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32 Kid’s DIY Handmade Bookmark Crafts

32 Kid’s DIY Handmade Bookmark Crafts


Start off the school year with all the things each child needs, from pencils, notebooks and yes, plenty of bookmarks. Gather the kids and your crafting supplies! These are 32 fun do-it-yourself bookmark crafts you can make at home for back to school.

Kid’s Bookmark Crafts

It’s a pet-peeve of mine to see my kids using whatever they can get their hands on as a bookmark – a sock, snack wrapper, a receipt. Or the worst, when the book is splayed out flat, bending the spine-Ack!!

My 9 year old is an avid reader so it’s very common for him to have multiple books being read at the same time. I have a good amount of bookmarks ready for him to grab whenever he starts up a new story. These DIY bookmark crafts range in textiles from paper to wood and other creative mediums. This round-up includes many of my blogging friends (photos used with permission). Click over to get the tutorials and support their small businesses.

Wooden Bookmark with Cricut Personalization

My kids and I recently created these hand painted wooden bookmarks together. It was a fun and simple craft that requires only a few items. In the end you’ll have these vibrant, personalized bookmarks that are perfect for gifting. My son made several extra to give to his friends and teacher as a first day of school present!

You could stop after painting but we wanted to add personalization to our bookmarks. Using our Cricut machine, we were able to quickly design these vinyl names, words and images. Here are the essentials you’ll need for this project.

  • Unfinished wooden bookmarks (this is the exact version I used for this project)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water cups for rinsing brushes
  • Paper towels for wiping off brushes in between colors
  • Cricut vinyl
  • Cricut Transfer Tape
  • Cricut accessories including weeding tool, scissors and scraper

Painting the Bookmarks

Here’s where your kid’s creativity can really shine. The lightweight, unfinished wood is easy to use with acrylic paint. All of the bookmarks shown here were painted with a single coat of acrylic paint. Add a tiny amount of water to the brush to create a more sheer color. Keep the brush more dry for denser color or when blending colors for an ombre effect.

Use an ombre paint technique to your bookmarks.

The wood dries very quickly so you’ll be able to move onto the next crafting step quickly. I broke up the project into two days, painting on one day and Cricut vinyl decorating on another.

Acrylic paint and a brush is all you need to paint these wooden bookmarks.

Easy Cricut Project

I have the Cricut Joy, which I love because of the Smart materials that don’t require a mat. I’ve used my Cricut machine along with iron-on vinyl many times for several Cricut t-shirt projects. This was my first time using permanent vinyl!

I designed my bookmark crafts easily in the Cricut Design Space and printed them out on permanent vinyl using the Joy machine. These are some of my tips for using Cricut Vinyl in this bookmark craft project:

  • I used a combination of personalization and images in my designs. Many designs, images and fonts are free with Design Space. Other images (like the Mickey Ears and Mickey Head) have a nominal fee.
Choose thicker fonts that are easier to transfer.
  • The design for each bookmark should not exceed 4.5″ long x 1″ high.
  • Choose fonts and designs that aren’t too tiny. You’ll need to use the weeding tool to pick out the excess vinyl before transferring to the wood.
  • No need to “mirror” the image – use Cricut Transfer Tape to move the image onto the wood.
Use Cricut Transfer Tape to move the vinyl to the bookmark.
Use a Cricut Scraper Tool to burnish the design onto the wood.
  • To finish off the bookmark craft, use small pieces of ribbon, cord, rick-rack or embroidery floss to loop through the hole.
Use leftover ribbon scraps to create the tags.

Gift a book along with a coordinated bookmark. For book suggestions, read this gift guide with 100 best books for kids. Keep reading for more DIY bookmark crafts you can make with the kids!

Paper Printable Bookmark Crafts

In Our Spare Time offers this Printable Coloring Bookmark with a fun, underwater theme that kids can decorate themselves.

Photo credit: In Our Spare Time
  • It’s a bookmark! It’s a stick puppet! How cute is this Made with Happy Bat Craft Paper Bookmark for the Halloween season?
  • Mermaids and glitter shine together in this colorful printable Mermaid Bookmark template from Three Kids, Three Cats and a Husband.
Photo credit: Three Kids, Three Cats and a Husband
  • All you need is origami paper, glue and a pen to create these sweet Ladybug Corner Bookmarks from ConservaMom.
  • For this DIY Graduation Bookmark, Ann’s Entitled Life includes a printable card idea for gifting this bookmark to a graduate.
Photo credit: Ann’s Entitled Life

For these printable paper bookmark crafts, you’ll need a printer with colored ink. I highly recommend signing up for HP Instant Ink. Your HP printer will connect to the Instant Ink program and automatically detect when you’re running low on ink.

No more last minute runs to the store or trying to figure out which cartridge you need for your printer! Plus the cost is at a great price, especially given the convenience. Choose the plan that works best for you. Try HP Instant Ink for yourself!

Fabric DIY Bookmark Crafts

Easy DIY Corner Bookmarks from Happiest Camper are an excellent way to make good use of scrap fabrics! This is a great first sewing machine project for youngsters.

Photo credit: Happiest Camper
  • These Fabric Bookmarks from Easy Things to Sew combine both machine and handstitching for a rustic and raw edged look.
  • Hit the scrap bin and make up a bunch of these Simple Fabric Bookmarks from Needlepointers. Just a basic straight edge stitch is needed.
  • The DIY Dreamer offers these step-by-step instructions for Sewing Fabric Bookmarks, another awesome beginning project for someone learning how to sew.
Photo credit: DIY Dreamer

No Sew and No Glue Bookmark Crafts

Using just flowers and clear contact paper, Lovely Indeed shows how to create elegant and beautiful Pressed Paper Flower Bookmarks.

