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50 Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids – Easy Homemade Recipes

50 Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids – Easy Homemade Recipes


Looking for simple, kid-friendly desserts and treats for Valentine’s Day? You’ll capture their heart with these delicious (and easy!) Valentine’s Day treats for kids. Quick recipes and handcrafted tutorials for sweet and delightful surprises to please your youngest Valentine!

Heart shaped plate of Valentine's Day treats for kids

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Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids

Forget the flowers and fancy dinner out in a restaurant. Children just want to get straight to the good stuff – dessert! Enjoy this festive round-up of Valentine’s Day treats for kids, freshly baked and prepared by fellow bloggers. It’s a toothsome mix of chocolate, candies, cupcakes and more!

If easy is your game, these ideas include shortcuts like using a boxed mix and store bought items. This article includes tips on how to bag up individual portions for gift giving or school holiday parties.

Hosting your own celebration? From toddlers to teenagers, there are ways to show your love and affection for the kids. Read more about celebrating Valentine’s Day at home with kids, using these fun party ideas.

Photo credit: What the Redhead Said (recipe in section below)

Chocolate Sweets

Who needs a box of chocolates from the store when you can delight the kids with delicious homemade treats? In fact, these hand crafted sweets will be better received. These Valentine’s Day treats for kids feature chocolate including cake, brownies and fudge…yum!

Mmm, Valentine’s Day treats with a cherry on top! Enjoy mini sundaes for dessert with these Red Velvet Brownie Cups from Soulfully Made.

Photo credit: Soulfully Made
  • Make yummy Heart-shaped Fudge in the slow-cooker using this 3-ingredient recipe from What the Redhead Said (image in section above).
  • This dairy-free Chocolate Depression Cake is a rich and moist Valentine’s Day treat for kids. Served with vanilla ice cream and berries? Amazing!
  • Whip up these decadent Dark Chocolate Cupcakes from scratch. The Healthy Epicurean offers suggestions on how to make the recipe gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and nut-free.
Photo credit: The Healthy Epicurean

Giftable Goodies for Valentine’s

If your child needs something to donate towards the class party, these are the recipes you need. These homemade goodies are easy to bag up individually inside of a Valentine-themed cellophane treat bag.

Four basic ingredients and you’ll have these adorable Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops from Urban Bliss Life. Wrap individually in bags and give them as gifts!

Photo credit: Urban Bliss Life
  • Young kids will love helping you make this Graham Cracker Chocolate Bark. Just a few pantry ingredients to prepare this no-bake Valentine’s Day treat from Drugstore Divas.
  • Thrifty Jinxy shares this cute Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe Sweet Treat, using just graham crackers, icing and classic Conversation Heart candies. This could be a fun (and slightly messy) activity for classroom parties with kids!
  • Who needs candy conversation hearts when you can create your own! Try this tutorial for Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats from Fun Money Mom.
Photo credit: Fun Money Mom
  • Brooklyn Active Mama offers up the recipe for this sweet and crunchy Valentine’s Day Candy Popcorn. Bag it up individually and have kids hand it out to classmates.
  • Bundle up a few of these pinkalicious Strawberry Shortcake Oreo Balls from Two Pink Peonies.
  • Double the brownies, double the fun! Topped with M&M chocolate candies, these Double Decker Brownies are a delicious delight. Change up the colors to represent different holidays. Include these bars at the next bake sale.
Valentine's Day treats for kids double decker brownies

Sweet Snacks for Kids

Delightful as an afterschool snack or pop a few of these tiny treats inside the lunch box on February 14th. Serve these snacks at home in a heart-shaped treat bowl for added fun!

Looking for the ideal Valentine’s Day treats for kids’ school parties? These Valentine Pretzel Snack Bites from XOXO Bella can be individually bagged.

Photo credit: XOXO Bella
  • You’re just a few ingredients away from a simple Valentine’s Day treat for kids. Try making White Chocolate Bark from Julia’s Simply Southern.
  • Quirky and unique Valentine’s Day treats for kids, these Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies from Thrifty Jinxy are a no-bake alternative.
  • Love raw batter but want to make sure it’s safe to eat? Try the tips and tasty recipe for Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough Bites from A Seasoned Greeting.
Photo credit: A Seasoned Greeting
  • From Loving Homeschool, this Valentine’s Day Bark is perfect for the child who loves sweet and salty with a mix of chocolate, candies and pretzels.
  • Everyone can count on the simple krispy treat as a crowd pleaser. Try these easy heart-shaped Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats from Suburban Simplicity.
  • Homemade Heather offers up this Valentine Whoopie Pie recipe. Bake up precious pink cakes, then sandwich with a center layer of vanilla frosting.
Photo credit: Homemade Heather

Make it a Valentine Movie Night

Stay home and snuggle with the kids on Valentine’s Day this year. These love-inspired movie ideas will entertain all. Of course, having ample seasonal treats and snacks makes the evening better!

For a grab and go munchable during your evening at home, try these White Chocolate Pretzel Bites from This Farm Girl Cooks. Hershey’s Kisses Hugs, pretzels and M&M candies and it’s an easy bite-sized treat.

