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21 LEGOLAND California Water Park Tips for Kids (2024)

21 LEGOLAND California Water Park Tips for Kids (2024)


Make your San Diego vacation a splash by adding a day at the LEGOLAND California Water Park! This is everything you need to know about the LEGOLAND water park, including the top rides for kids, dining, and where to build with LEGO blocks.

These LEGOLAND California tips for traveling with kids is the ultimate guide to enjoying this San Diego California theme park. Find out more about what to see & do, visiting with teens, what to eat and more about the LEGOLAND water park, seasonal events and aquarium.

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I have received complimentary tickets to the LEGOLAND parks on past visits. I’ve also paid my own way during other visits. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This article originally published July 25, 2017 and has been updated and republished with a new date.

LEGOLAND California Water Park

LEGOLAND opened in 1999, with the water park section opening in 2010. Since then, this 10-acre water playground has become a family favorite warm-weather destination.

With multiple water slides, play structures, lazy river, wave pool, and splash pads, there’s enough here for a full day’s worth of activity. In fact, many families plan a multi-day LEGOLAND vacation when the water park is open in order to fit in all the fun!

Keep reading for my complete travel guide! Find out what there is to do at the LEGOLAND water park theme park. Get tips on the best water attractions for families, and where to buy discounted tickets.

LEGOLAND water park Chima wave pool

LEGOLAND Waterpark Q&A

Where is the LEGOLAND Water Park?

The LEGOLAND water park is located in Carlsbad, about 30 minutes drive north from downtown San Diego. Address for LEGOLAND California – One LEGOLAND Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008

The water park section is located within the LEGOLAND theme park. Guests who wish to visit the water park must purchase a “Resort Hopper LEGOLAND Ticket” that includes waterpark access.

Can we just go to the LEGOLAND waterpark?

There is no separate ticket that includes a direct water park entry. Entry to the LEGOLAND Water Park is through the LEGOLAND park front gates. Guests must pass through the security at the main park entrance and scan their pass at the front gate.

From here, guests may then access the water park by scanning the appropriate resort hopper ticket at the secondary entrance (within the Fun Town area of the theme park).

Warm weather fun for the whole family at the LEGOLAND water park!

What ages are best for LEGOLAND California Water Park?

This SoCal water park offers a variety of play areas for a wide range of children. While the LEGOLAND theme park tends to appeal more towards a younger age bracket, the water park section is ideal for most any age.

At the time of my first visit, I had a 15-month old, 5 year old and two 13-year old kids. Each child enjoyed something different at the water park.

We’ve since visited the LEGOLAND water park more several more times and continue to be highly impressed. There’s ample seating for those not wanting to swim.

Areas are spread out to lessen the crowd impact. And I love the diversity of the play areas for a variety of ages. Older children will appreciate the water slides, while little kids play in splash pads with soft LEGO bricks.

Keep reading for all the tips on spending the day at the LEGOLAND California water park!

LEGOLAND California water park

When is the LEGOLAND California Water Park Open?

Hours of operation at the LEGOLAND California Water Park vary, depending upon the season. The LEGOLAND water park is closed during the winter and early spring months. Be sure to check the website guide to make sure it will be open when planning your visit.

*IMPORTANT* LEGOLAND California is not open every day of the week. There are some block out days during the “off-season”. Be sure to check the park calendar online before your trip.

In general, the LEGOLAND water park opens shortly after the theme park opens. The water park closes before the theme park closes.

If maximizing your time within the waterpark is important, arrive just at opening to enter the water park section.

Discounted LEGOLAND California Water Park Tickets

Purchase discounted LEGOLAND tickets online, including Resort Hopper tickets that include the LEGOLAND water park. Buying these tickets includes the theme park reservation, so be sure you’re choosing the correct date when buying your tickets.

What does a LEGOLAND Resort Hopper ticket include?

A LEGOLAND Resort Park Hopper ticket includes entry to the theme park and water park. The hopper ticket also includes access to the SEA LIFE Aquarium. This small aquarium has an entrance in front of the theme park, as well as one within the theme park.

There is only one entrance to the LEGOLAND Water Park, and it requires a regular LEGOLAND theme park ticket to enter. This means you can’t plan a visit only to the water park. You’ll need a theme park admission with a Resort Park Hopper option to enter the water park.

Can visitors access the LEGOLAND water park without a hopper ticket?

If you didn’t purchase the Resort Park Hopper ticket but decide to visit the water park during a regular amusement park day, you can still enter!

There’s a ticket booth to the left of the water park entrance to upgrade your ticket. This is also where guests can purchase a toddler water park ticket (more on that in the baby/toddler section).

