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50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids

50+ Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids


If you’re on the hunt for Easter basket ideas for older kids, the items in this springtime gift guide will help! From practical to whimsical, these 50+ ideas for Easter basket stuffers are sure to delight your big kids, including tweens and teens.

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Easter Basket Ideas for Older Kids

When my kids were toddlers and preschoolers, stuffing the Easter basket was easy. A few small toys, coloring books and eggs filled with candy. Done! My younger kids were happy and the Easter basket ideas were plentiful.

Older children still want to be included in the Easter festivities, including egg hunts. But what to get older kids for Easter that won’t break the bank and still bring excitement (egg-citement?!).

These fun Easter basket ideas for older kids are practical and reasonably priced. The best part – big kids will still love receiving these baskets (even if they have outgrown the Easter bunny!).

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What to Put in a Big Kid’s Easter Basket

Gifts for older kids can be pricey. And for families coming off Christmas and heading into summer vacation, spending a large amount of money filling Easter baskets might not be feasible.

Start by creating a budget and stick to it. All those little things add up quickly! Factor in the basket, Easter “grass” filler if you use it, candy and treats. This Easter gift guide offers up ideas for all budgets.

Take a look at what your child has and what they need, then fill that gap. For instance, one of my teenagers is taking a trip over the summer with their grandmother. Travel accessories are going to be in the Easter basket for sure!

Listen throughout the year to the things that your older child says that they like. If you kid says their school ear buds aren’t working or they’d like to try a new flavor of gum, those are good ideas for the Easter basket.

I’m a little extra – I keep a simple spreadsheet to refer back to with thoughts and ideas for gift giving to my kids.

Choosing a Basket

Don’t have an heirloom basket that you use year after year? Consider picking an Easter basket that your older child can use year ’round! I’ve included some ideas throughout this article on alternative baskets that can fit a theme.

Travel Essentials

Kicks By Sammy Pouch – The trendy, hand-drawn designs are on point and stylish for travel, school or art supplies. Kicks By Sammy offers a variety of items including towels, pillowcases, lunch totes and phone cases, all of which can be personalized.

  • Cooling Towel – Headed somewhere warm? A cooling towel like the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad will keep your tween or teen chilled.
  • Portable Charger – The Anker Power Bank is my personal favorite and offers multiple charges for devices while on the go.
  • Easter basket idea: Pack all the items into a Pop Up Laundry Hamper that can be used in the hotel room while traveling!
  • Luggage Tag – For your traveling teen, choose a unique luggage tag like this Star Wars themed version, that states, “Not The Bag You Are Looking For”.

Fun Games for Older Kids

Choose small games for the Easter basket that kids can play with friends or siblings. Many of these come in a variety of options for fans of various popular culture.

  • Mad Libs – Classic word game that helps kids expand their vocabulary while getting belly laughs at the same time. A large variety of versions, including Disney, The Office, Star Wars and seasonal.
  • Marvel Eye Found It Card Game – This hidden picture card game is great for on-the-go, making it ideal for road trips and air travel.
  • Minute of Fun – 237 one-minute games that are fast and challenging for the entire family. Perfect for confident kids who think they can do better than the contestants on Minute to Win It!

Personal Care Products

For the tween and teens who loves to pamper themself, these popular toiletries are ideal Easter Basket ideas for older kids.

Nail polish – Choose a quick dry polish like Eternal in trendy colors, for stylish on-the-go kids who can’t wait around for their nails to dry! Add in a Nail Art Kit that includes dotting tools and gems for extra creativity.

  • Facial Masks – For the older kid who adores the spa treatment, these moisturizing masque BAR Pretty Animalz Sheet Masks are the ultimate in skin pampering.
  • Bath Bomb – Kids that have outgrown bath time will still love this Da Bomb Glow Bath Bath Bomb that includes an awesome surprise when it hits the water!
  • Easter basket idea: Use an oversized Toiletry Bag to store all these Easter goodies.

Bedroom Decor

For the teens and tweens who are into decorating their bedrooms with a personal touch, these Easter basket ideas for older kids are the perfect gift.

