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Free Letter to Santa Printable Christmas Template

Free Letter to Santa Printable Christmas Template


Encourage the holiday tradition of writing to Santa Claus as a way of sharing your child’s Christmas list. These three free templates for my custom-designed Letter to Santa printable will help guide your kids in writing their seasonal wish list. I’ve included sections for holiday must-dos and gratefulness on the template, as well as tips for how to “send” your completed Letter to Santa printable!

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This article originally published December 2nd 2020 and has been updated and republished with a new date.

Letter to Santa Printable Templates

A letter to Santa isn’t just a wish list, it’s a memento of your child at this particular age. Keep these completed letters in a special place and return to them in later years as a way to reminiscence.

The Santa letter is also a snapshot in time. Who remembers having a Cabbage Patch doll or Atari on their Christmas wish list? My son’s letter to Santa started with a PS5 video game system –  so very 2020!

Don’t put an age limit on writing a letter to Santa. Despite my 9 year old son “figuring things out” about Santa earlier this year, he was still ALL IN on writing his Santa letter. Keep the magic alive for all!

Writing Dear Santa letters can be one of a child’s favorite holiday traditions. This is an activity that everyone in the family can do together, young and old alike. Yes, even mom and dad – it’s a sweet way to share your wishes for the season in a tangible way.

Writing a Christmas Morning Wish List

The letter to Santa printable starts with your child’s wish list. Older kids can write out their own thoughts about the toys, games and books they’d like to see under the tree. Preschoolers may require a little bit of help. Ask younger children what they’d like you to write down for them.

When asked to come up with ideas to share, some kids may have trouble pinpointing exact wants and needs. It’s okay to make suggestions to your kids in order to feel them out and offer some guidance in creating their wish list.

Holiday Season Bucket List

Next to the “Things I’d like to do this holiday” section, kids can jot down their favorite seasonal ideas. From watching Christmas movies, decorating cookies, making a snowman or singing carols, a fun holiday tradition is the true heart of the season.

Take good notes of the items your children write in this category. Even more than physical gifts, these are the best parts of having a merry Christmas with your kids. Do your best to make at least one of them happen!

Thankfulness and Gratitude

The “gimmie more” mentality can be a challenge for any parent raising kids. Children are natural takers and it takes skill to remind them about gratitude, giving and thankfulness. The Christmas season is the perfect time to prompt kids about graciousness towards others.

The “What I’m Thankful for This Year” section in the Letter to Santa printable allows children write down their top thoughts of the past year.

There is plenty of space to write several notes. Older children may elaborate more than a young child. My son noted that he was thankful for our new house.

Using Santa as Behavior Modification?

“You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout”. While Santa and the Elf on the Shelf are both cheerful additions to the holiday season, they are also strong messages to children that their behavior does not go unnoticed this time of year!

Children are repeatedly given the message that Santa is coming, and they’d best watch their attitudes if they want to make it on the “nice list”.

Young kids with an Elf on the Shelf are told that their elf reports daily back to Santa on the actions of the kids in that house.

Elf on the Shelf holding two peppermint sticks

So yes, Santa can go hand in hand with positive reinforcements for improving good behavior. Kids who have intense emotions often act up during the holiday seasons, spurred by the extra celebration and divergence from routine. The anticipation and build up can be a lot for younger kids to handle.

It’s simply not enough to growl, “Santa’s watching you!” and expect a full turnaround in behavior. For highly spirited children, it’s important to keep to usual routines as much as possible, even when traveling during the holiday season.

Keeping the focus on family togetherness and the simple joys of the holidays can be comforting to kids, which in turn can affect attitude for the better!

Want more free printables? It’s a great time to use one of these Printable Behavior Charts for Kids, good for the holiday season or everyday.

Writing and Sending the Santa Letter

Creating family holiday traditions is an easy (and inexpensive) way to bring joy into the season. Once you have the Christmas printables in hand, you’re ready to write them and send them off.

When is the best time to write a Santa letter and how should you “send” it?

Writing a letter to Santa can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. These are a few ideas you can use to introduce the Santa letter and tips for making sure the handwritten note is properly delivered!

Magical Mailbox

Did you know that a mailbox like this one can be a direct line to the North Pole! It’s true, just put your Santa letter inside and the next day, it’s been delivered.

I found this simple metal mailbox at the 99 Cents Only store! We have an Elf on the Shelf and told our kids the elf would deliver Christmas letter himself. This note was found the next day – magical!

Santa Writes Back

Santa always writes a letter back to the children in our house. The kids leave out a plate of treats (usually this delicious Cranberry Cake!) and a cup of cold milk.

The next morning the cookies and milk are gone, but a letter from Santa is left behind. The personalized letter always talks about the kid’s highlights from the year, including their good deeds.

Leave the Child’s Letter in a Santa Book on Christmas Eve

Enjoy a reading of your favorite family Christmas book. The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Holly Hobbie is my top choice.

Leave the Santa letters folded inside the book to be magically transported to Santa himself.

Elf on the Shelf Breakfast

For those who have a elf in the house, this is a joyous idea! Have these letter to Santa printable templates and pencils ready for kids at their North Pole Breakfast.

There are tons of recipe ideas and tips for welcoming the month of December!

Table set up for North Pole Breakfast

Need More Printer Ink?

I minimized the heavy colors in these free printable Santa letter templates. These Christmas printables won’t use up all your ink in one page!

Having colorful printables in a variety of colors is important though, so make sure your color ink cartridge is ready to go.

Have Printer Ink Delivered

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You’ll be able to amend based on your printing needs. And the cost is really great (plus it saves you a trip to the store). Sign up for HP Instant Ink and receive a free month on the program!

Letter to Santa Printables

Here are the three free printable letter templates I’ve created for your holiday letter to Santa. The blank template has prompts and space for young children to write down their Christmas wishes.

Scroll down and click the links below to download your Dear Santa letter printables, then write your own letter!

As a thank you, I’d appreciate if you took a moment to pin the image below or otherwise shared this post on social media. Sharing helps me as a small business and I can continue to offer these free download printables without charge to my readers!

Free Santa Letter Templates

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