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Travel Must-Have – Philips SatinShave Advanced Review

Travel Must-Have – Philips SatinShave Advanced Review


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Gone are the slow days of leisurely “me time”. My life is moving at a fast pace, but don’t think I’m not taking my moments when I can get them. Time might be tight, but I still deserve self-care whenever I can get it! That just means finding creative ways to maximize my time, even on the road. My new Philips SatinShave Advanced has been an excellent way for me to practice personal wellness in a hurry.

Philips SatinShave Advanced Review

These days showers are a speedy in-and-out process that lasts minutes. I’m washing quickly, shaving fast and jumping out! There have been occasions when I’ve been in a pinch for time getting ready and have to choose pants instead of a dress because I didn’t have time for shaving. That’s where the Philips SatinShave Advanced has come to the rescue!

Philips SatinShave in box

I received a Philips SatinShave Advanced for review. After using it for several weeks, this is what I discovered. No nicks or cuts, even if you’re shaving in a hurry, which I usually am! Pearl tip trimmers help protect sensitive skin from irritation. While the Philips SatinShave Advanced can be used wet or dry, I preferred to use it when I shaved in the shower. The anti-slip grip made for easy handling, even when wet. This shaver is designed to reach curvy areas on your legs and body for fewer missed hairs (I’m looking at you, ankles!).

While I mostly used this electric shaver in the shower, I also appreciated being able to use my Philips SatinShave Advanced on the go. If I decided to wear a dress, smooth legs were only minutes away with quick use of this shaver! The floating foil shaving head maintains close skin contact for an even shave and less patchiness.

Why Philips SatinShave Advanced is Great on the Go

I love that the Philips SatinShave Advanced comes in a convenient travel pouch. All the parts (including charging cord and a trimming comb attachment for grooming the bikini area) fit inside the pouch and keep everything together.

Phillips SatinShave electric razor and travel bag

As a frequent traveler, the Philips SatinShave Advanced is a must-pack item! The battery indicator light lets me know when to recharge, so I plug it in the night before my trip. A rechargeable lithium ion battery gives up to 1 hour of cordless usage after an 8-hour charge. This compact shaver is easy to take along on my vacations and keeps me smooth and party-ready!

No Excuses for Avoiding Self-Care

Yes, skin changes as you get older. But the Philips SatinShave Advanced can help keep skin looking and feeling smooth. And because it’s so easy to use and convenient, even on the go, there’s just no excuse for avoiding self-care. No reason not to wear that dress, tank top or bathing suit because if you have a few quick minutes, you have time for the Philips SatinShave Advanced!

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