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Thrill-Seekers Guide to the Disneyland Resort

Thrill-Seekers Guide to the Disneyland Resort


Disneyland truly has something for everyone. This includes thrill seekers! However Disney Parks do vary from other amusement parks in that the thrills here are just as visual and cerebral as they are tummy-tickling  This makes the thrill rides at Disneyland great for a wide variety of ages. I’ve included big thrills as well as mini-thrills for thrill seekers in training.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge spires above the Millennium Falcon

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Thrill Rides at Disneyland

Some of the thrill rides at Disneyland have low height requirements. This means that preschoolers are quite often tall enough to ride with the rest of their family. However only you know your child. Even if your youngster meets the height requirement, the thrills may prove to be too intense. Be sure to take this into consideration before taking your child if they are particularly nervous.

I also have more tips on these posts: 

Not sure if a ride is going to frighten your child, check out my Complete Guide to Everything Scary for Kids at Disneyland.

If you have a skittish kid, these are the must-know Tips for Calming Scared and Anxious Kids at Disney.

This guide to Disney California Adventure park and Disneyland thrill rides shows pictures of each, explains height restrictions, exact details on of what to expect and tips for avoiding nausea (including Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge!) #MomRewritten #Disney #DisneyTips #Disneyland #ThemePark | Amusement Park | Theme Park

Big Thrill Rides at Disneyland Park

When looking for thrill rides at Disneyland, look no further than the mountains…namely Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Matterhorn and Space Mountain.

Splash Mountain is a mostly tame log ride that takes you through the story of Song of the South inside Critter Country. However the sweet fun inside culminates in a five story drop down a waterfall that will tickle your tummy. Many kids will balk at riding this one because you can’t miss seeing guests being hurtled down the flume at the ride’s entrance. And you will get wet (possibly soaked), so keep that in mind and switch your walking shoes out for plastic flip-flops.

Bench-style seat for one guest, no restraints (40″ or taller)

Splash Mountain at Disneyland

The Matterhorn Bobsleds, the ride many guests love to hate. There is very little padding in the bobsled so be aware that if you have a bad back, this ride may exacerbate it. Guests sit in a three-seater bobsled that careens through and around the Matterhorn, past The Abominable Snowman (who can be quite scary and loud!)

Single seat with legs out in front, with lap belt restraint (42″ or taller)

Disneyland Matterhorn Bobsleds

More Big Thrills at Disneyland

Space Mountain or Hyperspace Mountain, it’s Star Wars-themed incarnation. This is the fastest of all coasters inside the Disneyland Park  This coaster will take you to the edges of the universe on a high-speed adventure. Guests board what looks like a rocket inside this Tomorrowland thrill ride that combines darkness, planetary lights and stars and a rockin’ soundtrack. If you’ve never ridden this one before you might find yourself feeling a bit dizzy after the many swirling circles that your rocket takes. 

Single seat with lap belt restraint; 2 seats next to each other (40″ or taller)

Hyperspace Mountain Disneyland sign

Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland is one of my favorites. This is one of the rides that I like to go on twice; Once in the daytime and again at night because the experience changes. You’ll sit inside a “runaway” train car and be treated to fast speeds and dips as the train blasts through the “wildest ride in the wilderness”. There is one particularly thrilling scene with dynamite!

Bench seat for one or two riders, pull down lap bar restraint (40″ or taller)

Big THunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland

Additional Thrill Rides at Disneyland

It’s a race through the universe in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a thrilling motion-simulator ride. Don your 3-D glasses and step inside the “Starspeeder 1000″ for a trip to one of six planets in one of fifty possible scenarios. This exciting flight simulator also includes animatronic characters and adventure to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Individual seats in a row with lap belt restraint (40” or taller)

Photo Credit: Jeff Holz

Indiana Jones Adventure inside Adventureland is dark, mysterious and not for the faint of heart. In my opinion, this is the scariest ride at Disneyland. And it’s not because you’re moving particularly fast. However you will be in the dark and encounter lots of real-looking surprises. You’ll board a 12-person vehicle that takes you on a bumpy journey akin to what Indiana Jones would experience (snakes, booby traps, lava, mummies, etc). Pay attention to the ride warnings on this one as the ride is very rocky (secure your possessions!) 

