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5 Easy Ways to Stay Organized for Back to School

5 Easy Ways to Stay Organized for Back to School


How ready are you to get the kids back to school? Now’s the time to start prepping for a smooth school season. Get and stay organized for back to school season this year with these practical tips!

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Getting Organized for Back to School

It’s my daughter’s first year in school, as she’ll start kindergarten in the fall. At the same time my high school teens will be wrapping up their senior year. With 4 kids at three different schools, staying organized for back to school is imperative.

After over a year learning at home, getting back to in-person learning will be a challenge. It can be all too easy for everything to slip off the rails, keeping so many balls in the air! Here are a few ways to make the return to the classroom all the easier, including 5 tips on how to get organized for back to school.

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A Place for Everything

Want to teach your kids a lifelong good habit of organization? Encourage placing items in specific places, not just randomly dropping them wherever. Choose convenient locations where kids can store school item. Then show (and remind) where items go each day.

Have designated hooks and storage bins for school items. It’s not too hard for even young children to hang a jacket on a hook or drop their water bottle inside a bin. In our home, we have a hook for each backpack immediately where the kids walk inside the house. Inside the kitchen pantry, there’s a collective spot for lunch boxes.

Shoes should be sitting together where your kids can grab them before going out the door. Corral hair styling product and accessories together in a bin inside the bathroom. When things are in their “home”, staying organized becomes that much easier. It can take practice getting children into the rhythm of putting things where they belong. But the payoff is great!

Dedicated Homework Station

Many of us grew up doing school work at the dining room table. To maintain organization for back to school, consider taking back your dinner table by creating a dedicated homework area. Many of us probably still have “distance learning” set-ups in the home! Now’s the time to re-purpose that area into an organized homework station that works.

Start by cleaning out the space, tossing out the broken crayons and dried-up markers. Recycle unneeded papers. Remove everything else from the table top. Only replace what’s absolutely needed to keep the desk organized. Make every Friday desk clean up day to keep the homework area tidy.

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Name Bubbles Labels

With multiple school aged-kids, keeping track of all the things is a challenge. And kids, being kids, they forget and misplace things at school. Make that inevitable dig through the lost and found a little easier – using name labels on frequently misplaced items is a must. Using Name Bubbles labels might even eliminate the lost & found all together!

Your child’s name is printed on a washable label, which you’ll then add to everything school related. Think jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes and pencil cases. If the items become separated from you kid, they can easily be returned with your kid’s name prominently displayed on the Name Bubbles label!

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Keep Track of Items with Name Bubbles

I’ve already ordered my daughter’s Name Bubbles Labels so we can make sure her items don’t get misplaced. The Name Bubbles come in so many different designs, shapes and styles – we had a tough time choosing! Name Bubbles are available in everyday labels to add personalization on everything that goes to school. There are also clothing labels that come in either peel & stick or iron-on.

She finally went with the Confetti style in her current favorite color, purple! We plan on using Name Bubbles on her lunch box, lunch insert, water bottle, backpack, notebook and pencil case. The clothing labels don’t fade or peel and are ideal for jackets, tote bags and more!

Name Bubbles labels are completely washable and waterproof so I know they’ll stay put. For families concerned about allergies, check out the line of medical labels to alert others about specific special needs. To prep and get organized for back to school, Name Bubbles value packs are a must-have!

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After School Checklist

Are there things that you do personally after school that your kids could be taking over? If your kids are dumping their backpack and shoes at the backdoor without a thought, it’s time to create an after school checklist! Even very young children are able to get into the routine of clean up and prep for the following day.

Every afternoon after school, kids should clear out backpacks on their own. Kids can get in the habit of putting lunch containers into the sink, putting gym clothes into the washer and charging their own school electronics. Encourage children to return all paperwork, library books and homework to the backpack each evening so it’s ready to grab and go in the morning.

Prep the Night Before

This is one of the most important steps towards being organized for back to school. Teach children how to prepare for the morning routine by getting things in order the night before. This would including choosing and setting out their entire outfit, including socks, shoes and accessories.

Bedrooms are tidy, with toys and books put away before bedtime. Lunches are made meal-prep style and stacked inside the fridge, with dry snacks in bins inside the pantry. Backpacks are loaded with the next day’s needs and are prepped and ready by the door. Figure out what other items on the school morning checklist can be done the day before to help save time and stay organized!

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