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Valentine’s Day at Home with Kids – Sweet Ways to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day at Home with Kids – Sweet Ways to Celebrate


Is Valentine’s Day a holiday for grown ups, kids or both? If you’re staying in with the family this February 14th, these are the most thoughtful ways to party at home. Celebrate the season of love with these fantastic ideas for a special Valentine’s Day at home with kids!

Valentine Party table set with snacks

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Valentine’s Day at Home with Kids

In years’ past, Valentine’s Day was for adult romantic restaurant dinners and kid’s school parties. However this year, many families are choosing to stay home together for Valentine’s Day 2021. Rather than lamenting what is unavailable this year, let’s aim to create new family traditions! Similar to what my children and I did over winter break for our North Pole Breakfast, I decided to create a celebration for Valentine’s Day at home with kids.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with kids in 2021

While this family Valentine’s Day party might not be the sophisticated and grown-up celebration you may be accustomed to, this is still something very special. Valentine’s Day at home with kids allows you an opportunity to honor affection inside of the entire family unit. And for children that might be sad about missing out on normal Valentine’s Day festivities at school, having an at-home event can fill that gap. This is a family party your kids are going to remember for a long time!

gummy heart candies in a bowl next to double decker brownies

Decorating for a Valentine’s Day at Home With Kids

Put out all the hearts for this love-filled family fun event! My color theme for this at-home party was traditional in white, red, and pink. I tossed in the mint color to add a pop of unexpected color!

Serving displays in varying heights – Just as I did during my Elf on the Shelf breakfast, I highlighted snacks at different levels. I used my vintage glass hobnail cake platter with a red metal plate stand from 99 Cents Only.

Mail box for love letters – The tiny red metal mailbox came from the Target Dollar Spot! I decorated it with custom Cricut vinyl. Keep reading for more ideas on how to bring the traditional Valentine’s Card exchange home.

String of Hearts Candies – These candied heart kabobs are part dessert, part decoration! Choose gel or soft heart shaped treats to thread onto cake pop or wooden sticks.

Little girl eating gummy heart candies on a stick

Fabric hearts – I found the fabric hearts at Michaels for just a few dollars, but this would be a pretty easy craft to recreate with scrap fabric.

Valentine’s Day special effects – Paper heart doilies are an inexpensive table decoration (found cheaply at the 99 cent stores). If you don’t mind the mess, consider tossing heart-shaped confetti across the table top!

Valentine’s Day Menu

Decide ahead of the event what time you’ll be celebrating your Valentine’s Day at home with kids. If you still want to have your own romantic candlelit dinner at home with your honey, consider hosting a morning breakfast, brunch or afternoon lunch with the children. Once the kids have gone to bed, you’ll be able to enjoy your own grown up Valentine’s Day celebration!

Little girl sipping pink punch from a straw

I’ll share some breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinnertime Valentine’s Day food ideas, including what we ate at our own family party. Because sweets are at the heart of this special day, I’ll also share Valentine’s Day dessert ideas later in this article! I chose hearty and healthy foods for the menu to balance out the sweeter desserts.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Fluffy Pancakes – Nobody will pass on these delicious fluffy pancakes, especially when topped with fruit and drizzled with maple syrup. Make ’em pink by adding a dollop of blended berries or jam to the batter before cooking.

Fruit Salad – Choose all the prettiest pink and red fruits, including strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Slice watermelon then cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits – Layer crushed graham cracker crumbs into the bottom of a small glass dish. Top with a dollop of vanilla yogurt and smooth until covering the crumbs. Layer a few pieces of sliced berries. Top with whipped cream and a few colorful sprinkles for added joy!

Yogurt and fruit parfait in a clear cup with heart sprinkles on top of the whipped cream

Pink Smoothies – Blend up your choice of milk (1 cup of cow, almond, or soy per serving) with vanilla protein powder, frozen banana (1/2 banana per serving) and frozen berries.

Banana Bread Muffins – Everyone’s favorite use of overripe bananas, this banana bread recipe comes from the Disney parks (so you know it’s delicious!) I share how to make it in either a loaf or muffin versions.

Valentine’s Day Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Homemade Pizza with Heart Pepperonis – Using a recipe for quick pizza crust, I was able to have this pizza put together fast. I used my friend Amiyrah’s pizza sauce recipe from Four Hats and Frugal, then loaded with sliced mozzarella and pepperonis. Yes, I was a little extra and trimmed the pepperonis into heart shapes! It’s easy – just gently fold in half and trim with kitchen shears.

Homemade pizza with heart shaped pepperoni on top

Meat & Potatoes – Choose your family’s favorite meat (pot roast, meatloaf, broiled chicken, etc) and pair it with these adorable Roasted Heart Potatoes from Little Sunny Kitchen.

Charcuterie Board – I won’t pretend, this dinner of cheese, crackers, nuts and fruit is one of our weekly meals! Super easy, a good use of pantry items and awesome when you don’t feel like cooking. A charcuterie feels elegant, like party appetizers. When done right it is a filling and healthy dinner option. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter on veggies (like cucumber slices) or meats (like ham or salami) for a Valentine’s Day worthy appetizer plate. Or just add a few gel candy hearts for decoration, as I did!

Valentine's charcuterie board with cheese, crackers and veggies

Nachos – My family loves when we have nachos for dinner! I also love it, because it’s such an easy and personalized meal and can use leftovers. Stack a microwave-safe plate with tortilla chips and sprinkle with Mexican blend cheese. Microwave about 1 minute, watching carefully. Add on your toppings which could include beans, avocado or guacamole, salsa, cilantro, and queso fresco.

