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50+ Best Disney Easter Basket Ideas

50+ Best Disney Easter Basket Ideas


It’s sure to be the best Easter basket your kids have ever seen, all with the Disney twist. This guide offers up lots of Disney Easter basket ideas including gifts for everyone from toddlers to teens!

Spider-Man & Iron Man Easter Tee – Image credit: PiPew on Etsy

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This post originally published on March 25th, 2015 and has been updated and republished with a new date.

Disney Easter Basket Ideas

I’ll be honest, Easter tends to sneak up on me. Just a few days before, I’m scrambling (hee-hee!) for Easter basket goodies for the kids. Not this year! I’ve been searching the web, collecting just the right Disney Easter basket ideas for my kids.

I’ve found the best basket stuffers for those going on vacation, candy and non-candy treats, ideas for babies & older kids, and cheap gifts under $15. Here are over 50 ideas for gifts to add to your Disney Easter basket this year – so let’s get hopping!

Making an Easter Basket Budget

Start with a container, then base your purchases on what will fit inside. Aim for between 4-7 items in a variety of sizes. Choose a healthy range of treats, practical and seasonal items, and something fun. I’ve also included book suggestions for all ages under each age group, from babies to teens.

Just like these Disney stocking stuffers, getting creative when shopping for Easter basket gifts is part of the fun in the process. Putting together a fantastic Disney Easter basket doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor.

I’ve included plenty of inexpensive Easter basket ideas, all with some Disney flair!

Personalized Disney Easter card – Image credit: CorneliusDesigns on Etsy

A Tisket, A Tasket – Finding the Best Easter Basket

Putting together an inspired Disney Easter basket starts with finding the best container. The vessel can also be a gift, as I’ll share! Here are a few thoughts before you buy.

My kids own fabric Easter baskets like this Mickey & Friends Easter Basket, sold on Etsy by EmmaGirlDesigns. They are lightweight and easy to carry on an egg hunt. These baskets also hold a nice amount of goodies!

If you have lots of goodies or need something larger try a reusable tote like this Stitch Shopping Tote.

Disney Easter Egg Hunt

Create an Easter egg hunt with a Disney theme! I’ve included some great ideas for Easter egg hunt stuffers. In order to not lose any of these valuable eggs in the yard, have the “Easter Bunny” keep a checklist of placement for the eggs with big prizes inside.

Grab this free Disney Easter scavenger hunt printable to create your own in-house or hotel room egg hunt! Follow a few of these ideas to make your Disney Easter egg hunt truly magical.

  • Pop a Disney gift card into one of the eggs for the hunt. Have more than one child? Be sure to label each egg with a name!
  • Collector’s pins like these Inside Out Flair Pins make for wonderful Easter egg stuffers!
  • As a non-candy treat, fill large plastic eggs with these toddler-friendly Disney finger puppets.
  • Instead of the traditional egg hunt, try a scavenger hunt instead. Have a special prize at the end, like this Mystery Figure Easter Egg surprise!

Something to Wear

Now, for the goodies to stuff inside the basket! I like to start with something sweet and practical that my sweeties can wear after church on Easter Sunday.

A bathing suit is one of the top Disney Easter basket ideas. Swim wear is ideal for warmer climates or for those planning a Disney vacation with kids.

Pajamas are a great way to end the day. Disney t-shirts like this tie-dye Disneyland shirt are perfect for those getting ready to pack the suitcase for a trip! (click images below to shop)

Themed Disney Easter Basket Ideas

One of the easiest ways to build a Disney Easter basket is by keeping with a theme. Base your child’s basket theme around their favorite Disney character or movie.

If your child has a top activity, like sports, cooking or dance, choose Disney themed basket stuffers that match their hobby. For example, this Disney: The Simple Family Cookbook is awesome for a young chef!

Vacation Essentials

If you’re planning an upcoming Disney vacation, theme your basket around the things your kids will need to pack on the trip. For additional Disney packing ideas for kids, be sure to click over and get your free printable checklist.

  • Swim suit
  • If your future trip includes a Disney cruise, remember to includes a few formal outfits. Include dress up items like a Disney bow tie inside the Easter basket.
Image credit: TitasHiding Place

Disney Games and Activities Basket Stuffers

These small basket-sized games offer just the right amount of Disney fun at home. Use some of these Disney Easter basket ideas to take on your vacation and entertain kids while standing in lines at the park!

Here’s a compact card game that’s great for home play as well as on the road. World of Disney Eye Found It is one of our family’s favorites to take to the park!

