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10 Top Tips for LEGOLAND California Water Park

10 Top Tips for LEGOLAND California Water Park


As LEGOLAND California continues to grow, I’m finding that one day just isn’t enough. This is definitely a destination vacation spot for families! If you’re planning a visit to LEGOLAND California, consider adding an extra day or two to your visit. You’ll be able to spend time in the theme park itself, as well as the attached LEGOLAND Sealife Aquarium and LEGOLAND California Water Park. Get all the details here on spending the day at the LEGOLAND water park!

LEGOLAND California water park

I have received complimentary tickets to the LEGOLAND parks. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Mom Rewritten uses affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through the links in these posts. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, see the Privacy Policy and Disclosures tab.

LEGOLAND water park DUPLO Splash Zoo area
The Duplo Splash Zoo at LEGOLAND California in Carlsbad

Several years ago I visited the LEGOLAND California water park for the first time. I was really impressed with the variety of play areas for a wide range of kids. At the time of publication I have a 15-month old, 5 year old and two 13-year olds. Each child enjoyed something different at the water park.

I’ve since been able to visit the LEGOLAND water park more several more times. There’s just so much that’s great about this park. There’s ample seating for those not wanting to swim. Areas are spread out to lessen the crowd impact. And I love the diversity of the play areas for a variety of ages. Keep reading for all the tips on spending the day at the LEGOLAND California water park!

Entrance sign to the LEGOLAND California Water Park

1. Locker Rentals and Changing Areas

You can’t wear just your swimsuit inside the LEGOLAND theme park. In the mornings, I’d suggest wearing your suit under your clothing to enter the park. Once inside the LEGOLAND water park you can easily remove your clothes, apply sunscreen and be quickly ready to swim!

After you’re done swimming and you need to walk into the theme park again, there are ample changing areas available. I like that I don’t have to stand in the toilet stall to change. There are roomy private areas to change out of your wet bathing suit.

I highly recommend renting a locker if you don’t have someone to watch your things. Don’t risk leaving your purse on an empty beach chair while you splash; get a locker instead so it’s safe inside.

LEGOLAND California Water Park

2. Get Soaked (or Just a Little Wet)

Wanna get soaked? Stand under the Joker Soaker, where over 350 gallons of water drops from the clock tower overhead.

Don’t want to get submerged? At Eglor’s Build-a-Boat, guests can build a LEGO boat and set it free in the rushing water in a CHIMA display.

LEGOLAND Water Park Joker Soaker
Joker Soaker dumps buckets of water!

3. Things for Families to Do Together at LEGOLAND Water Park

My three oldest kids (ages 5 to 13) enjoyed a good amount of time in the Lion Temple Wave Pool (over 42″ tall). My preschooler is a tall 46.5″ and the waves were still strong enough to knock him over. Take note if your younger kids aren’t swimming yet. They  should be wearing a life jacket, provided complimentary inside the park.

The float on Orange Rush can hold four adults and two children (over 42″ tall). Have a side by side water slide race on the Twin Chasers (over 42″ tall). My favorite is the Build-a-Raft River. The idea of this lazy river is that you can collect the floating blocks in the water and add them to your raft. Unfortunately there are usually only a handful of blocks available. Best to just kick back and enjoy the ride!

LEGOLAND California Water Park Build-a-Boat lazy river
The lazy river is my favorite!

4. Places for Babies and Toddlers at LEGOLAND California Water Park

Duplo Splash Safari has shallow water that’s nice for wading. My baby was able to walk in the water while my preschooler went down the short water slides. There are even wide “family-sized” mini-water slides here so you can splash down together.

LEGOLAND California water park area for toddlers
Babies and toddlers will enjoy the LEGOLAND California water park Safari Splash

There are complimentary life jackets for use in the parks. All babies are required to wear a swim diaper. If you forget to bring one with you, they do have a small gift shop that sells them.

Splash Zoo is specifically sized for babies and toddlers however there were older kids running around here on our visit. The spray from some of the fountains can be rather intense. As you can see, my toddler was none to happy about the sudden squirt!

LEGOLAND Water Park toddler area with crying baby

5. Take Frequent Potty Breaks

Every few hours each of the sections will close. This allows guests to take a break, eat and use the restroom. Signs encourage parents to take their children for potty breaks. Even that might not be often enough, as they did have to close down one section for a “poop evacuation”…yuck! Kids under 3 need to wear swim diapers, so don’t forget to bring them!

Considering going to LEGOLAND for more than one day? Check out my post about LEGOLAND California on SheBuys Travel.

6. Rent a Cabana

LEGOLAND California Water Park pirate ride

A total of 35 standard, premium and deluxe premium cabanas are located all over the LEGOLAND Water Park. Cost is dependent upon the season and can be found HERE.

7. Surfers’ Cove

The newest area at LEGOLAND Water park is Surfers’ Cove. In Surfers’ Cove, kids and adults are able to race their friends at Riptide Racers timed water slides and enjoy an epic splash-ground at Wipeout Lagoon.

Riptide Racers is a competitive water raceway designed for children to jump on a mat and race down one of six slides with family and friends for the fastest time! Each slide stands 17 feet high and is more than 100 feet in length. Wipeout Lagoon is a “spray ground” with multiple water jets splashing on and off and plenty of new LEGO® models like a surfing dog to create a fun place to cool off this summer.

LEGOLAND water park Surfer's Cove area
LEGOLAND California water park Surfer's Cove ride

Check out this post for 5 reasons to plan a LEGOLAND California vacation!

8. Swimming Makes Me Hungry!

Big appetite? There are some truly tasty and hearty dishes to order here. I had a chicken and avocado burrito on my last visit and it was big and delicious.

When Surfers’ Cove opens you can eat like native Southern Californians at the new Beach Street Tacos. My family got a “sneak taste” of the tacos and they were deliciously authentic. I still can’t decide which were my favorite – carnitas, carne asada or the fish!

LEGOLAND water park street tacos
Amazing street tacos offered at the LEGOLAND California Water Park

If you’re visiting during the fall season, Legoland California hosts Brick or Treat Party Nights during Halloween.

9. Park Hours & Ticket Information for LEGOLAND and Water Park

Guests staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel or the new LEGOLAND Castle Hotel (read the review from my friend Karen at Desert Chica) may wonder if a Water Park visit is worth it, since they will have swimming pool access. I’ve heard that the pools at the hotels just aren’t very special, so I highly recommend upgrading to the Water Park ticket.

Hours of the LEGOLAND California Water Park vary, depending upon the season. Be sure to check the guide to make sure it will be open when planning your visit.

My travel partner Get Away Today offers discounted LEGOLAND tickets including Resort Hopper tickets that include the LEGOLAND water park.

Unfortunately there is only one entrance to the LEGOLAND Water Park and it requires a regular LEGOLAND theme park ticket to enter. This means you can’t plan a visit only to the water park. You’ll need a theme park admission to get to the water park.

LEGOLAND Chima Water Park section

10. What to Bring with You (And What to Leave at Home)


  • Your swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Flip-flops (especially important when you need to use the restroom!)
  • Wet/Dry bag to hold suits when you go into the theme park
  • Water shoes are allowed (except on slides).


  • Beach chair
  • Umbrella
  • Outside food

Save Money at LEGOLAND!

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Planning to include a visit to the LEGOLAND California Water Park in your Southern California vacation? Here are 10 things you need to know before you go!

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