Pink Punch – Skip the sugary sodas and try this healthier sweet version instead. We combined lime sparkling water with pink cranberry juice for a lightly carbonated beverage. A few maraschino cherries in each glass make this a very special drink, indeed! And if you want to make it a little sweeter, wrap the top of the straw with cherry-flavored cotton candy (my kids went crazy for this!)

Pink punch with cherries and cotton candy on the straw

Dressing Up for Valentine’s Day

Wear your heart on your sleeve! Any clothing with emblazoned hearts is going to be perfectly fitting for your Valentine’s Day at home with kids. My kiddos wore these Cricut iron-on tees I made. I personally created this design for the t-shirts in Cricut Design Space. All the details, including the project file, are there for you to recreate this unique Valentine’s Day Cricut t-shirt design.

Not in the mood for crafting your own Valentine’s Day outfits? I’m loving the comfy heart pajamas from Primary. They’re available for everyone from babies to adults, so you can coordinate in your coziness! Outside of pjs, there are tons of regular wear that’s Valentine appropriate as well. Use code AFF20PCT on your first order and save 20%!

Valentine’s Day Sweets for Your Sweethearts

Sugar Cookies – I used both the cookie recipe and royal icing recipe from Sweet Sugarbelle and they are perfection. Sugar cookies are a process, but with results like these beauties, it’s worth the extra work! To make the chevron design, I create stripes on the top (using the “flood” method of icing, with squeeze bottles). Then run a toothpick up and down to drag the icing, wiping off the toothpick between each swipe.

tray of Valentine's sugar cookies with the word LOVE spelled out

Jelly-filled Muffins – Take your favorite muffins and make them jelly-filled! Fill the bottom of the muffin cup with batter, then center a spoonful of jelly or jam into the middle. Cover with batter and bake as usual. Combinations could include cinnamon crumb muffins with raspberry filling or poppy seed muffins with orange marmalade.

Chocolate Cake – Also called “Depression Cake” this vegan cake requires no butter, eggs or milk. This one bowl Chocolate Cake Recipe is a year-round delight and perfect for Valentine’s Day with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and fresh berries.

Hot Cocoa Bar – Set out all the accompaniments for hot chocolate including whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate shavings. Or skip all that and try your hand at making Valentine’s Cocoa Bombs, using this recipe idea from Just is a Four Letter Word. My kids sipped cocoa out of Valentine’s inspired mugs I decorated using my Cricut.

Oreo Truffles – These no-bake cookie truffles are easier to make than you’d think, using store-bought Oreos, cream cheese and melting chocolate. Find the recipe for Oreo Truffles from the originator of the cake pop, Bakerella.

Double-Decker Brownies – This recipe for Double Decker Brownies is an festive family favorite. The two-layer combination of blondie with cocoa brownie is delicious! I used Valentine’s Day themed M&M colors for the tops.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Skip the spendy presents and romantic gifts, it’s all about the card exchange on Valentine’s Day. Host your own family Valentine’s Day card exchange. While store-bought cards can be found just about anywhere this time of year, it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own cards (another reason to stay home and skip the store!)

Valentine's Day cards made with the Cricut Joy

I created these special Valentine’s Cards for my children using my new Cricut Joy. The card mat and pre-folded cards, along with tested projects in the Design Space, made card making a cinch. I seriously had these done in just a few quick minutes (and they are so much cheaper than store-bought!)

At Home (and Socially Distanced) Valentine’s Day Card Exchange

As a craft idea, each family could design card boxes together. Recycled boxes are best (think empty cardboard tissue or cereal boxes that are easy to cut). Use what you have on hand, like construction or wrapping paper, fake flowers, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, tissue paper, etc to make a unique mail box.

We used inexpensive wrapping paper over empty shoe boxes for our Valentine mailboxes. The kids decorated with felt hearts, paper shreds and stickers. They’ll be creating their own cards, then each person can “deliver” their cards to each other’s box! Or make a single Valentine’s mailbox for everyone to add their love letters.

Homemade kid's Valentine's mail boxes to receive their Valentine's Day cards

Looking for a safe and socially distanced Valentine’s Day activity? Get neighbors, friends and close family members to participate in your card exchange. Place your mailboxes on the porch for friends to deliver their own love letters. Request that out-of-towners mail Valentine’s Cards and you’ll do the same for them! This is a great community builder and a way to stay in touch, even while apart.

More Activities for Valentine’s Day at Home with Kids

After you’ve indulged in your Valentine’s Day meal and card exchange, consider adding a few more of these kid-friendly activities. Want to do them all? Choose one a day leading up to February 14th!

BOOKS – Snuggle up with your little lovebug and a Valentine’s Day inspired read. These are a few of our picture book favorites:

GAMES – Every kid loves a scavenger hunt through the house! These free Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt cards from Wunder Mom are fun and easy entertainment.

MUSIC – Have your Alexa Echo Dot play the romantic love song station. Sing-a-long to the best sappy love songs and see who remembers all the words!

CRAFTS – This heart-shaped handprint suncatcher craft from Midget Momma is easy to recreate and also a sweet memento of your at-home Valentine’s Day.

MOVIE – Cuddle up with a sweetly romantic movie after your meal. My friend Kim at Stuffed Suitcase has 35+ Valentine’s Day Movies for Kids.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day at home with kids activities? Try one of these 50 inexpensive and loveable Valentine’s Day ideas.

Valentine's Day at Home With Kids

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