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DisneyBounding Rules for Dressing Up Without the Costume

DisneyBounding Rules for Dressing Up Without the Costume


Put together a DisneyBound look in your own personal style to transform normal clothes in a fashion-forward way of representing a beloved Disney character. Try these outfit ideas at Disney theme parks or as everyday outfits in a subtle way to dress without resorting to full costume. This article offers up the best DisneyBound rules to create outfits of your favorite Disney characters in new ways using your everyday clothes!

My family as Eeyore, Piglet and Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland

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This post originally published on Aug 17, 2015 and has been updated and republished with a new date.

Are There DisneyBounding Rules?

Children under 12 can dress in costume at the Disney Parks, but what about the rest of us who’d like to show their Disney spirit but can’t go full out in costume? DisneyBounding!

By using clothes from your own closet, you can create the unique look of a certain Disney character that you can wear to the Parks. It’s an easy way to dress fashionably without resorting to the typical Disney t-shirt.

So what are the DisneyBounding rules to follow that gets you looking fabulous? How can adult guests have a little fun with their fashion while still adhering to the Disney theme park rules and dress code? Here are some DisneyBound ideas everyone in the family can use!

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas.

What is DisneyBound?

DisneyBound uses everyday clothing in a way that represents a specific Disney character. DisneyBounding isn’t costume or wild cosplay. The beauty of DisneyBounding is it’s creativity and uniqueness.

Started by blogger Leslie Kay, DisneyBound uses everyday pieces in creative ways to express the personality of recognizable characters.

Take a look on Pinterest DisneyBound. You can see how many interpretations people are able to come up with based on one character’s “look”. DisneyBounding is great for visit to the Disney Parks. But these fashion trends are especially appropriate during the Dapper Day events, nighttime special events and Christmas season.

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas.
Image credit: Disneybound on Pinterest

Is DisneyBound Allowed in the Disney Parks?

Yes! While adults and anyone over the age of 13 cannot wear costumes in the Disney Parks, all guests may DisneyBound!

Since you’ll just be wearing regular clothing, there is no issue with DisneyBounding. That is as long as you don’t pretend to be a Cast Member in the parks. Your clothing must also meet the Parks general guidelines for taste and appropriateness.

Disneybound is really fun year-round, but especially during the Halloween season. You’ll feel “dressed up” but not in a costume.

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Can You Dress in Costume at Disney Parks?

Only kids up to age 12 can dress in costume inside the parks on a regular day. Grown ups need to wait for special events like Oogie Boogie Bash – Disney Halloween Party!

Feel free to let little ones go all out with complete costumes in the park, so long as they’re comfortable. And be sure they are wearing real shoes and not dress up costume shoes.

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Dressed up for Oogie Boogie Bash

DisneyBounding as a Group

To me, this seems like the most FUN way to Disneybound, when everyone in the group dresses to represent a particular character in a single theme. The ideas for Disney Bound outfits are endless with hundreds of different Disney characters.

For group styling, here are some top group costumes to consider –

  • Inside Out
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Toy Story
  • Encanto
  • Peter Pan
  • Frozen
Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas.
Image Credit: Pinterest

What Are the DisneyBounding “Rules”?

I came up with a few DisneyBounding “rules”, using the Fab 5 as examples, that make dressing as your favorite character fun and easy. My DisneyBound ideas are clothes you can wear at the Parks, so these are comfortable and practical but still fun (not a high heel in sight!).

How will you DisneyBound? Here are some ideas!

1. DISNEYBOUND RULE – Patterns are a Plus

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas. #Disney #DisneyBound #DressingDisney #DisneyOutfits #Disney #DisneyVacation

Does your character have a recognizable pattern, like Minnie Mouse and her signature polka dots? Wearing red and white polka dots will almost automatically link you to Minnie, but what other prints can you find that are a similar match to your character? How about green fish scales for Ariel, purple and pink stripes for the Cheshire Cat or Woody’s yellow checked shirt!

Tigger DisneyBound

DisneyBound Jack Skellington

Disneybound DIY Tips

Can’t find the right thing? Consider making it match with a little creativity on your own. Fabric Paint is ideal and very easy to use, even if you’re a beginner. Here are a few ideas to design your own DisneyBound!

  • Paint your own over-sized white leaves on a red tunic just like Lilo’s.
  • Transfer the details of Anna from Frozen’s dress by painting the design on a t-shirt. Create a handmade stencil to make the print on the fabric yourself.

2. DISNEYBOUND RULE – Colors Give You Character

What is your character’s main color palette? No need to be exact on either colors or matching identical pieces, just a general idea of that character’s look. Refer to the example of Goofy with his green hat, orange top, brown vest and blue pants.

The Inside Out characters are perfect for DisneyBound because they each have identifiable bright colors!

Image Credit: DisneyBound via Pinterest

What other characters use color dramatically in their look? How about Elsa in her sparkling ice blue gown and silver snowflakes? Or Ursula in a swirl of black and purple. As long as you keep with these color tones, you can mix up the design of the outfit as you please.

Ursula DisneyBound from The Little Mermaid

Dopey from Snow White DisneyBound

3. DISNEYBOUND RULE – It’s All in the Accessories

What is the most eye-catching piece of your character’s look? For Donald Duck, it’s his bright red bow, front and center. With thoughtful accessorizing, you can relax on the other pieces (because you probably don’t want to dress in a full sailor suit!)

Donald Duck Disney Bound

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas. #Disney #DisneyBound #DressingDisney #DisneyOutfits #Disney #DisneyVacation

What other characters have fun accessories that complete their look? Think candy hair accessories for Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph, Cruella de Vil’s red gloves or the heart of Te Fiti necklace like Moana.

