Disneyland Restaurant Review – Wine Country Trattoria

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Disneyland Restaurant Review - Wine Country Trattoria

Wine Country Trattoria is an elegant but still relaxed and rustic restaurant. located in the middle of Disney California Adventure park. We took a mid-day break here for lunch recently.

We’ve eaten at Wine Country Trattoria several times in the past and this is what brings us back:

  • Wine and beer. No doubt, this is a highlight. Though I was 35 weeks pregnant on this last visit and was not imbibing, I usually do indulge in a glass of white wine when we dine here. My husband appreciates the fresh beer on tap and it’s a great break in our day to sit here and relax with a drink.
  • The atmosphere and design. With both indoor and outdoor seating, I like that the restaurant is raised up a bit on a slope so it doesn’t pick up a lot of noise from the walkway below. If you can get a patio seat during the Pixar-Play Parade, you’ll have a nice view!
  • We had eaten here once before, when we ordered the World of Color prix fixe meal dining package for this restaurant. This was quite a while ago, when it was more of a light “grab and go” meal. Now it’s a full three-course meal and guests are given a voucher for admission to that evening’s World of Color show.
  • The flavorful Italian dishes that are not typically served at an amusement park, so it’s a nice break from burgers, nuggets and fries.
Wine Country Trattoria -Disney's California Adventure {Saving up for Disney}
World of Color lunch with my two silly kids!

In the late summer of 2012 my family and I ate at Wine Country Trattoria inside Disney’s California Adventure. The restaurant has a beautiful Mediterranean setting and we were seated outside on the patio for lunch. My husband ordered the “sustainable fish of the day”, which happened to be sea bass served with fingerling potatoes and tomatoes. He was in heaven and said it was wonderful. And this is from someone who A.) Doesn’t like to eat in restaurants, B.) Doesn’t like to spend money on food and C.) Is a fisherman who knows fish and is picky about quality.

Wine Country - California Adventure {Saving up for Disney}
Sea Bass with fngerling potatoes

I ordered the lasagna on that trip which was also very tasty. The kids ordered off their menu (spaghetti & meatballs for my son, grilled chicken and broccolini for my daughter). At that time we were served beautiful rosemary rolls with olive oil and cracked black pepper on the table. I could eat those rosemary rolls all day and those were so fresh and warm with a nice crust.

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Wine Country Trattoria

On our recent visit (March 2016), I was disappointed to see that the rosemary rolls have been replaced by focaccia bread. Unfortunately the bread was cold and I didn’t care for the texture, which was more spongy. A drizzle with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar helped a bit, but I was still disappointed that the rosemary rolls we’d enjoyed previous were no longer.

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Wine Country Trattoria
Focaccia bread basket

My husband wasn’t interested in the fish offering that day (salmon) because he’d just eaten salmon the day before but he enjoyed a beer while we ate. My older son ordered the soup of the day, Italian wedding soup. He loves soup and seemed to enjoy this one, though at $7, it was a smaller than expected portion.

We ordered 2 kids meals and the two younger kids shared. They dined on an “Antipasti” of celery, carrots and grapes then their main course of pepperoni pizza and grilled chicken breast. The chicken plate was served with pasta primavera and broccolini (that was slightly overcooked, so the kids didn’t finish it).

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Wine Country Trattoria

I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich. The herbed chicken breast was nicely sized and served with provolone, arugula, roma tomatoes, and pesto aïoli. The green salad was a little heavy on the Caesar dressing but had a great flavor.

Disneyland Restaurant Review - Wine Country Trattoria

Though there were a few changes on our latest visit I still highly recommend this restaurant, especially if you need a peaceful respite (and perhaps a glass of wine?) in the midday.






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