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Yumble Review Healthy Kids’ Meal Subscription

Yumble Review Healthy Kids’ Meal Subscription


Yumble Kids offers healthy kids’ meals delivered weekly to your front door! Made with nutritious ingredients, these dishes are both fun and tasty for children while being convenient for busy parents. Find out if Yumble dishes made dinnertime stress free in our complete Yumble review.

Packaged Yumble Kids meals sitting on a table.

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I received a complimentary box of meals from Yumble in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Honest Yumble Review

Curious about the Yumble meal plan? This article includes an overview of the cost, pros and cons and a full review of the kid-friendly healthy meals we received.

Will the nutritious ingredients and hidden veggies be off-putting for picky kids? Are Yumble meals, served in a couple of minutes, worth the extra cost for parents? Keep reading for all the details on Yumble and our family’s honest Yumble kids review.

What is Yumble Kids?

Yumble Kids is a weekly subscription of kids’ meals. These dishes are fully prepared and delivered to your home. The weekly menu offers over 100 breakfasts, lunches, and dinner choices that are healthy and nutritious.

Yumble meals are designed specifically for children, which is a different approach to other subscription dinner plans that are more family-meal oriented.

These meals are appropriate for children ages twelve months to twelve years. Yumble meals are smaller portioned, which means kids should be able to eat them in one sitting. No leftovers and no wasted food!

What’s on the Yumble Menu?

Yumble Kids offers four different subscriptions plans, with the choices for four, six, eight, or twelve meals per week. Kids have the option to choose meals from a rotating menu each week. There is a core menu of favorites, but Yumble switches menu items in and out every few weeks.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, there are meal choices here for everything. There are vegetarian options and choices that are soy, egg, and gluten-free. Other hearty meal options include cheesy fusilli pasta and snack poppers.

Yumble includes a big variety of items on their menu. Dishes come in a bento-box style tray (no foods are touching!) Yes, there are the typical kid friendly meals including chicken nuggets and noodles without sauce. But there are other more ambitious dishes to choose from as well.

Asian Chicken Salad & Apples Lunch for Kids (photo credit: Yumble Kids)

Kid’s Choice Yumble Menu

Yumble promotes a child-led eating initiative. This means that parents often see the best results (ie: better eating) when kids are part of the decision-making process! When kids are allowed a bit more control, they’re often more open and excited about meal times.

Items on Yumble’s menu are appealing to broad age groups. For toddlers, look for finger food like classic cheese ravioli. Preschoolers and young elementary aged children will enjoy the school lunches and traditional tasty meals. Older kids may be more adventurous with Yumble’s meals, choosing the vegetarian bean burrito or pesto chicken sandwich.

Slam DUNK! Dipper Alfredo & Meatball

In addition, look for fun elements to the menu item including sticks for dipping meatballs or bread bites. This is what my kids picked:

  • Slam DUNK! Dipper Alfredo & Meatball
  • Pizza Pocket & Broccoli Parm
  • Bacon Scramble Breakfast Bowl
  • Canadian Bacon & Cheddar Bagel Lunch
  • Turkey Sausage & Eggs
  • Best Start Breakfast Burrito
Best Start Breakfast Burrito

Preparing Yumble Kids Meals

Yumble Kids meals are shipped in an insulated box. Gel packs are included and our box arrived well chilled. Dishes are meant to be refrigerated immediately.

Meal trays are BPA free and can be fully recycled along with the box, instruction sleeves and other Yumble packaging.

Yumble meals packed inside the insulated shipping box.

Dishes are precooked and may be eaten chilled, at room temperature or heated up. The lunch options can be packed directly into the school lunchbox and don’t require reheating. Heating instructions are listed on the exterior meal wrappers. Each dish takes around a minute and a half to reheat in the microwave.

Yumble Ingredients

Yumble meals are made with seasonal, fresh, and natural ingredients. Organic ingredients and humanely-raised, antibiotic and hormone free meat are used when available.

