglan Road bars were imported from Ireland, giving you an authentic Irish pub feel. The stage boards are authentic too (150 years old!) so imagine the Irish feet that have tapped toes there over the years.

Raglan Road Irish Pub interior bar

Interior of Raglan Road Irish Pub

As far as being an authentic pub, almost every single person we spoke to at Raglan Road had an Irish accent, from the band, to the manager, to the dancers. Though our wonderful waitress Angela didn’t have the accent, she still had Irish pride in her restaurant and was extremely knowledgeable about the menu.

Disney Springs Raglan Road Dining and Shows

Raglan Road Dining

Disney Springs restaurant Raglan Road offers great Irish food that goes beyond the typical fish and chips you’ve come to expect from an Irish pub. This is Irish comfort food with a modern twist! Raglan Road does participate in the Disney Dining Plan and Disney Deluxe Dining Plan (one table service credit for either lunch or dinner, but not available for brunch).

Raglan Road Disney Springs Rollicking Raglan Brunch menu

Raglan Road menu for brunch

Disney Springs Raglan Road Entertainment

This is THE PLACE to find joyful Irish music and dance! Raglan Road is a fun family-friendly show that combines delicious dining with live entertainment. Keep reading on how your kids can participate in the shows! The band and dancers move about the Grand Room during brunch, entertaining from the main stage, a small stage central to the room as well as on portable floor boards around the room.

Raglan Road Irish dance lessons for kids

Raglan Road kid’s dance lessons

Raglan Road Brunch Menu

The brunch menu at Raglan Road is slightly different than for regular meals. It’s abbreviated, which for me was a good thing. The regular menu is so vast it can be a challenge to narrow down to one choice! The Raglan Road brunch menu includes appetizers, entrees that include both breakfast sweet and savory items as well as lunch type items, dessert and drinks.

Three cocktails on the Raglan Road drink menu are unique to the brunch: The Cure (the house made Bloody Mary), Grapefruit and T, and my choice, the Strawberry Field Mimosa. Refreshing and delicious, it includes Ciroc vodka, Aperol, lemon juice and house made strawberry puree topped off with prosecco.  

Strawberry Field Mimosa at Raglan Road brunch

Strawberry Field Mimosa is a Raglan Road brunch specialty cocktail

If you’d rather choose a more traditional Irish beverage, there’s lots of beer of course, on draft and in bottles. Ask your server for a suggestion based on your personal tastes and they can guide you towards choosing from one of the Raglan Road Signature Brews (my husband’s favorite was the Blagger Organic Blonde Lager). You’ll also find signature drinks that include Irish whiskey, Irish gin, and Bailey’s Irish cream.

Brunch drink menu at Raglan Road

Raglan Road drink menu for brunch

Seafood at Raglan Road

Seafood choices are many on the Raglan Road menu. Alan Delahunt, Raglan Road’s general manager, spoke passionately about the seafood that Raglan Road proudly serves. He was recently invited onto the boat in Massachusetts’s Georges Bank that catches all the seafood served at Raglan Road. 

Atlantic fish is delivered to Raglan Road’s kitchen every other day. It’s all served fresh, never frozen, ensuring only the freshest cuts of seafood. Everything is free from injection or chemicals, something that clearly shines through in these fresh seafood options. We had the opportunity to try several seafood dishes at Raglan Road, including the Scallop Forest appetizer. Whimsically served on a “forest” of forks speared with the enormous scallops that have been golden battered and served with citrus lime dipping sauce and sweet chili jam.

Raglan Road seafood In Cod's Way

In Cod’s Way – seafood dish at Raglan Road

My 3 year old daughter, who normally doesn’t much care for fish, gobbled up her scallop (a healthy amount of fresh tartar sauce helped!) Consider ordering one of these other creative Raglan Road seafood options for brunch:

  • Salmon Prone to Waffling – Grilled salmon topped with smoked salmon, house made waffles, poached eggs with a maple butter sauce
  • Lobster Club – Lobster, avocado and egg, citrus mayonnaise, crispy prosciutto and watercress on a multigrain loaf with Irish chips

  • When Cider met Salmon Salad – Cider glazed salmon, arugula, peas, potatoes, fennel, preserved lemon

  • Salmon Royalty – Irish-style smoked salmon, poached eggs, sautéed spinach, caper hollandaise on Irish soda bread

  • In Cod’s Way – Pan seared north Atlantic cod, lemon and herb crushed potatoes, garden peas, tomato and caper butter sauce. My husband was allowed to order this off the regular dinner menu (not sure if that’s a regular thing, you could ask your server). 

What NOT to Order at Raglan Road

What food do you think of when you think of authentic Irish cuisine? Fish & Chips, right?