Individual seats in a row with lap belt restraints (46″ or taller)

Sign for Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland

Disneyland Thrill Ride in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Disneyland’s newest Land, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is host to a new thrill ride that will take you to the edge of the universe. The Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run takes riders right into the cockpit. Guests in groups of 6 are given “jobs” (pilot, gunner or engineer) to complete during the interactive ride. The ride experience is dependent upon who is flying the plane (left wing pilot moves the ship side to side, right wing pilot moves the ship up and down). Check out more tips for younger kids in my post about taking toddlers and preschoolers to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Individual seats with lap belt restraints; seats are separate with a row in between (38″ or taller)

Entrance to Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disneyland

Action shot inside Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Mini-thrills at Disneyland Park

A great warm-up for the bigger thrill rides at Disneyland, these mini-thrills will give you a little tummy tickle but would be unlikely to cause any fears or upset stomachs.

Astro Orbitor – this is Dumbo the Flying Elephant for the big kid set. Board a rocket that spins you around in a circle and use the joystick to raise and lower. This one is especially cool at night with the lights of Tomorrowland twinkling around you. 

Seating for 2 (or three smaller guests), no restraints (no height requirement)

Wondering if there's anything thrilling at the Disneyland Parks? Check out this guide to the thrill rides at Disneyland including tips for mini-thrill seekers, anti-nausea advice and how to please everyone from preschool to adult! #Disneyland

More Mini-thrill rides at Disneyland

Gadget’s Go Coaster – a great beginner’s coaster set inside the whimsical Toontown. Guests only need to be 35″ so many three-year olds are tall enough to ride. It’s only one minute long (just a climb, drop and a few quick dips and it’s over), so the ride is over quickly. Perfect for first time thrill-seekers!

Seating for one or two, pull down lap bar restraint (35″ or taller)

Gadget's Go Coaster seats with young boy

Pirates of the Caribbean – it’s dark and somewhat spooky in here! With realistic Animatronic pirates, skeletons and two short water drops your little one might be trembling a bit. But it’s all a yo-ho good time in the end.

Bench seating, no restraints (no height requirement)

Big Thrills at Disney’s California Adventure Park

Drop in for a scream of a time at the Guardians of the Galaxy -Mission: BREAKOUT! Guests in seated in a gantry elevator that has random quick lifts and steep drops with animated breaks in between that feature movie characters. This one is a BIG tummy-tickler that will literally lift you out of your seat!

Individual seats in a row with lap belt restraint (40″ or taller) Wondering if there's anything thrilling at the Disneyland Parks? Check out this guide to the thrill rides at Disneyland including tips for mini-thrill seekers, anti-nausea advice and how to please everyone from preschool to adult! #Disneylandsion Breakout and more!

The new Incredicoaster is themed to the movie The Incredibles. This is the original looping coaster California Screamin‘ that has been revamped in the Pixar Pier make-over. It still has that fantastic loop in the middle along with some fun details featuring characters from the movie.

Individual seats, side by side with pull-down over the shoulder restraints (48″ or taller)

Incredicoaster with Pixar Pier signage

Incredicoaster seats with mom and son

More Thrill Rides at Disney California Adventure

Pixar Pal-A-Round (formerly called Mickey’s Fun Wheel) in Pixar Pier has two sections; one is a stationary gondola that turns just as any ordinary Ferris wheel. Choose the second gondola and you’ll enjoy a perilous swing each time the Ferris wheel rotates. Neither of them are appropriate if you’re afraid of heights (myself included!) Try it at night when the wheel is lit and it’s not as obvious to tell that you’re 150 feet in the air!

Bench seating inside of a caged and locked gondola, no restraints (No height requirements)

Pixar Pal-a-Round sign and Ferris wheel gondolas

Race into Cars Land for a turn on the high-speed Radiator Springs Racers! Part slow dark ride, part roller coaster, this one is 100% can’t miss. Six guests ride inside their race car which competes against other car in a race to the finish through the Ornament Valley. There are slower sections that take place inside. The ride ends with a fast section of dips and turns, just like a race car on a track.

