Disney Trip FREE Printable – Packing List for Kids



When traveling with kids, packing for any extended vacation takes advanced planning and organization. And for a Disney trip, packing all you need is essential since most (if not all of your time) will be spend on Resort property. You certainly don’t want to have to make a side trip if someone forgot to pack something essential. Keep reading for my Disney trip packing list for kids.

Disney Trip Packing List for Kids

I’m a HUGE list maker! I honestly make lists for everything. It helps me stay organized leading up to a trip, when planning, packing and yes, even when putting everything back into the suitcase to come home. Don’t want to leave anything behind! With a toddler, young kid and two teens, the packing list varies for each but I’ve included the basics everyone needs here.

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Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids

Even with the best laid plans, sometimes things go awry! On one Disneyland road trip, my husband put our toddler in the car without his shoes on and it wasn’t until we were a block from the Disneyland Resort did we realize that he didn’t have any shoes! Quick stop at Target and all was good. But hopefully you can avoid extra stops and with these Disney trip printables, you’ll be organized and prepared!

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Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids that they can use to pack for themselves!

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Helpful Packing Tips for Kids

My goal is to have my older kids pack their own travel bags. I’ve created a list that is straightforward and that kids can check-mark off as they go. Nobody will forget their shoes if they follow this list! Open and print a copy for each child and they’ll be prepared to pack up their own Disney vacation bag! Keep reading for the free printable.

Keep it Small

  • Consider smaller sized travel items that will fit inside one zippered pouch.
  • Don’t worry about shampoo & conditioner since the hotel will usually have those available.
  • Use your own body wash from home and refill these Leak Proof Silicone Travel Bottles.
  • Choose Travel Toothbrush that are on the shorter size that will fit inside the pouch.
  • Use a compact hairbrush that folds up or pack a travel sized version to preserve space. I like the Wet Brush Squirt Detangler Hair Brush, which is a perfect pool-side brush for combing wet hair.

Bundle Up

Bundle outfits into a stack with everything they’ll need to wear for the day (socks, undies, shorts, tee, hair accessories, etc) and then slide the bundle into a large zip-close bag. Press the air out of the bag before sealing shut. At the end of the day, fold the dirty clothes back into the bag and zip it shut. This keeps the dirty clothes from getting mixed in with the clean clothes and it keeps your hotel room from stinking like a dirty gym sock. Am I right about that? Ewwww….

It’s also so much easier to pack when there are individual bags with the air squeezed out. I even go so far as to label the day of the week on each bag so they can pick it out and get dressed each morning without fuss. Reuse the bags for your next trip.

Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids

Neat and Tidy

Pack a small pop up mesh hamper for kids to toss their dirty clothes or shoes into when they return from the park. This will eliminate the “Where’s my left sandal?!” in the morning.

Have kids store their personal toiletries in individual travel toiletry bags. This keeps the bathroom counter neat and tidy and nobody is looking for their toothbrush when you all stagger back to the room late at night.

The Park Bag

Have a “Park bag”, aka: backpack for each child. I found one that my son uses for Disney trips on Etsy and it’s embroidered with his last name. Kids older than about 6 yrs old can use a backpack that holds their supplies for the day. Find something that your kids can easily take off by themselves when getting on rides.

Kids can keep track of their own snacks, souvenir money and maps. I know my son is always proud to carry his own Disney bag through the day (so long as it’s not overloaded and too heavy!)

Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids

Ready to let the kids pack their own Disney luggage and park bag? Click here for your FREE Disney Trip Kids Packing List!

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What packing tips do you have when taking kids on a Disney vacation? Please share in the comments!

Disney Trip FREE Printable - Packing List for Kids that they can use to pack for themselves!

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  1. Love the idea of having the kids take an active role in their own packing. Great list! We are leaving for a trip to Williamsburg, VA this weekend, and I’m going to have my son do this very thing!

  2. I love the idea of including older kids in the packing – but I absolutely couldn’t trust them to get everything they need without a list. We would probably end up with very few clothes, zero pairs of underwear, and a dozen stuffed animals 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this. Packing for the park is definitely not ordinary and it is soooooo easy to forget something at home or even in the room.

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