Candy hair accessories like Vanellope from Wreck It Ralph

Moana DisneyBound Outfit

How Can You DisneyBound on a Budget?

Everyone should start with a list of their favorite characters. Do a little research to see what colors and accessories work well for that character. Then hit your own closet first! Pull out pieces that work for your character.

Your next stop could be thrift stores to round out the look. Or put a call out for something needed between your friends. Someone could possibly have the perfect cowboy boots for your Woody ensemble and you can avoid having the purchase them!

Handmade Vanellope Wreck it Ralph costume
Easy Vanellope Wreck it Ralph costume

Simple closet staples like t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies are easy to convert into a DisneyBound look. For instance, for a Miguel DisneyBound, add a strip of white ribbon to each sleeve of a red hoodie.

DisneyBound Miguel from Coco

4. DISNEYBOUND RULE – Cute, But Not Costume-y

There’s a big difference between DisneyBound and costumes. When choosing less-than-obvious characters, consider that you might not be easily recognized as being DisneyBound. You’ll look cute, but not in costume. If you want to pointedly direct attention to your outfit consider having a toy, purse or an accessory (like enamel pins of the character) on your shirt.

You wouldn’t put on feathers to DisneyBound as Daisy Duck, but a fluffy white dress gives the impression of feathers

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas. #Disney #DisneyBound #DressingDisney #DisneyOutfits #Disney #DisneyVacation

This Snow White DIY tee can easily be replicated for an adult. Add a red hair accessory and yellow bottoms to complete the look!

Consider for kid’s basic pieces in comfy fabrics and a wide variety of colors. Click through to get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT.

Here’s a fun look for Ariel that doesn’t require you to dress in fish scale pattern! This flowy midi skirt gives a flowy, ethereal look that’s similar to Ariel’s mermaid tail. This is a beautiful outfit that offers the impression of the classic Little Mermaid, without looking like a costume.

Ariel DisneyBound

5. DISNEYBOUND RULE – Leave Literal Interpretation to the Littles

Literal interpretations lends themselves more towards costume than DisneyBound, like the Mickey Mouse example here. This is best left for the kids, who look simply adorable (whilst a grown man, not so much!)

Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas. #Disney #DisneyBound #DressingDisney #DisneyOutfits #Disney #DisneyVacation

DisneyBounding as a Disney princess can be easy when you rely on small character details and color scheme. Just a few pieces in the appropriate colors can turn your regular outfit into a complete look, without looking like a costume!

Rapunzel DisneyBound

6. DISNEYBOUND RULE – Character Details Make You More Recognizable

As a final example, I’ve added Pluto! A Pluto DisneyBound could be pretty plain, if you dress in head-to-toe yellow.

If your costume is vague or the character you chose doesn’t have much of a standout look, like Pluto, consider adding in character details. A Pluto hat, green choker necklace or MagicBand wrap with a custom design to add to your look.

Image Credit: DisneyBound via Pinterest

Go a subtle route and choose one accessory if your character is dressed over the top like Sully from Monsters Inc. or Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. Keep your costume simple and show off these cool accessories. Of course Mickey Ears are always a welcome accessory!

DisneyBound Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Favorite DisneyBound Inspirations

If you’re a Disney fanatic looking for additional Disney bounding ideas, follow their Instagram account!

  • Follow the original DisneyBound blog! Disney fan Leslie Kay which includes everything in Disney fandom from familiar to obscure. Follow at: theDisneyBound.
  • SoCal influencer Jessica McDonald offers up some unique DisneyBound ideas including characters from The Goofy Movie, Chip ‘n Dale and Kevin from UP! Follow at: itsjessicamcdonald
  • Erica Kurzawa DisneyBounds as Hocus Pocus characters or as a muse from Hercules, including some additional spooky scream queen Halloween ideas. Follow at ErikaEnchanted
  • Courtney Quinn has taken her great ideas to the next level, by partnering with Disney on a Tiana design line! Follow at ColorMeCourtney
Find out what DisneyBound is and what the rules are to dressing up for Disney inside the theme parks! Lots of fun DisneyBounding ideas! #Disney #DisneyBound #DressingDisney #DisneyClothes #DisneyCostumes #DisneyVacation #TravelPacking #DisneyBounding #WDW #Disneyland #DisneyWorld

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Rosanne @ What's the Point?

Monday 14th of September 2015

So I guess I've Disney bounded without knowing it? LOL! I need to get in on the new terminology. These are great ideas though and it looks so cute! Thanks for sharing.


Saturday 29th of August 2015

I am such a wuss. I am always scared of making it too cartoony. Hopefully your tips can get me to give it a try.


Tuesday 25th of August 2015

Loving your blog, what cute ideas! I especially love the one for Daisy. I'm so excited to do Disney now that we have a little girl.

Julie Bigboy

Tuesday 25th of August 2015

I love the Daisy too! That would be so cute for a little girl on a Disney trip!

Camille @ Sparks of Magic

Sunday 23rd of August 2015

I absolutely LOVE this post, thanks for all the tips, Julie! They will come in handy with our family bound this fall!! My hubby is not into full costume, so we will basically use color and subtle elements for his Hook bound!!

Lisa @Home is Where the Mouse is

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

These are some great tips, especially for Disney Bounding first timers. I love how Disney Bounding lets the adults have a little fun too!

Julie Bigboy

Wednesday 19th of August 2015

Exactly! I love to dress up Disney too, without getting full on costumy!

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