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How Type 2 Diabetes Influences My Health Journey

How Type 2 Diabetes Influences My Health Journey


This post was sponsored as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I am an advocate for self-care and a healthier lifestyle, especially now that I’m in my mid-40s. One of the pillars on my website is about healthy living and I believe it’s never too late to start making big changes for the better. Because of my experiences seeing loved ones pass after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, watching for symptoms is always at a forefront. But even I had no idea the connection between Type 2 diabetes and heart failure.

How Type 2 Diabetes Influences My Health Journey

Two influential people in my family developed Type 2 diabetes late in life. Their diagnosis’ had a profound impact on my personal health journey. My grandmother developed Type 2 diabetes and hid it from most of the family due to embarrassment. She knew that family would insist that she lose extra weight and she wanted to handle things on her own. Knowing that Type 2 diabetes can be genetic has helped me control my weight and be alert on symptoms.

Me as a teenager with my grandparents and family

My mother-in-law was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. She was acting peculiar and I took her to the emergency room. I was later told by doctors that I saved her life because if she’d gone home to bed, she would have slipped into a diabetic coma. Unfortunately my mother-in-law became a poster child for how NOT to control diabetes, choosing to eat whatever she wanted and relying solely on insulin shots to even her glucose levels. Both my grandmother and mother-in-law ended up developing fatal kidney issues as a result of their Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Can Break Your Heart

An exciting national movement is kick starting on World Diabetes Day (November 14th, 2019). AstraZeneca’s Diabetes Can Break Your Heart movement will be covering the United States in 2020, educating communities about the link between Type 2 diabetes and heart failure.

The Diabetes Can Break Your Heart tour is intended to bring awareness, create action and to encourage dialogue. Those with diabetes should be advocating and discussing ways to reduce the risk of heart failure with their healthcare providers. 

Diabetes may promote the thickening of heart walls and other structural changes in the body, interfering with pumping. Up to half of those with Type 2 diabetes may develop heart failure. After it develops, there is no cure but early action can help reduce risk of developing heart failure.

A highlight of the Diabetes Can Break Your Heart movement is an integrated Virtual Reality experience. The Diabetes Heartbreaker immersive virtual reality used cutting-edge technology to bring to life the symptoms of heart failure.

Are You At Risk?

Do you have Type 2 diabetes and are concerned about the risk of heart failure? Find out more about the Diabetes Can Break Your Heart movement tour by watching this video. It’s very important to talk to your doctor. They can discuss your risk of heart failure and what immediate actions should be taken. Then visit to find out more or to get involved.


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