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Traveling With a Baby in Diapers – FREE Baby Packing List Printable

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers – FREE Baby Packing List Printable


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Traveling with a Baby

In just a few days, I will be taking my baby on her first extended vacation. When traveling with a baby, there are so many little things to remember (and forget!) I have created a free printable baby packing list for our trip, including tips on figuring out how many diapers to pack on our travels. When it comes to traveling with a baby, it’s easy to over pack. But when diapers are concerned, you never want to be stuck without! I’ll share how to figure out how many diapers to bring with you on the trip as well as what other essentials should be in your baby’s travel bag. Keep reading for the free baby packing list printable!

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

Diapers are Number 1 on the List!

Huggies Plus is the only brand of diapers we purchase and I always buy them in bulk at Costco because the price is just right. My little gal isn’t moving around much yet at 5 months old, so we buy Huggies Little Snugglers Plus. When she starts crawling we’ll switch to Little Movers Plus. These diapers are well-designed and fit my princess snugly and perfectly. Huggies Little Snugglers Plus and Huggies Little Movers Plus are only available at Costco.

With several trips planned where my baby is in tow, coming up with a great packing list is imperative! Two weeks ago I took my daughter for her first overnight hotel stay at Disneyland. We’ll be traveling by car for a family trip this week back to Disneyland and staying for three nights. Then later this month, I’ll be traveling cross-country with the baby all by myself! It will be her first flight and as we’re going to Walt Disney World, I need to pack everything I’ll need for her. I won’t be able to make any stops at the store if I forget something!

Traveling With a Baby in Diapers? This FREE Baby Packing List Printable will Help You Stay Organized! #ad #SuperAbsorbant

How Many Diapers to Bring?

So, how can you figure out how many diapers to bring with you on a trip? In the week leading up to your vacation, take note of how many diapers you go through each day with your baby. I have a notepad and a pencil on the shelf above her changing table to make a tally. Average the number of diapers you’ve used over the week to figure out a daily amount and then multiply that by the number of days you’ll be away from home. Then put in about two extra diapers per day of your trip…just in case!

What Else to Pack for Baby?

Besides what you usually bring for baby in the diaper bag, there are a few other helpful ideas when traveling with a baby.


If baby is too small to sit up or too big to fit in the bathroom sink for a wash, consider an Inflatable Bath Tub. This Inflatable Duck Tub will make bath time easier and it won’t take up any extra space in your luggage.

Moving around blindly in a dark hotel room when baby wakes at night is recipe for disaster. And you don’t want to turn on a light and risk waking everyone else up either. Plug in a nightlight like this Touch Control Night Light Lamp to help you see where you’re going and make midnight feedings and diaper changes easier without waking everyone else in the room.

Hotel rooms can get chilly with the air conditioner running. Bundle baby in a sleeper blanket like this Fleece Sleepsack to keep her cozy while she sleeps.

Pack a few baby books but make them lightweight and able to hold up to wear and tear, like the Indestructibles Baby Book. Pick up several and you can entertain baby with a story on the road (or she can just chew on the pages, whatever!)

I try my best to keep track of everything when traveling but inevitably something ends up missing. It’s usually the sippy cup that rolls under the car, falls out of the stroller or gets left at a restaurant. Skip the pricey sippers and buy a set of these Take & Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups. Then if one gets lost, you’ll have a few to spare.

Fortunately my little one loves being in a front carrier (my boys never did though). If you have a baby who likes her Baby Carrier, definitely bring it with you and it will make travel so much easier. I spent hours carrying my princess in her carrier at Disneyland last week and I was so comfortable and she was able to nap while we rode on rides. When I remember carrying my boys in my arms I was always so much more exhausted and my arms were aching by mid-day!

Traveling with Baby – Free Printable Packing List

Click the link above to print it or PIN it now to save for your next vacation with baby!

Where are YOU traveling with your baby? Share with me in the comments!

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