Photo credit: Lovely Indeed
  • Want to use fabric but not the sewing machine? Try this No Sew Upcycled Fabric from Creative Green Living.
  • Duct tape is a cool and trendy material for creating durable crafts. DIY Candy shares how to make Duck Tape Corner Bookmarks in this tutorial.

Bookmarks with Paint, Crayons and Markers

  • Print, cut and hand over these Printable Unicorn Bookmarks to your Unicorn loving kids Simple Everyday Mom. With just markers and crayons, they’ll have their own whimsical page markers!
  • Create these unique Watercolor Bookmarks using the tips from Projects With Kids. Use watercolor paper, paints and stamps to make beautiful and creative bookmarks that are also mini pieces of art!
Photo credit: Projects With Kids

Bookmark Crafts with Paperclips

  • Crafty kids will enjoy making these Fabric Yo Yo Bookmarks from In Our Spare Time. Use your scrap fabrics and button stash to make unique page holders.
  • Using basic felt and puff paint, get the details on how to design your own Paperclip Bird Bookmark from Craftsy Hacks.
  • If ultra-easy is your game, you can’t beat this Simple Ribbon Bookmark from Craftivity Designs. Uses just paperclips and leftover ribbons.
Photo credit: Craftivity Designs

Leather Bookmarks

  • Get the tips on how to customize these simply no-sew Handmade Leather Bookmarks from Making Manzanita, including paint, wax and and cord loops.
  • This edgy and sophisticated DIY Leather Bookmark craft from A Rose Tinted World is an awesome project for a tween or teen.

Felt Bookmark Crafts

  • These easy Felt Bird DIY Bookmarks use a simple paperclip and colored felt. Use the detailed instructions from Sustain My Craft Habit to decorate these birds as creatively as you wish.
  • From Easy Things to Sew, try making a Felt Flower Elastic Book Band. Easy to put together and a do-able first sewing project for kids.
Photo credit: Easy Things to Sew

Paper Crafted Bookmarks

These Rocket Craft Bookmarks from Kim and Carrie use leftover colored craft or construction paper to make simple pieced-together paper pageholders.

Photo credit: Kim and Carrie
  • Give kids a hand with marking their page with this Handprint Kid’s Bookmark Craft from Craftsy Hacks. Totally personalized, young kids will enjoy making this craft project together!
  • Hold your place in the Christmas classic story and make a whimsical Grinch Bookmark from Family Budgeting.
  • How adorable are these paper craft Ladybug Bookmarks from Mommy Made That! Step by step directions for crafting the corner bookmark and printable for the insect.
Photo credit: Mommy Made That

Tasseled Bookmarks

  • Love Our Real Life Cardstock Handmade Bookmark includes instructions for making your own simple yarn tassel.
  • This rainbow tailed Unicorn Bookmark is all about the tassel! Find out how to make this adorable bookmark and tassel using the tutorial on Tikkido.
Photo credit: Tikkido

Bookmarks with Buttons

  • From A Rose Tinted World, these handmade Fabric and Button Bookmarks loop around the book pages using a button and elastic band.
  • A button, a paperclip and glue – that’s all you need to craft these Needlepointers Button Bookmarks that are a perfect way to use favorite buttons in your stash.

More Handcrafted Bookmark Crafts

Save up those ice pop sticks and recycle them into something beautiful! Check out this Made with Happy Popsicle Stick DIY Flower Bookmark, which shows how to create simple craft paper flowers.

Photo credit: Made with Happy
  • With just hot glue, elastic and denim scraps, kids can make this charming No-Sew Elastic Book Band from Sustain My Craft Habit.
  • Do you save those teeny tiny scraps from fabric cuts? This is just the project for you! This craft for Scrap Fabric Bookmarks from Upcycle My Stuff results in completely unique and creative designs.
  • If you have a way with a crochet hook and yarn, these dainty Crochet Bookmarks from Crochet n’ Create are perfect.
  • Kitty lovers will adore making these precious (and super easy) Cat Bookmarks, crafted from paint chips by DIY Candy.
Photo credit: DIY Candy
Cricut Designed Bookmarks

Cricut Designed Bookmarks

Personalize wooden handpainted bookmarks with unique Cricut designs and permanent vinyl.


  • Blank wooden bookmarks
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Cricut permanent vinyl
  • Cricut Transfer Tape
  • Ribbon, cord, tassel, and/or embroidery thread


  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut tools including picker and scraper


  1. Use acrylic paint to decorate blank, unfinished wood bookmarks. Allow to dry.
  2. Use Cricut Design Space to create image and personalization, no larger than 4.5" long and 1" high. Use simple and bold fonts/designs that will be easy to pick out at this smaller size.
  3. Print design onto Cricut permanent vinyl (do not "mirror" image). Use picking tool to pick out excess vinyl. Trim off excess material.
  4. Use Cricut Transfer Tape to move vinyl onto painted wooden bookmark. Cut a piece of transfer tape slightly larger than the size of the design. Remove backing and apply sticky side of tape onto the vinyl design. Use scraping tool and rub on top of the tape. Slowly pull back corner of the tape to ensure that vinyl is sticking to the tape. Carefully remove tape with vinyl attached.
  5. Transfer the vinyl to the bookmark, centering design. Use scraping tool again to burnish the vinyl to the wood. Slowly remove tape, ensuring that vinyl has been transferred to wooden bookmark.
  6. Finish off bookmark by adding ribbon scraps, tassels, cord, etc to the end by looping through the hole and securing with a knot.

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