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Can’t Miss Attractions at LEGOLAND Water Park

The LEGOLAND Water Park is divided up into several different sections, with a total of 17 rides and attractions. Various water play areas include a Chima water park, Pirate Shores, and Surfer’s Cove.

When visiting the LEGOLAND waterpark with younger children, consider moving around the park together to avoid getting separated.

Get Soaked (or Just a Little Wet)

Wanna get soaked? Stand under the Joker Soaker, where over 350 gallons of water drops from the clock tower overhead.

Want to minimize how wet you’ll get? Try one of the splash pads with low bubblers. Or stand at a water table like Imagination Station or Eglor’s Build-a-Boat.

LEGOLAND Water Park Joker Soaker
Joker Soaker dumps buckets of water!

Interactive Places to Play at LEGOLAND California Waterpark

There are multiple water playground areas throughout the water park that are appropriate for all ages. Cragger’s Swamp and the Soak-n-Sail feature overhead dumping buckets, waterfalls, and water slides, along with spray jets.

Height Requirements for LEGOLAND California Water Park

Some attractions have requirements for life jackets. Guests under certain heights may be required to wear a life vest when taking part in these attractions.

Girl wearing a red life vest in front of the Chima wave pool at Legoland California water park

Things for Families to Do Together at LEGOLAND Water Park

There are quite a few areas at the LEGOLAND Water Park where families can play in the water together. These attractions are best for groups:

Riptide Racers – This competitive water raceway is designed for family and friends to ride at the same time. Each slide stands 17 feet high, is more than 100 feet in length, and guests lay on their stomach with a foam mat. Must be 42″ tall to ride.

Riptide Racers water slides at Legoland water park with splash pad in foreground
Riptide Racers slides and Wipeout Lagoon splash pad

Orange Rush Raft Slide – The raft on Orange Rush can hold four adults and two children (over 42″ tall).

Lion Temple Wave Pool – My kids enjoyed a good amount of time in this massive wave pool. Riders must be over 42″ tall (My preschooler is a tall 46.5″ and the waves were still strong enough to knock him over).

This pool of water has a beach entry that increases in depth. The wave pool is an attraction that may require use of a life vest, provided complimentary inside the park.

Lion Temple Wave Pool

Pirate Reef – This theme park style ride will get you soaked with water cannons and a flume drop. Riders must be at least 36″ tall. This was my 11-year old son’s favorite attraction at the water park!

Pirate Reef ride at Legoland water park
Pirate Reef ride

Twin Chasers – Have a side by side water slide race, for guests over 42″ tall.

Build-a-Raft River – The idea of this lazy river is that you can collect the floating blocks in the water and add them to your raft.

Unfortunately there are usually only a handful of LEGO blocks available. Best to just kick back and enjoy the ride! There are both single and double tubes for floating.

LEGOLAND California Water Park Build-a-Boat lazy river
The lazy river is my favorite!

What Can Babies and Toddlers Do at LEGOLAND Water Park?

In addition to the more thrilling wave pool and water slides for big kids, there are dedicated splash pads reserved just for little ones. Parents can take note of signs throughout the waterpark that detail each of the attractions.

These are some of the best spots for toddlers and babies to play at LEGOLAND Water Park.

Imagination Station – Low water tables allow small children to use DUPLO bricks to build dams and spray water.

Duplo Splash Safari – This area is designed for kids aged 6 and under. The Splash Safari area has shallow water that’s ideal for wading.

My baby was able to walk in the water while my preschooler went down the small water slides. There are even wide “family-sized” mini-water slides here so you can splash down together.

Duplo Splash Safari

Wipeout Lagoon – Located in the Surfer’s Cove area next to the Riptide Racers slide. Wipeout Lagoon is a “spray ground” with multiple water jets splashing on and off.

Giant building blocks on the splash pad make this is a fun area for younger kids.

Duplo Splash Pad – Specifically sized for babies and toddlers, aged 1-3 years old (however there were older kids running around here on our visit).

LEGOLAND California water park area for toddlers
Babies and toddlers will enjoy the LEGOLAND California water park

Tips for Visiting LEGOLAND Water Park with Toddlers & Babies

Toddler water park ticket – Babies and toddlers that have not yet turned 3 years old may enter the LEGOLAND water park for free. However, entry to the water park costs $5 (plus tax) for children 1 and 2 years old.

Purchase a toddler water park ticket at the designated window to the left of the water park entrance.

Swim Safety: There are Coast Guard type life jackets in a variety of sizes located all around the LEGO water park. Life jackets are available for complimentary use.

Lifeguards are also stationed in every water area. However parents should stay within arms reach of children at all times.