These nutritious meals include healthy fats, protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Serve your own fruit with the meal to balance it even more.

Cinnamon Muffin Complete Breakfast for Kids

There are hidden vegetables in some of the menu options including butternut cheese dipping sauce, tortellini alfredo and a hidden veggie cinnamon roll.

Be sure to read the fine print on what comes in each meal. Some of the photos on the website show fruits and vegetables on the plate that are not included in the actual dish.

Things to Know About Our Yumble Review

I tried Yumble Kids with my two youngest, Natalie aged 6 and Dillon, 10 years old. We ordered the six meal package and the kids each chose their own three meals to try.

My kids bringing in the Yumble box!

It was an exciting day when the Yumble box arrived on our porch. We’ve tried family meal deliveries including Dinnerly. However this was our first try at a kids meal delivery service.

Expect young kids to garner lots of interest when the first box arrives to the house. My children excitedly helped unbox the meal trays they’d picked out themselves.

Along with the different meals, kids will also receive additional items inside the box. My children received a flyer about the Yumble KidZone program (read more on that shortly) and sticker sheets.

These sticker gems came in the Yumble order!

My Kid’s Yumble Review

The following sections are my kids’ honest Yumble review on the food.

Best Start Breakfast BurritoScrambled eggs, rice, beans, and cheese in a wrap with turkey sausage. A Natalie breakfast pick, which she loved. Normally she would have turned up her nose at a burrito like this had I made it. But she ate the Yumble version and a few bites of sausage. She announced she was full and her brother happily ate the rest of her sausage.

Best Start Breakfast Burrito

Slam DUNK! Dipper Alfredo & MeatballCheese-stuffed soft pretzel bites, Alfredo sauce & chicken meatball. Natalie adored this meal and requested I serve this one again in the future. She said the sauce was so yummy and ate everything on the plate.

Slam DUNK! Dipper Alfredo & Meatball (image credit: Yumble Kids)

Bacon Scramble Breakfast Bowl Cheesy eggs and bacon scramble with breakfast potatoes. Dillon chose this breakfast item and there were no complaints. It was a decent portion size and he was able to eat it all.

Bacon Scramble Breakfast Bowl

More Yumble Review Foods

Pizza Pocket & Broccoli ParmCheese pizza pocket with organic Parmesan-topped broccoli. This was Natalie’s dish and she really enjoyed the pizza pocket. The dough came out a bit spongy but she didn’t seem to care and gobbled it up. However, no amount of cajoling could get her to try the broccoli. She’s not a fan and even the addition of her beloved parmesan cheese couldn’t get her to eat the veggies.

Pizza Pocket & Broccoli Parm

Turkey Sausage & EggsAll-natural and gluten-free with over 20g of protein. A basic that I wouldn’t have usually chosen myself because it’s easy enough to make, but this was a Dillon choice. He liked the sausage but wasn’t happy with the eggs. He didn’t care for the texture and said there was too much cheese for him. That said, he doesn’t really like cheese on his eggs so this one was a stretch anyway!

Turkey Sausage & Eggs

Canadian Bacon & Cheddar Bagel Lunch on a plain bagel with dried apples & a snack popper. A fun meal that Natalie chose to take in her school lunch. She ate some of it during lunchtime then nibbled the leftovers on the drive home. Her brother ate the dried apples because she deemed them “weird” and wouldn’t touch the snack popper (I ate that, delicious!)

Canadian Bacon & Cheddar Bagel Lunch

Kids Can Earn Yumble Points Towards Redeeming Prizes

Kids earn 10 points for every Yumble meal they eat and log into the Yumble KidZone. There are additional activities children can complete to earn bonus points. Choose from small prizes in the KidZone, including Pop-It toys. Kids can aim big and save up their points to earn pie-in-the-sky prizes including tickets to Disney World.

Why give prizes? Yumble has worked in partnership with nutritionists, child psychologists and behavioral analysts to come up with this reward system. Positive reinforcement is an effect way for children to build good habits. By serving them nutritious and delicious meals and allowing kids to log those dishes into the KidZone, they grow in their excitement for making positive choices.

