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Travel with Teens – Tips for Taking Teens on Vacation

Want to know how to avoid the dreaded eye-roll during family vacation with older kids? Travel with teens can be trying for sure. But also sweetly rewarding when you realize they’re having the time of their life during a trip. Taking teens on vacation can be awesome! I’m sharing my family tested tips on traveling […]

Southern California Family Vacation Travel Planning Guide

There’s just so much to do in Southern California! There are truly some wonderful family-friendly locations down the coast from Los Angeles to San Diego. Gorgeous weather makes it easy to explore. This is my family travel guide of things to do with kids, including your best hotel option, tips for beach travel, local museums […]

How My Family Chose Healthy Road Trip Snacks at the Convenience Store

Road trips call for great musical playlists, memorable in car photo-ops and conversations and of course, plenty of snacks to keep everyone happy! As a family of 6, when we pile everyone inside the minivan for a road trip, we want to avoid bickering, whining and grumbling bellies. Having well-balanced, healthy snacks (that are still […]

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