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How to Find Healthy Food at Disneyland

How to Find Healthy Food at Disneyland


Eating is an important part of any vacation. But if you have dietary needs or restrictions, you might be concerned that theme park dining won’t be suitable. No worries at Disneyland, where many nutritional requirements are met in delicious ways! This guide will help you find healthy food at Disneyland that are safely within your plan but also satisfying.

Wine Country Trattoria salad with shrimp

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Healthy Food at Disneyland

Going to Disneyland is a celebration for all senses, taste included!  In addition to the top-notch attractions and entertainment, there are also countless unique and delicious meals and treats only found within the Disney Parks.

But what if you’re aiming to eat more healthfully? And what if food allergies or intolerances mean you have to stick to a specific eating plan? No worries, there are lots of great dining and snack choices throughout the Disneyland Park that will keep you on track! You can find healthy food at Disneyland and still treat yourself.

Read menus and make special requests to fit within your lifestyle plan.

How Disneyland Accommodates Their Guests

Unlike many amusement parks, where food options may be limited to fried foods, the Disney parks take great pride in a wide range of options to satisfy guests. Most Disneyland restaurants can accommodate specific food intolerances as well as defined diets. No matter your requirements, there’s likely something every guest will be able to eat within the parks.

Oga's Cantina non-alcoholic menu

Because food is not a “one size fits all” approach, I’ll aim to cast a wide net in this article. What works within your personal diet may not work for your friend. What’s “healthy” for you might not be considered the best meal for your child, especially when it comes to food allergies or intolerance.

Heathy food at Disneyland could include lower fat, low sugar, or low sugar. It may be gluten free, non dairy or contain no eggs. If you’re following a lifestyle diet like keto, Mediterranean or even a specific plan like Weight Watchers you may wonder what to choose off the menu.

One person’s healthy meal or snack is another guest’s “no-no” in their particular diet. Fortunately Disney parks have come a long way to satisfy guests when it comes to dining in the parks. Keep reading for tips on how to find meals that fit your cravings and still fit your needs!

Storyteller’s Cafe character dining buffet

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Planning Ahead – What to Do Before a Trip

If finding healthy food at Disneyland that fits your lifestyle is imperative, take time to pre-plan ahead of your travels. The first place to start is by adding the Disneyland app to your smart phone.

From here, you’ll be able to view all the menus of the Disneyland restaurants. Whether eating quick service or full service, these menus are found both on the Disneyland website as well as in the app.

Scroll to the bottom of the restaurant menu to view individual sections for specific dietary concerns including gluten/wheat, egg, milk, soy, fish/shellfish and peanut/tree nut allergies.

Plan your meals accordingly, using the available menus. Is more explanation required or you need to know specific ingredients or preparation methods? Check with the server at each dining location. The cast member can provide ingredient lists or extra details about meal prep.

Is there anything on the menu here you can eat?

Dietary Needs and Food Allergies at Disneyland

Most restaurants at Disneyland offer allergy-friendly dishes that address specific food intolerances. Some locations can accommodate additional requests, including low-fat, low-sodium, no-sugar added, Kosher and vegetarian options, often without advance arrangements.

If you have special dietary requests or food allergies, this should be noted when making the Disneyland dining reservation. Upon arriving to the restaurant, any guests with food allergies should discuss these dietary requirements again with the server. If needed, guests will have the opportunity to consult with a chef or a cast member trained in special diets.

S'more milkshake from Smokejumpers Grill

Mobile Ordering Healthy Food at Disneyland

If quick service dining is preferred over full service, there are still ways for guests to receive the special meals they require. This can be done at Disneyland without Advance Dining Reservations. Guests using the Disneyland app to mobile order quick service meals have access to allergy-friendly meals for each location.

Here’s how to use mobile ordering on the app:

  • Open the Disneyland app and click the center button, then “Order Food”.
  • A list of restaurants will appear along with time windows. Choose the dining location and timeline you prefer.
  • To view the menu, click “View Menu”. Scrolling through, the regular menu will appear first, along with kid’s meals and beverages. Keep scrolling to find allergy-friendly menus at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click “Order Food” then choose the arrival time. Build your order from the available items.
  • Magic Key discounts will apply and credit cards, debit card or gift cards may be used for payment.
  • Wait for the push notification letting you know your order window has arrived. Upon arrival to the restaurant, click the “Prepare My Order” button and proceed to the counter when you have confirmation.