Alan had encouraged us to get creative with the menu and not just order the fish and chips that many rely on when dining in an Irish pub. Sure, it’s delicious, but why not try something different? Alan mentioned that the Raglan Road menu is filled with creative items that you wouldn’t easily make yourself at home. And I’ve always agreed with that sentiment. If I’m going out for a meal, I’m ordering something I can’t easily cook at home.

So what should you order at Raglan Road? I’m with Alan. If you find yourself at Raglan Road, they offer so much more than the traditional fish and chips, so I implore you to try something adventurous. Even menu items like the usual Shepard’s Pie are given a creative twist. Keep reading about the unique things to order off the Raglan Road brunch menu.

Raglan Road brunch with kids

What is there for kid’s to enjoy at Raglan Road?

What to Eat at Raglan Road for Brunch

Meals start off with complimentary Irish soda bread, served with a Guinness dipping sauce. It’s a sweet and delicious combination. But don’t get too full on the bread when there’s still so much to enjoy on the menu!

I ordered the Worth the Wait Beef Sandwich. Beef that’s been braised for 12 hours with sauteed mushrooms, crispy onions, smoked cheddar and a garlic aioli sauce with chips on the side. About half way through I started getting full and had to ditch the top ciabatta bun. As good as it was, I wanted to make sure I ate every bite of the tender meat inside! This was a big winner.

Raglan Road brunch Worth the Wait Beef Sandwich

Worth the Wait Beef Sandwich at Raglan Road

  • It’s a Sausage Jim But Not as We Know It – House made chicken and pork sausage, breaded eggs, Ballymaloe gourmet ketchup. All the flavors of Ireland in one bite!
  • Boaring Burger – Grilled wild boar burger, Cashel blue cheese, crispy onion strings, arugula, port and pear chutney with herb aïoli served on a floury potato bun.
  • The Happy Marriage Omelet – Slow braised chicken, bacon jam, sautéed spring onions and crispy diced potatoes.
  • Go(at) Fig(ure) – Irish goats cheese terrines made with sautéed garlic, shallots and shiitake mushrooms in a herb breadcrumb crust served with mixed greens, fig jam, roasted beets and toasted walnuts. Chicken or shrimp can be added for an additional cost.

Vegetarians and those who are gluten-free can easily choose great dining options at Raglan Road. Just like at all Disney World restaurants, those with allergies, those who require a gluten free option or those who have food sensitivities should request to talk about the menu with the chef. 

Is Raglan Road Kid-Friendly?

Yes, there’s alcohol (and plenty of it) on the menu. Yes, there’s a bar inside the restaurant. But at least on our visit during the Raglan Road brunch, we saw more families with kids than without. Raglan Road is in the Disney World resort area at Disney Springs, where dining and entertainment is family focused. You can most certainly have a wonderful time at Raglan Road, even with (or especially with) kids in tow!

Raglan Road brunch

My kids loved our visit to Raglan Road during the weekend brunch

That being said, there might be better times than others to visit Raglan Road with kids. Our waitress mentioned that the late hours can get a bit more raucous. They actually block the center stage access as many guests who have “over-celebrated” try to get up on stage and dance! The weekend brunch is an ideal time for families as well as the earlier dinner times.

Raglan Road Kid’s Menu

The kid’s menu remains the same for brunch, lunch or dinner with a nice mix of beef, chicken, seafood and pasta. 

My kids ordered the Little Big Burger and Macaroni and Cheese. I nibbled both and the flavors on the kid’s menu are just as good as on the adult menu! However if you have picky kids be aware they might turn up their nose at the Dubliner cheese served on the burger or that the mac & cheese is really creamy white Dubliner cheese and not the orange stuff served at home. Naturally, the Irish chips (aka: French fries) are always a hit with kids.

I, for one, love that Raglan Road offers their youngest guests real food with an Irish taste. But if you think your kids won’t enjoy the food as-is, consider making special requests. We were easily able to get a cup of fruit as the side on one of the kid’s meals though it’s not offered on the menu.

Kid's menu macaroni and cheese at Raglan Road Irish Pub

Happy with her Raglan Road macaroni and cheese

When to Book Your Raglan Road Brunch Reservation

The Rollicking Raglan Brunch takes place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm however dance entertainment doesn’t start until noon. I’d recommend booking your Advance Dining Reservation for 11:45 am, which will give you time to sit and order before the music starts. That’s what time we arrived and it was perfect. 

I had the chance to speak with Emma, one of the dancers, about the entertainment. Dancing takes place starting at noon during the weekend brunch. The first kid’s Irish dance lesson takes place at 12:30 pm and every hour thereafter. In the evenings, dancing begins at 4:30 pm and kid’s dance lessons are held on the stage every 90 mins.

