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Preteen Routine Daily Checklist Printable (So You Don’t Have to Nag)

Preteen Routine Daily Checklist Printable (So You Don’t Have to Nag)


Are you the parent of a preteen or tween? It’s a roller coaster of daily emotions already. Add in all the new things they have to remember like putting on deodorant and washing to avoid acne. Avoid topping it off with parental nagging to help ease some of the stress (on you, and on them!). Maybe you feel like I felt: A broken record, repeating the same reminders everyday. Keep reading for some daily routine tips including a free printable chart for your kids as a helpful reminder.

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Daily Routine Chart for Preteens

Preteen kids have a lot to keep track of. With the start of junior high, puberty and a changing body, they also have intense emotions they’re dealing with as well (seen Inside Out?) I have two preteens in the house (my almost 12-year old son and my 11-year old stepdaughter). My husband and I have a lot to deal with keeping them on track!

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is have to run down a laundry list of items as your kids are going out the door. They don’t like the nagging and neither do I. However, I also don’t want my kid smelling like an onion after P.E. because they forgot deodorant!

Streamlining your tween’s personal routine and making it more routine for them is the key. But sometimes they need help remembering.

Fostering Preteen Independence

Have you ever called out to your preteen, “Did you remember to change your underwear today?” How about asking if they put on deodorant, took a shower, or brushed their teeth? Bonus points if you asked these questions at school drop off in front of their friends! 

If you’ve ever questioned whether your tween is remembering to floss or bothering to wash their hair, this post is for you. Naturally as parents of preteens we want to encourage independence. That’s pretty much the entire goal of parenting! To foster independence. To teach and let them make mistakes.

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Creating a Tween Hygiene Kit

One way to remind preteens on proper hygiene is to create a single location where they can find what they need. I created these hygiene kits for my tweens using inexpensive plastic bathroom storage bins. Store them under the bathroom sink and hold everything pre-teens need for morning and night.

Place toiletries all in one place for easy organization.

Gentle Reminders

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve gotten into the car for school and one of my tweens has to run back into the house because they forgot to do something! A few gentle reminders are something everyone can benefit from.

If your kid is consistently forgetting important daily tasks, this printable preteen routine checklist is great. It will allow your tween some independence but still give them the reminders they need. Check out this post with additional tips on stress-free morning routines with kids.

Tween Reminders To Avoid the Nagging

I created this quick, no-nagging-necessary free printable checklist for preteens. I’ve listed the basics that all kids need to remember, like daily showering. Even if your child didn’t previously bathe daily, you’ll quickly learn with the overactive hormones that daily washing is a must (ie: preteens STINK!).

The items on this preteen routine list are best for kids aged 9-year old to 13-year old. Focusing on daily tween hygiene now will get them in good habits for when they become a teenager. In addition to the list, I have these other subtle notes and reminders around the house. Leaving a note is a way of getting your message across, without verbal cues or nagging!

Post-it note remind without nagging!
  • Using Post-It notes is great for these kind of “Mom Hacks”. Just stick a little note somewhere as a reminder to the kids so you don’t have to say the message out loud.
  • Set a timer so you don’t have to call out the countdown or time every 5 minutes. When kids hear the timer, they know they need to take action.
  • Post a “how-to” with instructions on how to use appliances like the dishwasher, washing machine and dryer. Then tweens will know how to properly use them as needed. No reason for not getting chores done!
  • If you’re looking for more ways to get kids involved, check out these additional tips with easy decluttering tips for kid’s rooms and toys.
  • With the soap and shampoo in the shower, I drew this reminder directly onto the bottle with a Sharpie. No excuses for overuse!
Mom made dots on soap bottles so tweens won't overuse

Household Chores for Preteens

Of course, as your child is now old enough to take on more household responsibilities, I’ve added on a few basic chores that your tween can pitch in on. I know we’ve all been there as parents, plugging in the school tablet or laptop when we see our kid has forgotten. Or digging through the backpacks in search of that field trip permission slip.

If it’s there on the checklist there’s no excuse for forgetting! Read for more ways to get kids to pitch in with chores.

Printable Daily Preteen Routine Checklist

I laminated this tween daily routine checklist. We then posted in several places around the house so my preteens can handle their business privately on their own. This is all about creating good habits that your child will take with them through life. It also teaches them a routine. At some point these things will be second nature and kids won’t have to refer to the checklist anymore.

I added a spot in each section for you to add anything extra that your tween needs to do. Parenting is about creating independent people (because you don’t want to be calling your college-age children to make sure they are using deodorant, right?)

Keep hair essentials in one storage box to ease busy mornings.

Just for Girls

I’ve made a free printable preteen routine checklist for both boys & girls. The only difference is that the girl’s list has a reference for restocking feminine hygiene in her school bag or purse as well as remembering to put on a bra each morning.

Consider putting together a monthly teen period kit to keep in a school locker or backpack. This is one of the great ways to help tween girls get more organized about keeping track of their periods.

Girls should make a monthly period kit

Free Tween Daily Checklist Printable

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