With mobile ordering, viewing menus, booking dining reservations and more, the Disneyland app will be in steady use throughout your entire vacation. Recognize that your phone battery will drain quickly! Consider purchasing a Fuel Rod ahead of your trip. These convenient portable compact chargers can be exchanged for a full battery at various stations in the parks.

Prepurchase Fuel Rods at a discount ahead of your vacation.

Eating Healthy Breakfasts at Disneyland

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, right? Not every dining location inside the parks offers a breakfast menu. These are a few breakfast ideas to consider for the morning hours at Disneyland.

Consider eating breakfast before you come to the Park. The first two hours at Disneyland usually offer lower crowds and less wait in line. Eat at the hotel, while walking to the front gates or waiting for “rope drop”.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge breakfast Mustafarian cinnamon roll
Breakfast in Galaxy’s Edge
  • Grab and go breakfast from La Brea Bakery Express in Downtown Disney. Bagels, granola yogurt parfaits and fruit cups are quick and easy to eat on the way into the parks.
  • Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel serves up a plant-based Açaí Chia Breakfast Bowl with fresh fruit, coconut milk, granola and cacao nibs.
  • Order a custom made plant-based smoothie or vegetable egg white sandwich from Jamba in Downtown Disney.
  • Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is the quintessential breakfast quick service stop. Choose a gluten-free blueberry muffin!
  • Chow down on plant-based overnight oats from Carnation Cafe that include seasonal fruit.
  • Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe is known as the Starbucks location inside Disney California Adventure. They also have healthy breakfast options including a Spinach, Feta and Cage-Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap.
  • Lamplight Lounge is one of my favorites for brunch. Order the Brunch Quesadilla with egg whites and cheddar Jack on a whole wheat tortilla with fruit.
  • Grab a handheld meal to go at Shawarma Palace. The Impossible™ Breakfast Sha-warm-up includes plant-based breakfast sausage and eggs with dairy-free cheese.
Shawarma Palace ordering kiosk

Quick Service Healthy Disneyland Meal Choices

  • At Alien Pizza Planet, guests can order a single slice of cheese pizza. Round out the meal with a small side salad.
  • Choose the plant-based Philly Dog at Award Weiners. It’s topped with mushrooms, grilled onions and dairy-free crema.
  • Mexican dining can be meat-free at Cocina Cucamonga. Order the Tacos Dorados de Papa, crispy potato tacos with cabbage slaw, tomatillo salsa and dairy free crema.
  • No need to skip the burgers if you dine at Flo’s V8 Cafe! Choose the Impossible™ Burger with dairy-free American cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato.
  • Opt for the Vegetable Jambalaya at French Market Restaurant with Creole-style veggie stew over rice.
  • The plant-based Veggie Wrap at Galactic Grill includes a black bean and corn medley with greens, dairy-free cheese and a sun-dried tomato spread with fresh fruit on the side.
  • Dine on the egg allergy friendly Clam Chowder served in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowl at Harbour Galley.
  • Enjoy a gluten-friendly meal at Refreshment Corner. The Chili Cheese Dog Basket includes all-beef chili served with a hot dog on an allergy-friendly bun.

Full Service Healthy Food at Disneyland

Dining full service at Disneyland usually requires an Advance Dining Reservation. Rather than stalking the website, waiting for coveted restaurant availability to open up, try MouseDining. Upgrade your account for additional features but for most people, their free program is adequate.

Simply open the MouseDisney website and search the restaurant you want to dine at. Add in specific dates to see if a reservation is available. If everything is booked, set up an alert with more details including meal, preferred time, and party size. MouseDining will email you when a reservation comes available!

These are a few healthy meal suggestions for full service restaurants at Disneyland:

  • For guests looking at dining vegetarian at Blue Bayou Restaurant, order the Cajun Cauliflower for a taste of New Orleans.
  • Kids can choose sauteed shrimp as their main course from Cafe Orleans.
  • At Wine Country Trattoria, start with the fresh Caprese Salad of tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.
  • The Tuna Poke at Lamplight Lounge is delicious, with yellowfin tuna, watermelon, avocado and edamame, served under a crispy rice bowl shell.
  • At Napa Rose inside Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, request the allergy-free menu options at check in.
  • Choose the Tofu with bean & pepper relish and roasted vegetables at the River Belle Terrace.
  • Opt for the seafood Fresh Catch of the Day from the Carnation Cafe menu.