Individual seats in a row of three, lap restraints (40″ or taller)

Wondering if there's anything thrilling at the Disneyland Parks? Check out this guide to the thrill rides at Disneyland including tips for mini-thrill seekers, anti-nausea advice and how to please everyone from preschool to adult! #Disneyland

Radiator Springs Racers is a high speed race that most kids will love.

Mini-Thrills at Disney’s California Adventure Park

Goofy’s Sky School – This “crazy mouse” style coaster in Paradise Pier is zippier than it first appears. The tiny cars quickly cruise across the track, blindly turning sharply and dipping up and down. There is a sudden stop at the end that you might not be expecting.

Individual seats for two across, pull down lap bar restraint (42″ or taller).

Grizzly River Run – What seems at first like a float down a lazy river soon becomes a spinning trip down the Grizzly River, full of dips, drops and a good soaking! This is another one where I’d recommend changing your shoes and socks for flip-flops before.

Individual seats in a circle, lap belt restraints (42″ or taller)

Grizzly River Run

Jumpin’ Jellyfish – Float up and down gently 40″ high in your two-seater jellyfish bench. Not scary unless you’re afraid of heights (ahem!). It’s a fairly quick ride that preschoolers and younger kids particularly enjoy.

Individual seats for up to two people, lap belt restraints (40″ or taller)

More Mild Thrills in Disney California Adventure

Soarin’ Around the World – The ride description explains that you’ll be “flying”. True, you’ll be lifted off the ground in a chair that swings slightly in coordination with the film. However you’ll never leave your seat or get the feel that you’re falling. Guests who are nervous of heights may be on edge but once you start watching the film, you truly forget that you’re in the air.

Individual seats in long rows (40″ or taller)

Silly Symphony Swings – Sit in an individual swinging chair, which raises and lowers, dipping up and down while simultaneously spinning. It’s a classic and great for young ones (you can even choose a side-by-side double swing).

Single seats or double-swing seats (40″ or taller)

Wondering if there's anything thrilling at the Disneyland Parks? Check out this guide to the thrill rides at Disneyland including tips for mini-thrill seekers, anti-nausea advice and how to please everyone from preschool to adult! #Disneyland

Ready for a whirl on the Silly Symphony Swings?

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Checking Height Requirements

Before you take on the thrill rides, you’ll need to know if your thrill seeker hits the height requirement. Read this post for all the details on what you need to know about Disneyland height restrictions.

Avoiding Nausea on Disneyland Thrill Rides

If thrills are your thing but your body doesn’t always cooperate, make sure to take a peek at my post with Top Tips for Avoiding Nausea at Disneyland. This way you’ll know how to deal with any motion sickness ailments.

Thrill-Seeker Essentials

Thrill-seekers are used to be turned head over heels! But nothing will kill the thrill-buzz like losing your car keys on one of the rides. Girls should secure everything in a zippered bag like the LeSportsac Tink Hobo Bag and guys can store it all in a Star Wars Force Awakens BB-8 Backpack.

Capture your thrills for all time with a cool camera that goes anywhere like the Panasonic HX-A500 4K Point-of-View Wearable Action Camera Camcorder  or the Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera.

Thrill seekers don’t let a few splashes slow them down. Carry a Rain Poncho if there is drizzle in the forecast (or to wear on wet rides). And you’ll want to protect your Park ticket in a lanyard like the Mickey and Friends Lanyards with Detachable Coin Purse. Easy to use when scanning for FastPass!

Wondering if there's anything thrilling at the Disneyland Parks? Check out this guide to the thrill rides at Disneyland including tips for mini-thrill seekers, anti-nausea advice and how to please everyone from preschool to adult! #Disneyland #Disney #CaliforniaAdventure #TravelwithKids #RollerCoasters #Themepark #AmusementPark #FamilyTravel

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