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Tips for Hosting a Preschool Disney Party on a Budget

Tips for Hosting a Preschool Disney Party on a Budget


If you’re throwing a party you want it to be an awesome party! Of course hosting a party in a Disney theme that kids love just makes it over-the-top fun. Fortunately you don’t have to spend a fortune to make it fabulous. I’m sharing my tips for hosting a preschool Disney party on a budget including themes for favorite Disney Jr. shows and Disney princess ideas.

Kids at Disney preschool play date party

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Preschool Disney Party

Preschoolers are pretty easy to please as party guests. They’re happy to play with friends, content with small games and if there’s a goody bag? That’s just icing on the cupcake!

Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs

These are my quick basics to hosting a preschool Disney party:

  1. What is your preschooler into? Pick a theme and run with it!
  2. Ask your preschooler what they want to do at their party. Kids often come up with simple but great ideas.
  3. Keep activities to a minimum, maybe including one or two games max.
  4. Free play time is the most important thing to preschoolers. They’ll prefer to hang out and play with friends over sticking to a tight party schedule.

Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs

Birthday Disney Party on a Budget

It can be easy to go overboard when hosting a birthday party. I know I’ve spent way too much before, wanting to make the party “perfect”. But preschoolers are pretty simple and they won’t even notice all of the expensive add-ons you care about. For them, it’s all about being with friends and family. If you remind yourself of this focus, it’s going to be easier to pare down and stick to a budget.

I have TONS more money-saving party tips on this post about hosting a birthday party on a budget. 

Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs

The Party Basics

If you’re hosting a preschool Disney party these are just a few must-have essentials:

Invitations: Save money on the cost of paper invites and sent out email invitations instead. Sites like Punchbowl have free email invites in Disney themes for preschoolers like Minnie Mouse, Moana, Frozen, Disney Princess, Puppy Dog Pals, Toy Story and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Snacks: Most kids don’t even want to eat at parties because they’re playing with their friends. Plan your party time so it’s not at mealtime. Make note on the invite that you’ll be serving light snacks. By skipping pizza or sandwiches, you’ll save tons on the cost of your party! Choose one showstopping sweet treat, like a Popped Passion popcorn cake.

Mickey Mouse Goldfish crackers

Can’t go wrong with Goldfish crackers, especially if they have Mickey on them!

Kid munching on a Popped Passion popcorn cake at a Disney Preschool Playdate Party

Munch on a Popped Passion popcorn cake

Mickey Mouse chips

Mickey Mouse shaped food is always a hit with preschoolers!

Refreshments: Active preschool play requires hydration! Water bottles are handy, but a jug of water is cheaper. Consider writing kid’s names on Reusable Plastic Party Cups and pour water to refill as needed. You’ll have a lot less waste this way and it’s less expensive than water bottles or juice boxes. The cups are also less than a dollar each and make a nice addition to the treat bag.

Party Favors: Consider making the activities at the party part of the goody bag. Include mini tubs of Play-doh, bottles of bubbles, crayon boxes and balloons as party favors and let kids take them home in a treat bag. Cheap Disney party favors could include practical items like a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Toothbrush or a packaged treat with a favorite Disney character (like these Mickey Mouse Apple Crisps).

Disney preschool party goody bag treats

Disney Jr. Party Themes

Preschoolers love to see their favorite characters so a Disney Junior party theme will be right up their alley. I held a play date birthday party for my son in a Mickey and the Roadster Racers theme. If you click through to the post there are ideas on foods and free printables.

Other shows to consider for your preschool Disney party theme:

Preschool Disney Party location:

Choose a free location to hold your shindig, like a park or backyard. Preschoolers need lots of space to move! I held our party at the park and used the picnic tables under the shade of a gazebo.

Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs

Disney Theme Party Supplies

In addition to the basics listed above, these are a few more preschool Disney party supplies you may need with tips on how to save money:

Dining Supplies– Plates, napkins, cups, table coverings, plastic forks & spoons – if you’re serving food, these items are a must-have! To stay on budget, purchase one set of Disney themed paper goods. Supplement with plain goods in a less pricey solid color that coordinates with the theme. There are lots of choices available at ShopDisney.