Healthy Snacks at Disneyland

There are snack carts placed all over the Parks and many are outfitted with healthy options. Whether aiming for portion control, more fruit and veggies or lower sugar options, try some of these snacks:

  • Carts like Tropical Imports, Fillmore’s Taste-In and Fairfax Market offer fresh fruits, like bananas, apples, grapes, mangoes, mandarin oranges and pineapple spears. They even have veggies and hummus.
  • At The Golden Horseshoe, grab a POWER Pack that’s full of healthy snacks including a yogurt smoothie, Cuties, carrots and whole-grain fish crackers with water or low-fat milk.
  • Bengal Barbeque has long been known as a popular spot for fast, protein-packed meat skewers. There’s also a hummus trio with the house-made dip served alongside fresh vegetables.
  • Order the behemoth Quantum Pretzel at Pym Test Kitchen and share a few bites with the entire family.
  • A frozen banana is a sweet choice as it’s lightly coated in chocolate and nuts. It will also take a little longer to eat since it’s frozen and won’t devoured as quickly!
  • Try the Chile-Mango Whip at The Tropical Hideaway. It’s a sweet and spicy combination with Dole Whip, Chamoy, mango and chili-lime seasoning.
Dole Whip options at Tropical Hideaway

Salad Options at Disneyland

Salads can be a great idea for lunch and there are lots of salad choices available at the Disneyland Resort. Keep in mind that lettuce doesn’t equal “healthy”. Salads loaded with toppings can add excess calories, fat and sugar. Regard the variety of toppings that come on the salad and use some of these tips to customize your meal.

  • If you’re watching calories, ask the server not to add cheese.
  • Avoid salads served in a tostada shell or with fried chips.
  • For salads, always request dressing on the side so you can control the portion.
  • Italian or oil and vinegar are going to be lighter in fat & calories than creamy dressings like Ranch or blue-cheese.
Roasted Endorian Tip-yip Salad in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland
Endorian Roasted Chicken Salad in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Here are some ideas on healthy salads to order at Disneyland:

  • Order Mary’s Chicken Salad at Carthay Circle Restaurant, which includes Asian pears, cashews and orange-ginger soy dressing.
  • At Docking Bay 7 in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, choose the Endorian Roasted Chicken Salad. The mixed greens are topped with marinated chicken, roasted vegetables, quinoa and seeds.
  • Choose the gluten and wheat allergy-friendly BBQ Chicken Salad at Hungry Bear Restaurant.
  • The Asian Tofu Salad can be ordered both egg and milk allergy-friendly at Pacific Wharf Cafe.
  • Made allergy-friendly in a variety of ways, the Chef’s Chicken Chopped Salad at Red Rose Taverne is a good bet.

Additional Options at the Disneyland Resort

Pacific Garden Grill changes it’s menu seasonally, often to coordinate with events like Lunar New Year, the Disney California Food & Wine Festival or Dia de los Muertos. Check during your visit to find the healthy foods being offered at this location.

The Disneyland Hotel’s quick service restaurant Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar & Grill offers indoor and outdoor dining. Sip on the Tonkotsu Ramen with pork-based broth and noodles.

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s is a quick service location inside Downtown Disney. Create your own bowl by choosing a protein, filling and topping including vegan quinoa meatballs, beans, and salsa roja.

At Splitsville Luxury Lanes, choose from the extensive fresh sushi menu for a California Roll, Spicy Tuna or Ninja Crunch. There’s the added healthy benefit of exercising with bowling in between bites!

Splitsville Luxury Lanes is a unique retro-themed bowling alley and restaurant that's family friendly. Find out what to eat, when to visit and how to do Splitsville Anaheim with kids

Disneyland Drinks and Beverages

If you’re living a healthy lifestyle, you already know to avoid sugar-laden sodas. Most kid’s meals will automatically come with either milk or water as the first option with soda upon request. The usual Coke products are found throughout the resort -Opt for the “diet” (ie: sugar free) version when available.

Oversized soda cans overhead in Pym Test Kitchen

Water is always the best and most healthy beverage at Disneyland. These are some tips for drinking water at the parks:

  • Request free ice water from any counter service restaurant.
  • Snack carts offer a variety of waters for sale, including coconut water.
  • Bring in bottles of water with you into the Parks to re-hydrate throughout the day. Pack your own water bottle and refill at stations around the park.
Water refill station inside Millennium Falcon attraction

Alcoholic drinks are served all over in Disney California Adventure Park as well as in Oga’s Cantina at Disneyland Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Guests can indulge in frozen margaritas and beer on tap in the Paradise Pier area and wine at Wine Country Trattoria. Keep in mind that alcohol contains additional calories. The theme park does sell non-alcoholic “mocktails” if you aren’t imbibing.