My kids perusing the Yumble KidZone flyer

READ MORE: Check out these additional tips for feeding picky eaters.

Yumble Referral Program

Once your family has the chance to try Yumble, you’ll likely know exactly who in your personal circle would love to try it too!

Yumble’s referral program offers those who sign up using your link $40 off their first purchase at Yumble Kids! In return, you’ll receive $40 off your next order as well.

Sesame Sunbutter Noodles & Chicken Lunch (Image credit: Yumble Kids)

PROS – Who Is Yumble Good For?

Busy families – Long evenings away from home at sports or kid’s activities? Do you eat out a lot or is fast food a nightly dinner? Yumble dishes only take about a minute to heat in the microwave – faster than the drive-thru line! Busy parents and families with a busy schedule will appreciate the ease of Yumble’s meals.

Those who need convenience – Yumble is a good alternative when you want to feed the kids healthier foods but don’t have time to prepare your own meals. I enjoyed the ease of not having to make my kids breakfasts and lunches during the week we received Yumble!

Picky eaters – Yumble is a fun choice for kids with particular palates. Will Yumble please even the pickiest eaters? Maybe.

My daughter often snubs what we’re eating for dinner but happily ate most of what was served in the Yumble meals. I say most because there were a few foods she still wouldn’t try, despite the kid-friendly Yumble presentation.

Those in a hectic season – Use Yumble when your family most needs it. Perhaps you’re going through a particular period when preparing homemade meals is a challenge. Here are some ideas:

  • Schedule Yumble when a partner is out of town to ease the extra stress of having to cook for children.
  • Have Yumble meals available to serve when babysitters or grandparents are watching the kids.
  • Offer Yumble to siblings when there’s a new baby in the home.

CONS: Yumble May Not Be the Best Option for You

Bigger kids – While Yumble states that standard meals are appropriate for children ages 12 months to 7 years, some meals are heartier than others. My 10 year old wasn’t fully satisfied with some of the smaller portions and needed his Yumble meals rounded out with additional food.

If your older kids want to try Yumble, consider choosing the Yumble UP! meals. These are larger portion sizes that will satisfy kids with bigger appetites. There’s a small upcharge for these increased portion dishes.

Yumble UP! Mozzarella Chicken Marinara & Pasta (photo credit: Yumble Kids)

Dietary concerns – Yumble might not work for children with dietary restrictions. Yumble offers healthy food with a coded menu for choosing recipes without egg, milk or soy, and that are gluten free and/or vegetarian. Cross-contamination is not guaranteed. Yumble may not be the best option for families that have severe dietary allergies including nut allergies.

Those outside the shipping zone – Check the website with your zip code to ensure that Yumble will deliver in your area.

Budget conscious – Individual meals range from $6.99 to $10.99. This is in line with restaurant meals but pricier than cooking dishes yourself at home. All pricing may be viewed on the plans page.

More Things to Know About Yumble Kids

  • The Yumble Kids subscription can easily be adjusted on their website. Skip a week or cancel easily.
  • Foods come chilled and must be stored immediately in the refrigerator. Meals should be eaten within 7 days. Meals can also be frozen immediately. They should be fully defrosted then heated according to package directions.
Little girl biting into Yumble Kids sausage and breakfast burrito
  • Some of the Yumble foods can be soggy straight out of the microwave. Consider using an air fryer if you have time to crisp up items including pocket meals and nuggets. The Yumble trays are not for use in the oven so the food would need to be transferred to an oven-safe baking sheet.
  • To maximize the cost and time, consider choosing Yumble meals that aren’t easy to prepare on your own. Plain noodles without sauce and steamed green beans are pretty easy to make at home in about 10 minutes. But the more time-intensive and most kid-friendly meals, like the baked taco pocket or Asian chicken salad from Yumble Kids could be more valuable dishes to add into a mealtime repertoire.

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