Strollers and Wagons: LEGOLAND California water park is stroller and wagon accessible. There are stroller rentals available at the front entrance of the main theme park.

Baby Care Center: There is not a dedicated baby care center within the LEGOLAND Water Park. However, there is one just outside the exit, within the Fun Town area.

Families can take an indoor break here with nursing areas, microwaves, and diaper changing stations.

Swim diapers: These are a must-have. Bring plenty and change your child only inside the restrooms (and not on a lounge chair!). If you forget the diapers or run out, they are available for purchase.

LEGOLAND water park DUPLO Splash Zoo area
The Duplo Splash Safari at LEGOLAND California

Take Frequent Potty Breaks

Every few hours each of the sections will close. This allows guests to take a break, eat and use the restroom.

Signs encourage parents to take their children for potty breaks. Kids under 3 need to wear swim diapers, so don’t forget to bring them!

LEGOLAND Water Park Cabanas & Lounge Chairs

LEGOLAND Water Park Lounge Chairs

There are a variety of lounge chairs and chaise in the various areas of the water park, all for complimentary use. These seating arrangements are on first-come first-served basis.

Some chairs are on the sandy beaches, others on the concrete areas surrounding water features. Chairs are in both the sun or under giant beach-style umbrellas.

Best to arrive early in the day to secure the seats you want in the area you wish to sit.

Most guests place their towels on chairs to “save them”. There’s no guarantee that other visitors won’t move items, so it’s ideal to have one family stay in or near your spot.

Rows of lounge chairs on the sand under umbrellas at Legoland water park


The ultimate water park day can include a LEGOLAND water park cabana rental. Cabanas offer a relaxing way to rest and recharge in a private, shaded space. Choose from a variety of options including cabanas that hold up to 12 guests.

Choose from a standard cabana, premium or deluxe premium cabana, which are located all over the LEGOLAND Water Park. Cost is dependent upon the season (ex. peak summer prices are between $200-300).

LEGOLAND Water Park cabanas include all-day access. Each cabana has loungers and chairs, a mini fridge with water bottles, tote bag with towels, and cabana host service.

LEGOLAND Waterpark Dining

Are there restaurants in the LEGOLAND waterpark? The water park offers all quick service dining. There are no indoor or full service restaurants available. Restaurants are outside counter service and seating is outdoors.

There are several walk up dining spots in the water park, with patio tables nearby. Guests are invited to take food back to their beach chairs, as well.

Pizza and fries at Legoland water park

What kind of food is available at LEGOLAND California water park?

  • Beach Front Grill – Burritos and personal pizzas.
  • Beach Street Tacos – Mexican-style tacos including carne asada and fish.
  • Wolves’ Den Grill – Burgers and fries.

Can you bring outside food into the LEGOLAND water park? Outside food including small snacks and water bottles are permitted inside the theme park. No glass or alcohol allowed. Guests may also bring in food from elsewhere in LEGOLAND.

Street tacos at Legoland water park

LEGOLAND Water Park Locker Rentals

There are rental lockers at the LEGOLAND California water park where guests can store items until needed.

I highly recommend renting a locker if you don’t have someone to watch your things. Don’t risk leaving your purse on an empty beach chair while you splash; get a locker instead so it’s safe inside.

Legoland water park lockers with changing rooms

LEGOLAND Water Park Changing Rooms and Restrooms

When entering the LEGOLAND theme park in the morning, I’d suggest wearing your bathing suit under your clothing to enter the park. Once inside the LEGOLAND water park you can easily remove your outer clothing, apply sunscreen and be quickly ready to swim!

Showers – There are outdoor rinsing stations to wash off chlorine.

Changing Rooms – After you’re done swimming and you need to walk into the theme park again, there are ample changing areas available. There are roomy private changing areas to get out of your wet bathing suit.

Shoe Storage – Each ride has cubbies for storage of shoes. You’ll find the cube shelves at the entrance of the attractions.

Bathrooms – Guests who need to use the restroom can find locations in different areas of the LEGOLAND Water Park.

Full-Body Dryers – For guests who don’t want to carry wet bathing suits and towels, there are walk-in full body dryers throughout the water park (for a fee).

Best Swimwear for SoCal Waterparks

Forgot your swimsuit? There are a limited number of adult and children’s sized swimsuits in the shop located near the water park entrance. The Brick Bros. Trading Co sells swim wear as well as towels, sandals, and sunglasses.

Choose bright colors – Make your kids easier to spot in a crowd by choosing brightly colored swim suits.

Avoid exposed zippers and/or metal on swimwear.

Wear sleeves – The summer and fall weather is generally the warmest time of year in Southern California. I highly recommend that you protect kid’s skin with a rash guard.