These are additional healthy beverage options found around the Disneyland resort:

  • Both Blue Milk and Green Milk served in Galaxy’s Edge are a plant-based blend of coconut and rice milk.
  • At Oga’s Cantina, sip on the alcohol-free Tarine Tea, with unsweetened tea and flavors of peach, huckleberry and mint.
  • Schmoozies! serves up several lowfat yogurt and fruit smoothie options.
  • A Dole Whip at the Tiki Juice Bar is a light and refreshing frozen pineapple soft serve.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Blue Milk and Green Milk at Disneyland

Healthy Sweets and Treats at Disneyland

For sure, a trip to Disneyland is a delight and you’ll want to indulge in ways that fit into your lifestyle. Throughout the park, there are versions of cotton candy, pastries, Rice Krispy treats, popcorn, ice cream bars and macarons that may fit within your dietary requirements. Ask for specific requests at the counter.

Ask before indulging to ensure the item fits your needs.
  • All of the soft-serve items at Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats are nondairy, including the plant-based Pixar Pier Frosty Parfait with blue raspberry swirl.
  • Choose a no-sugar added flavor at Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream.
  • The Ghirardelli Soda Fountain has a non-dairy vanilla coconut flavor.
  • Share one of the large sundaes at Gibson Girl or The Golden Horseshoe. Each ice cream sundae is large enough for 2-3 people to split.
  • Gluten-friendly cookies can be found at Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums. Choose the Incredicookie, a sugar cookie with a jelly center.

Need more gluten free choices? My friend Janel at Gluten Free and the Mouse discusses a great many gluten-friendly options available around the Disneyland resort in her complete guide.

Mickey sundae at Golden Horseshoe in Disneyland

Packing Your Own Food and Snacks

Guests can always bring in their own snacks to the Park! Naturally there are some rules as to what to bring to Disneyland but it’s really easy to bring food. Soft sided coolers are allowed. No hard-sided coolers, nothing on wheels and no glass or loose ice allowed.

Cold water on ice with yogurt and cut fruits and vegetables for snacking.

My husband is a fanatic when it comes to bringing our own meals into Disneyland. Our family packs an insulated backpack with a few frozen bottles of water to keep our snacks chilled throughout the day.

These are some ideas of the healthy snacks to bring to Disneyland:

  • Order grocery delivery to your hotel room and stock up on essentials like bottled water and fruit.
  • If you don’t have a hotel room with a kitchen, simply dunk bottled water into an ice bucket to chill overnight.
  • Packing up cut veggies or melon is a great way to eat healthy on your trip.
  • Dole individual portions of nuts into small zip bags.
A plate of fruit, nuts, crackers and vegetables makes for a healthy snack.
  • Pack pouches of tuna with crackers (pack the crackers into a plastic tub to prevent breakage). You’ll be able to find mayo and relish at quick service dining locations for mixing into the fish.
  • Choose dried fruit like plums, mangoes or cranberries.
  • No need to bring plastic utensils or napkins as these are readily available at quick service restaurants upon request.
  • We love these Rubbermaid LunchBlox for packing food into Disneyland. Chill the ice block then snap it into place on the plastic container. Contents stay cool all day within your day bag! The boxes are leakproof and come in a variety of sizes for adding snacks.

READ MORE: Packing your own snacks is a great way to save money on food at Disneyland! Click the link for more food budgeting tips.

Making sandwiches in the Disneyland Hotel to pack for the park

Kid’s Menu (It’s Not Just for Kids!)

There’s no age limit on kid’s menu meals from the counter or mobile order. If you’re ordering at a quick-service restaurant, consider ordering for yourself off the kid’s menu. The portions are smaller and still satisfying!

If you’re in search of healthy food at Disneyland, just look for the Disney Check symbol on the menu. These items meet Disney nutritional guidelines including (but not limited to) whole grains and low fat dairy. These kid’s meals, are indicated on the menu by the Disney Check. Some Disney Check kid’s meals are also vegetarian.

You can eat healthfully at Disneyland and still treat yourself! Find out the tricks for eating healthy at Disney including what snacks to pack & where to dine. #Disneyland #DisneyFood
The kid’s menu options often allow you to sub fries for fruit! And adults can order off the kid’s menu at quick service dining.