Raglan Road kid's Irish dance lessons

Irish dance lessons for kids

If watching the dancing is important and you like to be up close to the entertainment, request the Grand room near the stage when booking your Advance Dining Reservation. There are few places at Raglan Road to avoid the noise of music and tapping feet, but if you’d prefer to be farther away, request one of the side rooms. During the nighttime show, the dancers do move briefly into these rooms about every hour.

Raglan Road Brunch Live Entertainment

We attended the Rollicking Raglan Brunch which takes place only on Saturday and Sundays from Noon to 3:00 pm. Entertainment at Raglan Road includes dancing by award-winning tappers along with live music.

Raglan Road entertainment schedule – times for a meal and show are as follows:

  • The Rhythms of Raglan: daily from 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Dance shows & Live Music: 4:30 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Live bands: daily from 10:30 pm – 1:00 am
Raglan Road Irish dancing and Celtic music

Live music and dancing at Raglan Road

Music is played live by a variety of house bands. During our visit for brunch the Irish band TradGad deftly combined lively Irish music with slower, more pensive ballads.

Other Raglan Road bands include:

  • High Road
  • Reel Republic
  • Aaron O’Grady (patio stage)
  • Strings N’ Things (late-night performances)

Irish Dance Show Participation

Starting at 12:30 pm on weekends, the dancers announce the kid’s Irish dance lesson. They invite a select number of children onto the stage for a brief “lesson” with the dancers. Naturally, seeing your child on stage will be a highlight of the brunch! We dined long enough at Raglan Road that my 3 year old daughter was able to participate twice.

Raglan Road brunch dance lesson for kids

Watching the kid’s Irish dance lesson is a Raglan Road brunch highlight!

We couldn’t get the 7 year old up there (despite bribing!) but he definitely enjoyed watching. He even wrote 10! on a piece of paper and held it up for the band to see, which they got a kick out of!

After the lesson, your child will return to their seat with a personalized certificate of participation. They even gave one to our non-participating son, just for being an enthusiastic audience member, I guess!

Certificate of Participation for dancers at Raglan Road

Raglan Road certificate of participation

The first kid’s Irish dance lesson takes place at 12:30 pm and is held every hour thereafter. Dancers will come to the stage to personally invite kids to join them. The Irish dance lesson is a great reason to attend the Raglan Road brunch with your kids. Even if your children don’t get on stage, they will enjoy watching the other kids. And if you stay long enough your child might consider participating the second time they’re asked.

Dessert at Raglan Road

Despite the large meal servings at Raglan Road, you’ll want to save some room for dessert! The Raglan Road dessert menu is creative and has some Instagram-worthy dishes.

Raglan Road Ger's Bread and Butter Pudding

Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding at Raglan Road

I’d heard great things about Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding at Raglan Road so naturally, that was the top of our dessert list. The small mug is deceiving. This is a rich and creamy dessert that should be shared in almost all cases (especially if you’ve just indulged in a large meal!) The pudding is served with mini cups of cream and caramel. You’ll want to cover each bite with the sauce so plate the servings (if you’re sharing) and pour on the sauces.

Our waitress insisted on bringing over the beautiful Raglan Delight. This raspberry pavlova is served atop a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with raspberry sauce. Melt-in-your-mouth yummy all around. I’m so glad she insisted!

Raglan Road dessert, the Raglan Delight

Raglan Delight dessert

Other Things to Know About Raglan Road

Raglan Road Prices – menu prices are very reasonable at Raglan Road considering most of the dishes are large enough to share between two. I found the pricing to be in line with many other Disney restaurants (while the Raglan Road food was superior). My huge beef sandwich was $20 and included chips. Most brunch menu items are priced in the same range (give or take a few dollars).

Raglan Road Gift Shop – the extensive souvenir shop includes special treats and Irish mementos.

Cookes of Dublin – no time for dinner and a show? Grab a bite to go from the quick service Dublin-style restaurant next door to Raglan Road. 

A visit to Raglan Road is highly recommended, whether you can attend the brunch or stop in for lunch or dinner instead. It’s a family friendly place with delicious food and amazing entertainment. 

Families going to Disney World should consider brunch at Disney Springs Raglan Road! It's a great blend of live entertainment, unique food and Irish dancing. Get the scoop on the weekend Rollicking Raglan Brunch including what to eat & drink on the brunch menu, how kids can get on stage for an Irish dance lesson, what to expect and even what NOT to order! #RaglanRoad #IrishPub #DisneySprings #DisneyTips | Travel with Kids | Family Travel | Restaurant Dining | Orlando | Florida | Eating Out

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