My kids’ swimwear is from Primary – Get 20% off your first order at with code AFF20PCT

What to Bring to LEGOLAND California Water Park

  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen is a MUST. I’d recommend reapplying several times throughout the day. Try using a sunscreen that can be applied to damp skin, like Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Spray.
  • Towels – Guests must bring their own towels. There aren’t any retail shops within the themed water park section. If you forget a towel, there are some available for purchase in the pop-up gift shop near the water park exit.
  • Waterproof Tote Bag – Use a water proof bag to hold a dry change of clothing, then to place wet suits in after changing.
  • Water-resistant Shoes – Flip-flops, Crocs, or water shoes are important for each family member. The concrete and sand are in direct sun so the ground gets extremely hot. There are shoe cubbies to store shoes at each attraction. You’ll also want to wear shoes when using the restroom!
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch – If you’ll have your electronics out, bring protective gear for cells phones.
  • Drinking water is another must-have to stay hydrated. Guest are permitted to bring in bottled water.
  • Safety Tat – Write your contact information on this waterproof temporary tattoo to avoid your child from getting lost while in the water park.

Need more tips? Check out these Travel Safety Tips for Kids, including beach and water park ideas to keep children safe.

What NOT to Bring to the Waterpark

  • Swim clothing that has zippers or rivets.
  • No alcohol or glass.
  • Remove valuable jewelry before coming to the water park.
  • Beach chair
  • Umbrella

Benefits of Staying Onsite at a LEGOLAND Resort Hotel

Staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel or the new LEGOLAND Castle Hotel? Wondering if a LEGOLAND Water Park visit is worth it, since you’ll already have swimming pool access?

To be honest, the pools at the hotels just aren’t very special. They’re just basic swimming pools, so I still highly recommend upgrading to the Water Park ticket.

Check out these benefits of staying onsite, then click the link to book your overnight stay at one of the LEGOLAND California Resort hotels or nearby Carlsbad accommodations.

Front entrance of the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel

Free Breakfast – What a great perk for LEGOLAND Resort hotel guests! The hot breakfast buffet served at both hotel restaurants is filling and delicious. Each guest receives a free morning meal for each night they stay.

Early Entry – 30 minute early access to certain sections of the LEGOLAND theme park.

Towels – Resort hotel guests receive complimentary use of hotel pool towels for the day in the water park. Grab towels at the pool before entering the theme park/water park.

READ MORE: Get the full guide of the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel and LEGOLAND Hotel in California in this honest review of the themed rooms and resort LEGO experience.

Other Things to Know About the LEGOLAND California Water Park

What’s the weather like at LEGOLAND California? The weather in Carlsbad California can be windy and cool during the late spring and early summer months.

I highly recommend checking the forecast on the day of your visit. This way you’ll be able to decide what to wear and whether it’s warm enough for the water park activities.

Water Ride Accessibility – Accessibility to slides is limited. Guests are expected to be able to climb long stairs and stand in line. There is no wheelchair access for slides. Those with health issues may find walking on concrete and climbing stairs to be a challenge.

Is the water heated at LEGOLAND water park? Yes, water is warmed to a temperature of 80 degrees.

How Many Days to Plan for LEGOLAND California?

As LEGOLAND California continues to grow, I’m finding that one day just isn’t enough. This is definitely a destination vacation spot for families!

This theme park is great for a multi-day visit, especially for kids in the younger age bracket who will most appreciate the rides and attractions.

READ this article with over 50 great tips for LEGOLAND California with kids.

Book for 2+ Days at LEGOLAND

If you’re planning a visit to LEGOLAND California, consider adding an extra day or two to your visit. You’ll be able to spend time in the theme park itself, as well as the attached LEGOLAND SEALIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND California Water Park.

Considering going to LEGOLAND for more than one day? Check out my post about LEGOLAND California on SheBuys Travel.

There are LEGO models throughout the park for photo ops

San Diego Travel Tips

If you’re planning to vacation in the Southern California area for several days, these are the things to know about visiting LEGOLAND California.

What Hotels are Best for a LEGOLAND vacation? I highly recommend staying onsite at one of the LEGOLAND themed hotels. There are other Carlsbad area hotels that are very close to the theme park.

The Sheraton Carlsbad Resort and Spa is one of our favorite locations. A huge benefit is the private side entrance to the LEGOLAND theme park!

Are there other water parks in San Diego county? The Sesame Place theme park (south San Diego) is part dry ride/part water park.

What other things are there to do in Carlsbad? This coastal city has lots of activities for family, including beaches, kid-friendly restaurants, and hiking trails. Read more about the best things to do in Carlsbad California.

READ MORE about the best things to do in San Diego with kids?

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