These are a few great suggestions for the Disney Check meals in restaurants around the park:

  • At Galactic Grill, the Disney Check kid’s menu egg breakfast slider includes turkey bacon and low fat milk.
  • The kid’s Chicken and Rice dish at Lucky Fortune Cookery gets the Disney Check with vegetables and steamed rice.
  • The Basecamp Burger at Smokejumpers Grill offers up a yogurt smoothie and Cuties on the side.
  • For another Disney Check kid’s meal, try the PB&J Flavor Lab at Pym Test Kitchen inside Avengers Campus. Children can assemble their own creative sandwich!
  • The POWER Pack is a snack-based option found at many quick service locations. The contents vary but are usually something like a fruit, vegetable, whole-grain cracker, yogurt smoothie, and milk or water bottle.
  • Most kid’s meals come with the option of fruit and veggies instead of fries.

Healthy Food at Disneyland – Tips for Sharing a Meal

Dinner is a great time to consider sharing a platter of food. Many meal platters are large enough to share so order one plate and divide for portion control. For more Disneyland dining ideas, see this post on The Best Meals for Sharing at Disneyland.

French Market Restaurant
  • The Citrus-fired grilled chicken platter at Rancho del Zocalo is large and delicious.
  • The herb-roasted chicken platter at French Market Restaurant is another favorite to share.
  • The gigantic meals at Pym Test Kitchen are part of the fun! Order up the Family-sized Pym-ini sandwich to feed up to 8. It comes with sides of potato bites and an arugula salad.
  • Platters at Plaza Inn are enormous. For portion control divide up the plates of fried chicken with sides of mashed potatoes & vegetables to share. If watching calories, remove the skin from the chicken and request no gravy on the potatoes.
  • Naples Ristorante e Bar in Downtown Disney serves a half-meter long pizza in your choice of toppings – enough to feed a large family!
Insider tips on how to eat at Disneyland without Advance Dining Reservations #ADR #Disneyland
This pizza served 5 and we still had leftovers!

Another tip when thinking about sharing special treats – Enjoy just one or two bites. If you and your family would love to indulge in something fun or decadent, just do it! Buy a corn dog. Treat yourself to a caramel-covered apple. Get that frozen treat or stacked marshmallows dipped in chocolate on a stick. And then share it between all of you. Everyone gets a few bites and you all can enjoy the treat!

Disneyland Splurges for kids (and Money-Saving tips that still feel like a splurge!)

Healthy Food at Disneyland Buffets

Each of the character dining locations at Disneyland offer self-service buffet stations. Whether for breakfast, brunch or dinner, there are healthy choices to be found.

As mentioned before, make note of dietary restrictions or requirements when booking the advance dining reservation. Then discuss again with the server or request to speak with the chef for specific accommodations. These are some healthy food at Disneyland tips when character dining:

  • Seasonal sliced fruits and berries.
  • Plant-based offerings.
  • Custom made omelets with whole egg or egg whites and your choice of fillings.
How to Eat Healthfully at Disneyland (and Still Treat Yourself!)
My son’s plan at every buffet – As much fresh fruit as possible!

Breakfast starters and desserts at the Napa Rose Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures are served family-style to your table. If you can’t indulge in all of them, request that they be boxed to-go.

Goofy’s Kitchen includes fresh carved meats, seafood options, vegetables and tossed salads for dinner. Find out from the server which items can be made to suit your specific dietary requests.

For breakfast and brunch pick from Storyteller’s Cafe Mickey’s Tales of Adventure breakfast buffet or Minnie & Friends Breakfast in the Park. Both locations serve up made-to-order omelets and items like Mickey waffles that can be made to order for your needs.

What About Finding Healthy Food at Disneyland Special Events?

Special events at Disneyland aren’t make or break for guests on restrictive diets. In fact, there are usually a good number of items released for these events to please a wide range of guests and their needs. Whether for Lunar New Year, Disney California Food & Wine Festival or the Festival of Holidays, there’s food at the marketplace for you.

Pick up one of the food passports upon entry to a special event like the Disney Food and Wine Festival. These guidebooks offer details with sections dedicated to specific dining requirements including vegetarian or kid-friendly choices, shown below.

More Tips for Finding Healthy Food at Disneyland

  • To minimize fat and calories, avoid anything that is fried, battered, smothered, candied or has a creamy sauce. Look for grilled meats and veggies served without sauces.
  • Don’t be afraid to request a substitution. For instance, guest can usually swap fruit instead of fries at counter service restaurants.
  • When ordering at full-service restaurants, ask the Cast Member to put toppings on the side so you can control how much you want to add or leave off. If there is any question about the dish, ask them how it is prepared.
No so Little Chicken sandwich with everything on the side
Not so Little Chicken Sandwich, everything on the side!

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