Decor – Fun decorations in the party theme are exciting for preschoolers but you don’t have to go overboard. Choose one item in the theme as a spotlight item. Then add in inexpensive crepe paper streamers or a few colorful balloons for added effect.

Preschool Disney Party Games & Activities

Leaving plenty of time for free play with friends is going to be the most important thing for preschoolers during the party. But it’s also a good idea to plan for a few simple games or activities. At our Mickey Mouse themed Preschool Disney Party in the park temperatures soared and the kids were too hot to play in the sun. Fortunately I’d filled our goody bags with items they could use at the party. The preschoolers enjoyed resting in the shade and played with their Play-Doh at the picnic tables together. 

Play-Doh is always a great quiet play item for preschoolers.

Here are a few other fun and inexpensive party games and activities that are preschool appropriate:

  • Pin the Nose on Mickey Party Game
  • Hula Hoops – preschoolers can jump inside, roll them or attempt to hula-hoop them around their waist
  • Freeze Dance – play music for dancing then have kids stop and pose in a silly way when the music stops
  • Pipe cleaners – show kids how to create stick figures or glasses with these soft bendy pieces
  • Bubbles – have individual bottles or a bubble making machine for playful popping

Preschoolers love to blow and pop bubbles so this is a cheap activity.

  • Coloring – have crayons and coloring books on hand
  • Stickers – supply kids with Disney stickers and construction paper to create their own art
  • Wikki Stix – bendable wax that can be modeled into shapes
  • Balloons – blown up and left on the ground, kids can toss and kick

Photo credit: Jessica Jacobs

Cheap Printable Fun

An inexpensive activity or goody bag giveaway are these free printables. Print them quickly at home and include them in treat bags. Or have them at the party for parents to help their preschooler make during your event.

Free Disney preschool party printables

How to Throw a Budget Disney Princess Birthday Party

My own preschooler is definitely inspired by the Disney princesses and I have a feeling a princess themed party isn’t far off in our future! Hosting a Disney princess party can be done on a budget with these ideas:

Little girl wearing Princess Aurora Sleeping Beauty dress at Disneyland

Wearing her Sleeping Beauty dress from Jakks Pacific at Disneyland

  • Request that each guest wear a princess inspired outfit to get into the mood of the party. My daughter adores her Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora dress from Jakks Pacific.
  • Kids that don’t have Disney princess dresses can easily DisneyBound with these tips.
  • Host a princess tea party for brunch with juice and tiny cupcakes or mini-doughnuts.
  • Play the birthday girl’s favorite Disney princess movie or soundtrack and encourage singing and dancing along.
  • Have the party guests bring a favorite doll (or more than one to share) for free play together with friends. These large sized Disney Princess dolls from Jakks Pacific are great for preschool play.

Little girl with Ariel doll

Get creative with these inexpensive princess party food ideas:

  • Princess party popcorn – lay out popped corn onto a cookie sheet and drizzle with warm melted white chocolate candy. Add bright pink sprinkles then let the chocolate harden before putting the popcorn in a bowl.
  • Fruity Magic Wands – add whole grapes to a wooden skewer. Top with melon slices that have been cut with a star-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Enchanted Cake – prepare a white cake mix to the box instructions. Poke cooled cake with a wooden skewer to make holes across the surface (vary the depths around the cake). Mix small Jell-O packet with a cup of hot water to dissolve then pour into holes. Try two or three different color/flavors for a more colorful design. Top with Cool-Whip and chill. Add sprinkles or fresh berries to the top before serving, if desired. The cake will be magically striped when sliced!

A Disney party for preschoolers doesn't have to break the budget! These are the top tips for saving money when hosting a Disney preschool party for a play date or birthday including what to eat, decoration ideas and goody bags. #MomRewritten #NowMoreThanEver #Parties #Preschool | Party Planning | Party on a Budget

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