  • If you’re Disney park regulars, spotting Hidden Mickeys is a great way to plus-up your trip. The Hidden Mickeys of Walt Disney World offers tons of tips for finding them yourself.
  • Mad Libs is a super travel game in a variety of versions for any Disney fan! Choose several to have on hand for instant entertainment including Marvel’s Avengers or Disney Princess.

Easter Basket Ideas for Your Disney Baby

Babies will appreciate these sweetly special Disney Easter basket ideas just for them. In addition to things you might need for a trip to Disney with a baby, stuff their basket with things they can use right away too.

Click through for more Easter basket ideas for preschoolers and toddlers.

Image credit: LullabiesLollipops
  • A Personalized Disney pacifier clip from Etsy will keep baby’s paci within reach and from falling on the ground.
  • Adventure is out there, whether exploring your own backyard or Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Babies can proudly rock this charming Disney Outfit on Etsy.
Image credit: Organic Baby Goods
  • From Organic Baby Goods on Etsy, this Minnie Mouse Teething Gift Set has a sensory blanket “lovey” and wooden “bunny ear” chew toy.
  • Little droolers can keep their cute outfits dry with a Mickey Bandana Bib from Widdle Walt on Etsy.
Image credit: Widdle Walt

Easter Basket Fun for Kids

Elementary aged children love to share their love of Disney! These are special items for the Disney Easter basket that offer a wide variety for boys and girls alike.

Disney Easter Gifts for Older Kids

Not to be left out, these Disney Easter basket ideas can be used for older kids who still love a touch of Disney magic!

For teens that like to know the back story, the book Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World offers 600 secrets of the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Image Credit: Lil Creative Designs
  • Check out the sparkle and shine on this gorgeous Starbucks Disney Castle Cup from Lil Creative Designs on Etsy. Include a coffee gift card inside the Easter basket and really make your teen smile!
  • You need to click through and watch the video for this awesome The Claw See-Through Keychain from Wish Upon Magic on Etsy. The Toy Story aliens move inside the shaker, so cool!
Image credit: Wish Upon Magic
Image credit: Sweet Heart Nails
  • Give nails a splash of magic with this confetti-like glitter top coat Disney Nail Art Polish from Sweet Heart Polish.
  • Skip the pricey (and uncomfortable) Mouse Ears and try out these sequined Minnie Ears Hair Clips from Minnie Castle on Etsy. Bonus: These are under $10 for a pair! Keep reading for more budget-friendly Disney Easter basket ideas.
Image credit: Minnie Castle

Need more Easter basket ideas for older kids? Read through for 50 more tips on baskets for big kids.

Plush Pals, Figures & Dolls

It wouldn’t be an Easter basket without something soft and cuddly inside! Natural Disney has a plush pal for everyone, all in petite sizes to fit inside any Disney Easter basket.

If your kid prefers more action, there are also lots of play figures representing movie characters to include instead.

  • These new nuiMOs include Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Stitch and Disney Princesses, along with a large variety of boutique-style clothing to dress them in. These poseable plush couldn’t be cuter!
  • Reenact favorite scenes from the Disney+ series with this Mandalorian play figure set.
  • Which of the Disney Wishables will you get? These blind-bag limited edition collector’s plush are a mystery until you open them, but you’re sure to get something cute!
  • Disney’s Princess classic dolls are so beautifully made, and include jointed arms for posing, lovely features and detailed costumes. This Princess and Frog Tiana Classic Doll is one of my favorites!

Sweet Disney Easter Basket Treats

Yummy treats and snacks are an Easter basket must. These are a few ideas for both sweet and savory treats.

Who said the Easter basket should only have candy? If you can’t track down Disney-specific candies for the Easter basket but want to stick to the theme, look in the snack aisle of the grocery.

Non-candy snacks are always welcome, especially if you don’t buy them often! Mickey and his friends can be found on many snack foods including Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers, Brother’s Fruit Crisps, good2grow Fruit Juice, Good Health Veggie Chips and Fruit Snacks.

Cheap Disney Easter Basket Ideas

No need to break the bank when putting together your kid’s Easter baskets, even if you’re following a Disney theme. Each of these items are under $15 – sure to bring some pixie dust to your Easter morning! I’ve included choices for all ages.

Photo credit: MeDeliaStudios
  • Represent favorite characters with these detailed Disney Princess bows from Emporium on Main on Etsy.
Image credit: Emporium on Main
  • These Winnie the Pooh Socks are great for non-walking babies (and there are four pairs for less than $8 total).

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