  • Chia Pet – This retro classic is still a favorite! Lots of varieties including Bob Ross, Gremlins, Baby Yoda “The Child” and more.
  • Fairy Lights – Create a room of enchantment with strands of flexible wire, battery-operated twinkling lights.
  • Wall Decal – These removable wall decals are great for the kid who wants to change up their room design frequently. Consider wall decals in sports, gaming, floral, or nature themes.

Springtime Gifts for the Easter Basket

Ring in spring with these Easter basket gifts that celebrate the season – flowers, rain showers and enjoying the outdoor weather!

  • Umbrella – Choose one of these cool inverted reverse folding umbrellas with designs like the blue night sky or rainbow.
  • Rock Painting Kit – Start a community project this spring by painting and hiding rocks through the neighborhood for other families to find.
  • Window Garden – Plant herbs, succulents or small house plants inside these adorable mini kitty window garden planter pots.

Jewelry and Accessories

When shopping for jewelry, Etsy’s my go-to. I love supporting small business while receiving quality hand-crafted jewelry and accessories.

Boho Rings – This set from Etsy designer Princess Life Jewelry includes 19 statement rings in a mix of beautiful designs.

Photo credit: Princess Life Jewelry

Personalized Ball Cap – This cool hat from KaylanKreationz on Etsy can be personalized on the leatherette patch with a name or favorite phrase.

Image credit: KaylansKreationz

Rope Bracelet – Customize the engraving on the hand braided rope bracelet from Etsy designer Perimade. A stylish piece for boys and girls.

Photo credit: Perimade

Easter basket idea: This vinyl Crossbody Flower Purse comes from AhaAhaMoments on Etsy. Opt for personalization on the bag and it’s an adorable Easter basket alternative.

Image credit: AhaAhaMoments

Teen Tech

It’s the stuff every teen wants to see in their Easter basket. Tech gifts like AirPods are pricey but these accessories are still an excellent choice for older kids.

  • PopSocket – My favorite new cell phone accessory, the PopSocket PopGrip allows kids to hold on tightly to their phone even when filming video and taking selfies. These interchangeable tops are inexpensive and come in tons of designs.
  • Ear Buds – Inexpensive ear buds are a school must-have. This version has a fun monster design and carrying case to keep the tech safe inside a backpack.
  • Waterproof Phone Case – Ideal for using at water parks or near lake and swimming pools, a waterproof phone case like this will float to the top if dropped.
  • Walkie Talkies – Kids who enjoy exploring the great outdoors will love to have this pair of walkie talkies. Using a two-way radio is so much cooler than calling or texting on a cell phone!

Look Ahead to Summertime

Use these Easter basket ideas for older kids as a means of stocking up on summer essentials. It will give kids something to look forward to warmer weather and sunshine arrives. Don’t forget the swimsuit!

  • Roll On Sunscreen – This mineral formula from Project Sunscreen offers water resistant protection in a convenient roll on formula.
  • Flip flops – A friend of mine is a flip-flop sandal connoisseur. She says this Archies shoe brand offer the best arch support for all day walking.
  • Sunglasses – These unisex Meetsun polarized sunglasses are stylish and functional – a practical gift to block out the rays.
  • Pool Toys – This watermelon ball is good fun both in and out of the swimming pool. Don’t forget other pool fun like a float, dive toys and super soakers.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – This compact Bluetooth speaker offers up excellent sound near the pool or at the beach. LED color changing lights add to the cool factor.

Top Books and Learning

New reading material is always top of my tween’s gift list. Consider completing your kid’s favorite book series or purchasing a special hardcover version. If you aren’t sure which novels to choose, consider a gift card so kids can pick for themselves.

3D Bookmarks – My voracious reader can never have enough bookmarks. That’s what happens when you’re reading 5 book simultaneously. This collection of 3D animal bookmarks from GiftySurprise on Etsy are sure to elicit giggles!

Photo credit: GiftySurprise

Crossword Puzzles and Word Search – Great for downtime when kids still want to expand their learning power. These softback books are nice for spring break road trips.

Journal – Optimal for the creative writer, these stunning journal soft or hardcover notebooks from Etsy designer BeatificHappyPlanner offer personalizing and customized internal pages.

Photo credit: BeatificHappyPlanner

Satisfy a Pop Culture Fix

What is your kid into? From TV shows, theme parks, comic series and more, these Easter basket ideas for older kids celebrate their favorites.

Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging – Inspired by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, this handmade wall hanging can be crafted by Etsy designer TMDivinity in any color scheme.

Image credit: TMDivinity
  • Mouse Ears – Gear up for an upcoming Disney trip by gifting an authentic Mouse Ear headband from shopDisney to wear on vacation.
  • Engraved Pencils – From Etsy designer Pew Pew Lasercraft, The Office laser engraved pencils feature popular quotes from the series.
  • Keychain – Fans of Schitt’s Creek will love this Rosebud Motel keychain from Etsy seller ComicStitches.
  • Tote Bag – This reversible tote from Etsy designer AweSamDesign features The Simpsons characters in all their unique glory!
Photo credit: AweSamDesigns

Crafts and Creatives

Feed your older child’s creative side with these Easter basket gifts that encourage writing, art, building and crafting. PS: Crafty stuff isn’t just for girls. Any of these ideas are appropriate for everyone.

GeoMag – These magnetic rods and balls are excellent for kids who love to create and build. Even grown-ups like to get their hands on these powerful toys. Try the new glow-in-the-dark version!

  • Kiwi Crate – These curated boxes aren’t just for little kids. The Doodle Crate, Tinker Crate, Eureka Crate and Maker Crate lines are specially designed for older kids (and adults!). Sign up for a subscription or just purchase one gift box.
  • Tie Dye Kit – This craft kit from Happy Planner will let older kids create their own uniquely cool dyed projects at home.
Photo credit: Happy Planner
  • Cricut Joy – Creative kids will love crafting their own designs for iron-ons, stickers, vinyl and greeting cards with this compact cutting machine.
  • DIY Painting Kit – “Adventure Awaits” in this complete kit to paint for an inspirational art project. Etsy creator SweetLoveAdornments offers additional designs including dragons, wild animals and geometric quilt patterns.
Image credit: SweetLoveAdornments

Sports and Outdoor Fun

Athletic children and those kids who like to be outdoors will appreciate these sporty Easter basket gifts just for them.

  • Name Bubbles personalized labels – Keep track of all the things by gifting these awesome stickers. I add them to sports gear, hats, bags and water bottles so nothing gets lost!
  • Water bottle – Keep ’em hydrated throughout the season. Leak proof bottles are essential.
  • Stickers – Decorate their stuff with these sports-themed stickers that represent every sport under the sun!
  • Easter basket idea: Include all the Easter treats inside of a durable and versatile Duffle Bag.

Perfect Gifts for Quirky Kids

I have unique kids and maybe you do too. These charming presents would be welcome Easter basket ideas for older kids!

  • Crazy Socks – My kid is all about the wild patterned socks. These Kraft Macaroni & Cheese crew socks would be a hit. There are Pringles, Nerds, Kool Aid, Takis, Jif Peanut Butter and more.
  • Sea Monkeys – Anyone of a certain age will remember this classic! Low maintenance “pet” that kids will enjoy watching grow and multiply.
  • Burrito Blanket – Wrap your child up like a burrito in one of these realistic looking fleece tortilla blankets!
  • Statement T-Shirt – For the confident kid who isn’t afraid to shout it from the rooftops. “Once in a while someone amazing comes along…and here I am”.

Best Easter Candies for Big Kids

The best treats that older kids will like is truly a personal choice. My own children don’t receive candy very often. But they certainly have an opinion on what they like and don’t like!

Don’t feel like you have to stick just to Easter-themed candies. If their favorites are Swedish Fish or Twizzlers, go with what your kids enjoy the most.

  • Sour Patch Bunnies – Sour candies rule with my kids! These Sour Patch are themed for the season.
  • Peeps – I asked my older kids what Easter sweets are a must have. Their answer? Marshmallow Peeps!
  • Giant Chocolate Rabbit – This oversized Easter bunny is an impressive addition to any older kid’s basket.

Looking for MORE Easter Basket Ideas?

For the Disney-loving kid, take a look at the best Disney Easter basket gifts.

Try this Disney Easter Scavenger Hunt with free printables. Designed to be played inside the house or in a hotel room.

Need Easter Basket Ideas for Preschoolers and Toddlers? This collection will guarantee joy for younger kids this springtime.

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