Photo credit: This Farm Girl Cooks

Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch With Kids

  • Lady and the Tramp
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • The Princess Bride (for elementary aged kids)
  • La La Land (for teens), available to stream on Amazon Prime
Photo credit: Loving Homeschool
  • Toss together a quick mix of pretzels, candies, cereal, marshmallows and peanuts in palate of pinks and red using this tutorial for Valentine’s Day Trail Mix from Loving Homeschool.
  • Family Favorite Holiday Recipes offers up this candy-coated Sweetheart Popcorn, a colorful and sweet treat that kids will love.
  • Sweet and delicious, Valentine’s Day Chocolate Popcorn from Drugstore Divas is a crunchy addition to your movie night.
  • A tray of Dark Chocolate Valentine Hearts can be made within minutes using just a few ingredients. Find the tutorial at Fun Money Mom.
Photo credit: Fun Money Mom

Indulge in these heavenly cookie recipes and you’ll have a perfect gift to show your friendship. These adorable Valentine treat bags are part Valentine’s card, part goodie bag. Add a few home-baked cookies inside, then tie on the ribbon. They’re now a giftable treat for neighbors and friends!

A simple box of vanilla cake mix is the basis of these Valentine Crinkle Cookies from XOXO Bella. Use food coloring to make them whatever color you wish!

Photo credit: XOXO Bella
  • If your kids enjoy cookies, these One Cup of Everything Cookies are simple to prepare together. The recipe is almost all one-cup measurements so children love to help with baking!
  • Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cookies from Dancing Through the Rain can be prepared fast using a boxed brownie mix and a few extra ingredients.
  • These Chocolate Covered Oreos are a decadent and delightful treat that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Affordable and so easy to make that the kids can get in on the action, from Recipes from a Pantry.
Photo credit: Recipes from a Pantry

More Valentine’s Cookies to Bake

Photo credit: XOXO Bella (recipe in cookie section below)
  • This recipe for Valentine’s Day Marble Cookies from Nourish Plate uses an easy glaze icing that offers up this beautiful look with minimal time and mess.
  • An alternative to the typical round, these square-cut Valentine’s Day Cookie Bars from Brooklyn Active Mama are made quickly with a yellow boxed cake mix and studded with M&M candies.

Delicious Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas

Kick off the day of love with these enjoyable morning delights. Consider some of these ideas for a healthy breakfast for kids to round out their sweet tooth.

Fluffy Pancake Recipe with nine different topping suggestions

Start a yearly tradition for the February 14th breakfast. Serve up the first meal on a personalized heart plate each year.

From Haute and Healthy Living, Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins are gluten-free. This is a healthier Valentine’s Day treat for kids that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Photo credit: Haute and Healthy Living
  • Adventurous eaters will enjoy trying Tab Tim Grob, a sweet coconut dessert from Thailand from Healthy Thai Recipes.
  • Heart-Shaped Donuts are the perfect way to tell someone you love them this Valentine’s Day! Made with store-bought biscuit dough and pantry staples, this recipe for tasty air fryer donuts from Recipes from a Pantry come together quickly and easily.
Photo credit: Recipes from a Pantry
  • Red Velvet Donuts? Yes, please! Bake your own doughnuts using this recipe from So Easy Being Green.
  • There’s a surprise inside these Secret Strawberry Heart Muffins! What a fun way to start the day, from In the Playroom.
  • It’s Valentine’s Day – let the kids eat cereal with their hands! Try these Puffed Cereal Treats from Simple Bites flavored with maple tahini and chocolate.
Photo credit: Simple Bites

No-Bake Valentine’s Day Treats for Kids

If time is tight, consider one of these delectable (and easy!) homemade desserts. No oven is required to make up these no bake goodies and most have minimal ingredients that go together quickly.

Let children help prepare this simple, three-ingredient Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark from Suburban Simplicity. Adding the candies and sprinkles will be their favorite part!

Photo credit: Suburban Simplicity
Photo credit: Just is a 4 Letter Word
  • This Easy Strawberry Fudge from Thrifty Jinxy only has two ingredients and goes together fast in the microwave. A few pieces in a bag and it’s a nice take-home treat!
  • Use store-bought bakery items to create your own enjoyable dessert. Cooking for My Soul shares how to put together Super Easy Brownie Sundaes.
  • Try one of the 50 cake pop or cookie truffle recipes in this round up. Lots of quick and easy ideas for fun treats that kids will love (no plate required!)
  • Children will enjoy helping to make these Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies from Flour on My Face. Use purchased cookies, melting chocolate and sprinkles to create these pretty Valentine’s Day treats for kids.
Photo credit: Flour on My Face

Delightful Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

No kid can pass up a cupcake. These pretty confections take the…cake! If you don’t have the time to bake one of these recipes, consider a Valentine’s cupcake set. These whimsical Gnome cupcake toppers dress up even a simple boxed mix or store bought dessert.

Looking for a showstopping Valentine’s Day treat for kids? Check out this one from Consumer Queen, a triple-layered Brownie Cupcake!

Photo credit: Consumer Queen
Photo credit: Savoring the Good

Want more Valentine’s Day ideas for kids? Try these inexpensive tips including crafts, cards and recipes.

Collage of Valentine's Day Treats for kids

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